Discover the Advantages that You Can Experience as a Tenant in California

InteriorWe all know that living in California isn’t exactly cheap. You may have to work day and night to support yourself through college and afford that cute rental property located in a super safe and quiet neighborhood. Even so, the Golden State will always give you the certainty that your money is well spent. California is well-known for its high cost of living. On the other hand, Cali is also the state that gets bonus points for its superior college education, friendly climate, low property taxes, legendary sports teams, reduced carbon emissions and fantastic job opportunities. What more could you possibly ask for? Here are four main advantages associated with life in California.

  1. Diversity. When you relocate to a giant state with multiple climates, you can afford to be picky. When it comes to planning the vacation that you’ve been dreaming about for so long, you can either target the pristine beaches that are worldwide famous or choose to check out one of the many ski resorts located in Cali.
  2. Beautiful Beaches. People who live in Southern California have all the reasons in the world to be happy around the clock. Time flies when you know that you are only a couple of hours away from a clean beach with soft, hot, silky sand. The warm, sunny weather is 100% compatible with awesome beach bodies, fruity cocktails and the unmatched daytime and nighttime entertainment alternatives that only California can provide.
  3. The Weather. Maybe you’ve always wanted to become the best version of yourself and explore your full potential 24/7. You may be wondering: what does this ambition have to do with the nice weather in Cali? Technically, everything! People who are rated as a 10 in other states may be listed as a 6 or a 7 in California. In this state you will definitely feel the pressure to look your best at home or at work. This means that you could be easily motivated to spend more time at the gym to sculpt those abs, change your wardrobe or apply new makeup techniques.
  4. Close to No Commitment and Convenient Rental Rates. Maybe you can afford to buy a roof over your head, but don’t really feel ready to make this giant step. As you can imagine, ownership involves the highest level of commitment. In case you can’t decide whether you should live in San Francisco, spend most of your time in Sacramento or party non-stop with your friends in Downtown Los Angeles, choose to find a decent rental allowing you to keep your options open at all times. Californian rentals let you embrace a carefree lifestyle and plan your entire existence one step at a time. Want to spot a cozy apartment that won’t force you to spend more than 1,000 dollars on rent? Not a problem! Start by analyzing the recent listings delivered by Apartment Hunterz and rent a place in your favorite Californian city fast and absolutely stress-free.
Dec 2014

4 Easy Ways to Prep Your Californian Rental for Winter  

Mountain roadThe holiday season stimulates us to relax, leave our worries behind and spend more quality time with the people who truly make a difference in our lives. But at the same time, one simply cannot take a break from reality. Bills have to be paid, deadlines have to be met and Californian rental properties have to be kept in excellent condition. California is a giant state counting multiple climates. Snow is not exactly uncommon in Central and Northern California.

As you may already know, piles of snow, a heavy rainfall and reduced temperatures can cause severe damage and impact the looks and end value of your property in multiple ways. To prevent this nuisance, simply apply the following tips on how to winterize your rental.

Cover Visible Cracks. Ice can enlarge cracks present in concrete surfaces. This is precisely why you should make an effort to cover those old cracks displayed by your sidewalks and driveways before the weather gets really bad.

Inspect Gutters, Chimneys and Roofs before the First Snow. Ample repairs undergone by these structures can burn holes in your pockets; therefore, it is safe to say that prevention is better than cure. You could easily install individual roof singles on your own, or you could hire a roofer to complete this assignment. A professional could assess the general condition of your roof, chimney and gutters while providing no-obligation estimates and quality services.

Check Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors. According to the data provided by the National Fire Protection Association, 97% of all American homes have at least one smoke alarm; unfortunately, more than 37% of all fatalities triggered by home fires were reported in properties with no smoke alarms, while 23% of all deaths were linked to houses with defective smoke detectors. These numbers reveal just how important it really is to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly and change their batteries (if needed).

Power Wash Your Property to Remove Dirt Accumulations. Dirt, microorganisms and algae can be removed by power washing your property. Moreover, during winter you will most likely have to deal with a layer of snow or ice. Ice deposits can damage the a wide range of construction materials, while also triggering more than a few slip and fall accidents potentially resulting in injuries and costly lawsuits. To avoid such worst-case scenarios, simply remember to keep your outdoor areas clean, apply safe ice melting chemicals on icy surfaces and wear slip-resistant footwear.

Taking the Easy Way Out

Truth be told, all these fairly simple assignments require time, energy and out-of-pocket expenses. Instead of power washing your deck, wouldn’t you rather watch your favorite TV show, crawl up on your couch or have a cup of tea with your friends? In this case, you should strive to find a property manager who can handle all these pressing tasks without getting you involved in the regular maintenance routine. To spot the best deals on the Californian real estate market, choose to involve Apartment Hunterz in your search. By offering you access to rental rates, the knowledge of move-in experts, open houses and community features, Apartment Hunterz lets you get acquainted with the most sought-after Californian ZIP codes and their real estate treasures. The largest Californian apartment scout works closely with property managers and independent property owners to help you make the most of convenient apartments or houses for sale matching your specific requirements.

Dec 2014

Discover the 3 of the Most Amazing Must-See Places in the State of California

iStock_000005498856_SmallKnown as the “Golden State”, California has it all. From picturesque redwood forests to stunning deserts, one of the most famous vine producing regions in the world and the hottest beaches on the planet, Cali counts numerous attractions that invite newcomers to put down roots here. Every single day spent in this sunny, densely populated state can feel like a never-ending vacation as long as you become familiar with the local real estate market and learn how to embrace the laid-back Californian lifestyle while keeping your costs under control. If you’re not ready to settle down in a Californian city, at least start your romance with this wonderful state by uncovering three of its most sought-after tourist hot spots.

Redwood National and State Parks. California has some of the most stunning redwood forests in the U.S. You don’t have to take our word for it. If you’re the biggest fan of outdoor activities and want to spend your holidays far from the madding crowd, choose to book a vacation rental near the Redwood National and State Parks, where you could explore the wonders of one of the oldest redwood ecosystems. Tours enabling you to witness the whale migration or to check out the artifacts dating from the mining era are a part of the deal and can make your stay truly memorable.

Big Sur. Let’s face it: we all dream about owning a piece of oceanfront real estate. We would all be tempted to invest all our savings in an enormous house overlooking the ocean, with at least 4 or 5 bedrooms, a huge patio, an exotic décor and a lavishing pool. If you are far from turning this dream into reality, then at least you can rent a spot in Big Sur. This sparsely populated, picturesque region lets you discover the state of California in all its glory. The Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park stretching on the rugged, magnificent coast lets you admire unique views of the Pacific Ocean.  In this area you will also get the chance to contemplate a fantastic 80 foot natural waterfall. The best accommodation options are the Big Sure campgrounds and the less pretentious vacation rentals that won’t make you go bankrupt. As a matter of fact, a night spent in a cozy rustic cabin will allow you to discover the full potential of this area and fall in love with its remarkable simplicity and natural beauty.

Napa Valley. You don’t have to be a wine lover to appreciate what Napa Valley has to offer. Aside from great wine tastings, this county has many other exciting surprises in store for you. From exquisite culinary adventures, award-winning music and nightlife venues, beautiful trails and parks, golf and tennis courses and elegant boutiques, Napa Valley counts all the essential tourist attractions that will fuel your good mood during your stay.

California comprises a plentitude of cool vacation destinations matching your personal preferences and financial status. Nonetheless, finding the perfect vacation rental isn’t all that easy. To raise your odds of finding an attractive, affordable rental in a certain ZIP code start by analyzing the recent listings introduced by Apartment Hunterz and narrow down your search with a little bit of help from California’s most trusted apartment locator.

5 Fun Things That You Can Do in San Francisco on a Saturday Afternoon

Downtown of San Francisco.San Francisco is the city where you hunt down some of the best job offers in the state of California. After landing the gig of your dreams, you work hard from dusk till dawn to get your hands on a fat paycheck. But what exactly do you do for fun? If you don’t have any plans for next Saturday, we give you a list of suggestions that could keep you busy and entertained throughout the weekend.

1. Sample a Handcrafted Cocktail. In San Francisco, it is never too early for a good old cocktail. But we’re not talking about any kind of long drink. The handcrafted cocktail trend was perfected in this city, where skilled bartenders follow very specific rules and guidelines to incorporate the most bizarre and arguably healthy ingredients, such as lemongrass, lychee or fenugreek, in one-of-a-kind alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink recipes.

2. Spend Quality Time with Your Loved Ones at Presidio. If you can’t get enough of greenery, fresh air and a stimulating ambiance, pack your picnic table and chairs and spend a few hours in the Presidio of San Francisco. For more than two centuries, Presidio was used as a key army post for 3 nations. Famous for its ties with the past, Presidio stimulates you to contemplate its amazing architectural details, forests, beaches and national cemetery. Here you can spot vintage food trucks, play sports with your kids or simply meditate in the tall grass.

3. Book a Table at Yank Sing and Eat Specialties Whose Names You Can’t Pronounce. When in San Francisco, take chances. Forget all about fries and tasty, succulent burgers for just one day and indulge in the odd-looking yet incredibly delicious treats served at Yank Sing. The fresh dim sum and shanghai dumplings filled with ginger, scallion  and pork are listed among the most popular dishes that you should try at least once in your life, even if you can’t pronounce their names right.

4. If You’re Food-Obsessed, Visit the Ferry Building Marketplace. Who doesn’t love successful culinary experiments and fresh, organic products that are good enough to make your mouth water? Those who wake up early on the Saturday have the opportunity to visit the famous Ferry Building Marketplace and walk away with fairly accessible goodies sold by 75 local farmers.

5. Start Your House Hunt. If you already picture the rest of your life in the vibrant San Francisco, wouldn’t it be a smart move to start looking for your own place? Assuming that you can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a permanent residence, do keep in mind  that you could always count on professional apartment locating services to spot the most convenient rentals in your price range. By working closely with Apartmnt Hunterz and checking their recent listings regularly you could stumble across the house or apartment of your dreams in no time.

Should You Rent or Buy a Place in Anaheim?

people visit disneyland and walk over commemorative bricks withThere are numerous reasons why you should think about relocating to Anaheim. The 10th most densely populated Californian city lets you profit from the finest things in life that you could ever hope to witness in Orange County, including beautiful settings, great homes, friendly neighbors and the very best entertainment options.

What Brings You to Anaheim?

Life in Anaheim is never boring. Downtown Anaheim encompasses several notable landmarks and tourist attractions, including the Main Library, Anaheim Ice, the Center Street Promenade and the Downtown Anaheim Farmer’s Market, which represents a real magnet for gourmands who appreciate organic foods and tasty specialties provided by locals. If you hate harsh winters, you will be delighted to spend most of your spare time in Anaheim. This city has a delightful Mediterranean climate and will let you enjoy hot summers and fairly warm winters. Those who come to Cali looking for a well-paid job or a tempting career opportunity will also reach the conclusion that Anaheim has what it takes to satisfy their ambitions. Known as a prominent industrial center, Anaheim is famous on a national scale as a big supplier of electronics, canned food and aircraft parts. Last but definitely not least, the most densely populated city in Orange County has made a name for itself due to its convention center, sports team and popular theme parks.

Should You Start Your New Life as a Tenant or as a Homeowner?

At the end of the day, there are many reasons that could justify your decision to move to Anaheim. But would it be a wise move to discover the pros and cons of ownership in this area or would it be best to start this new chapter of your life as a tenant? It all depends on your long-term goals and financial situation. If you count on considerable savings and could actually afford to invest a considerable amount of money in a slice of real estate, you should know that the median home sales price is estimated at $460,000, according to the most recent estimates provided by Trulia. Compared to the numbers provided last during, during the same timeframe, the median home sales price reflects a 7% increase. Southwest and Anaheim Hills are listed among the most sought-after neighborhoods and those who are currently targeting properties located in these ZIP codes should expect to pay anywhere from $435,000 to $856,000 for a new home. On the other hand, renting a place in Anaheim remains the best alternative for those who aren’t ready for long-term commitments.  A small studio located in the heart of the city could cost you less than $1,000 per month. Bigger apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms are priced anywhere from $1,100 to $1,700 and up.

Truth be told, only the most patient and skilled newcomers can actually understand the mechanism of the local real estate market and uncover the most amazing deals in terms of rentals and for sale properties. If you don’t have the time and energy required to conduct your own house hunt, take the easy way out and let Apartment Hunterz guide you towards the best listings that will help you find amazing Californian properties in less than a week.

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