5 Tips on How to Visit California on a Tight Budget

iStock_000018522752_SmallA trip to California is one of those things that are on your bucket list. If you have plenty of spare time on your hands as we speak, then you shouldn’t postpone this exciting journey. Even if your options are drastically limited by your tight budget, there are still plenty of ways in which you could cut down unnecessary expenses and have the time of your life in the sunny state of California. Here are five easy tips that will bring you closer to the carefree, budget-friendly vacation that you’ve been planning for so long.

Avoid Touristy Locations. Avoid the crowds, the noise and the delightful yet indecently overpriced locations. California is well-known for its amazing coastline and pristine beaches that attract deep-pocketed tourists; on the other hand, this state also encompasses equally gorgeous areas that are more suitable for budget-conscious people. For instance, Prismo Beach has everything it takes to make you happy, including cool hangout spots and fantastic scenery. Located between LA and San Francisco, this beach won’t make you burn all your resources.

Target the Less Pretentious Areas Located around the Big City That You Wish to Visit. Following a similar strategy, choose to stay in less crowded areas surrounding the big Californian cities. The rental rates are typically lower in these parts, while the level of comfort is similar to the one offered by the larger nearby cities. For instance, instead of paying more than $200 per night to stay in a hotel in San Francisco you could try to find a much cheaper accommodation option in smaller great cities such as Palo Alto, Sunnyside, San Jose or Berkeley. The difference stays in your pocket.

Leave Your Car at Home. Most California cities, like San Francisco for example, take pride in an excellent public transportation system. This means that you can find your way around the big city and reach different destinations in record time without having to spend a dime on gas or rent a car.

Check out Farmers Markets, Rather Than Spending Your Hard-Earned Cash on Restaurant Meals. California is also much-appreciated for its fantastic famers’ markets giving you the opportunity to sample fresh gourmet products and improve your dietary habits. Buy the treats that make your mouth water and organize a picnic in a park: this is the perfect occasion to bond with your loved ones and discover California’s green spaces.

Opt for a Vacation Rental, Rather Than Booking a Hotel Room. Planning on spending more than a few days in California? In this case, consider going for a vacation rental, rather than spending a lot of money on a hotel room. With a little bit of patience and advanced planning you could spot gorgeous properties with rental rates starting at $69 per night. Or better yet, if you don’t have the time or the energy required to operate this selection on your own, let Apartment Hunterz do the choosing. Check out the most recent listings brought to you by California’s biggest and most reputable apartment finder and get ready to recharge your batteries in some of the most beautiful cities located in this sunny state.

5 Nice Neighborhoods in Los Angeles Where You Can Find a Decent Place Without Breaking the Bank

Los AngelesLos Angeles seems to be the place where all dreams come true. LA has everything you could ever ask for, including the hottest beaches on the planet, the most amazing bikini bodies, the best pieces of real estate, the trendiest boutiques and the most refined clubs and bars. Nonetheless, we all know that living in Los Angeles is not always easy, especially when you are constantly intimidated by the bills that are piling up on a monthly basis. While it’s fairly true that the City of Angeles is the playground of the rich and famous, this doesn’t mean that you should abandon your hopes of finding an affordable rental in a safe and decent ZIP code. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few LA-based neighborhoods that provide plenty of attractive for rent properties that will most likely live up to your expectations. Here are five great options that you should target during your first Los Angeles house hunt.

Cypress Park. Located right between Mount Washington and Eagle Rock, Cypress Park is all about greenery, curvy streets and big parks where you could walk your dog or spend some quality time with your family. Most importantly, here is the place where you could spot a spacious 2-bedroom apartment priced below $1,700/month.

Canoga Park. Canoga Park is considered the poor man’s version of the picturesque Woodland Hills. People who live here are only a very short drive away from Malibu. They hang out at the mall (here you’ll find not one, but two Westfield malls), eat the finest Indian food and spend less than what you would expect on rented apartments. With a little bit of research and patience, you could find a 1-bedroom apartment for less than $900/month.

Historic Filipinotown. Echo Park is all about diversity, great entertainment options and beautiful views. But to be frank, this place is also a tad too expensive. Looking for something a little bit more affordable, in the same area? In this case, why not try your luck in Historic Filipinotown? Sure, in this area you could be bothered by police sirens every once in a while, but at the end of the day it will all be worth it, taking into consideration the fact that here you could spot decent one-bedroom properties below $1,000 per month.

Palms. Let’s put it this way: Palms isn’t exactly very generous when it comes to providing entertainment and fine wining and dining choices. On the other side of the coin, it encompasses huge apartment buildings where you could find cute apartments that won’t force you to spend more than $1,000 on rent on a monthly basis. As a plus, if you ever get bored, you can always jump in your car and head towards the pricy Culver City, where you could find everything that you may be missing out on in Palms.

You don’t have to lose a wink of sleep to find the affordable rental that you have always pictured in your head. By checking out the listings brought to you by Apartment Hunterz you can increase your chances of identifying a nice for rent or for sale property matching your specific selection criteria.

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5 Little-Known Ways in Which You Can Reduce Your Rental Costs in California

iStock_000020871178_SmallJust like thousands of other young adults, you’ve come to Cali to pursue your wildest dreams built around a rapid career ascension, a few moments of fame, a large family or a beautiful home. But we all know that beginnings can be pretty tough, especially when you’re pinching pennies while juggling multiple jobs. When you’re living from paycheck to paycheck, you are probably desperate to find a foolproof way to lower your rental costs. We give you not one, but five amazingly effective methods to manage your finances wisely and spend less on your Californian slice of real estate.

Look for an Exception. A combination of flexibility, research and patience always pays off when it comes to conducting house hunts. Finding a property way below the Californian market rate is difficult, but definitely not impossible. Check out online listings, collaborate with a realtor and target certain neighborhoods to narrow down your search.

Change Location. The ZIP code that you have chosen impacts the price tag of your rental in a considerable manner. To save a significant amount of money, think about ditching the sought-after neighborhoods in favor of the ones that are safe and nice, but less coveted. For instance, if you wish to relocate to Los Angeles, you should know that Canoga Park is considered the poor man’s version of Woodland Hills, ensuring a very short an enjoyable drive to Malibu, as well as fantastic one-bedroom rentals priced in the $800 range.

Rethink Your Definition of “Perfect”. In terms of Californian real estate slices, perfection is perfectly attainable, but at what cost? Do you really need a big house that requires you to hire a landscaper and an army of maids? Couldn’t you live without on-site parking, gym and wellness center? Moreover, overlooking minor aspects that have an insignificant impact on your quality of life (chipped wall paint, ugly carpets, old wooden floors) can trigger additional savings.

Before Signing Your Lease, Make Sure You Are Prepared for Any Potential Outcome. What were to happen if you would have to relocate for a career change? What If you would end up loathing your apartment? In these situations, what would be your alternatives for leaving? Make sure your contract outlines a few important aspects, such as fees associated with late rentals payments or repairs required to correct your mishaps. In other words, read the lease twice before signing it and always be prepared to handle the unexpected. Sometimes, adding an ounce of prevention to your daily actions is the best way to lower your bills.

Work Closely with a Reputable Apartment Finder. Are you picky, overly budget-conscious and/or indecisive? Each of these attributes can complicate your Californian house hunt and make you lose time and energy. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: rely on the expert guidance of a respectable apartment scout. Keep an eye on the listings brought to you by Apartment Hunterz to find the ideal Californian rental for you and your loved ones in just a few days.

Dec 2014

3 Cozy Fresno Restaurants That You Should Check out During Your Next Trip

Fresno, CaliforniaHome to more than 500,000 people, Fresno is the county seat of the eponymous county and the fifth biggest city in California. As you could easily imagine, this amazing environment provides plenty of entertainment alternatives, tempting career opportunities and great deals on the local real estate market. Assuming that you want to spend a few days in Fresno to check out its vibe and determine whether or not you could spend the rest of your days here, you should start by inventorying the best restaurants and the most convenient rentals that you can afford. The best decisions are never made on an empty stomach, so keep reading to discover three local restaurants that will let you satisfy all your cravings on a budget.

Parma. Fancy some mouthwatering Italian food? If you have a thing for fresh pasta, special Mediterranean spices and homemade sauces, give this nice place a try. Chances are that you will be welcomed and seated by the owner/chef herself, who will also be happy to recommend a few dishes based n your culinary preferences. The inviting patio, excellent service and fantastic appetizers are only a few elements that will always make you come back for more.

Taqueria Don Pepe. Would you rather indulge in some spicy Mexican delicacies? Located on Blackstone Ave, Taqueria Don Pepe is the best pick for enthusiastic Mexican food lovers. This place is all about fast service, authentic Mexican specialties and a lovely ambiance. A little word of advice: don’t go home until you try the light, crisp chips, the Carne Asada burrito and the fish taco.

Dog House Grill. The Dog House Grill is a great restaurant honored with the Certificate of Excellence 2014. This is the perfect location where you could sample the popular tri tip sandwich, which is perfectly sharable, and enjoy your favorite beer in good company.

Now that you know where you could enjoy a nice, quiet lunch or dinner on a budget, you should take the time you need to research different accommodation options in Fresno. If you’re staying here for more than one weekend, you could consider renting a place of your own, rather than staying at a hotel or crashing on a friend’s couch. Fresno rentals are quite affordable; as a matter of fact, you could find a nice 1 or 2-bedroom apartment in the 600-700 dollars range. Nonetheless, spotting a convenient property matching all your criteria isn’t all that easy. To avoid wasting time and money on an overly complicated house hunt, rely on the newest listings brought to you by Apartment Hunterz to turn your search into a pleasant experience.

  5 Tips on How to Simplify Your First Californian House Hunt

iStock_000016809859_SmallRenting or buying a place in California is always a good idea, considering the plentitude of appealing job offers and entertainment options that one could explore in this sunny state. No matter what may bring you to Cali, you will need to find a decent roof over your head before making any other plans. A house hunt can take forever and consume all your resources, especially if you want to want to conduct it on your own and don’t really know a lot about the mechanism of the local real estate market. To simplify your search, start by applying the five foolproof home hunting tips.

Create a Feature List. You may have already envisioned the perfect rental. You know that you’d like it to have high ceilings, a hot tub and a spacious, bright kitchen. In California you could find plenty of attractive rentals matching this description, but the question is this: would you be able to afford such a home? Before touring properties, put pen to paper and list the features that you can’t live without and the ones that are perfectly dispensable. This way, you would be able to highlight your priorities and compare different rentals in a more objective manner.

Get the Bigger Picture. The rental that you love may have tons of luxurious features that catch your eye and make you empty your pockets on a monthly basis. But is it located in a safe neighborhood? Is it close to your school/office or would it force you to deal with a long commute on a daily basis? Make sure you are able to go beyond the great looks of a property and judge it based on several other criteria that matter to you the most, such as location, number of amenities or price.

Analyze Your Budget. At the end of the day, it’s all about the money. If you can only afford to spend $900 per month on a rental, don’t waste any time targeting slices of real estate that cost $1500/per month. Conduct an online search and use the price tag as a filter; this is the easiest method to spot properties that are actually in your price range.

Tour Your Favorite Houses and Apartments in Person. Several websites provide plenty of photos of different apartments available for rent or for sale, and also ensure virtual tours. While these extras are great and allow you to get more familiar with the look and feel of a certain property, it is advisable to take the time you need to tour your favorite homes in person. Direct contact with a piece of real estate will help you identify hidden flaws, establish a connection with the owner/landlord and determine whether or not a particular house or apartment is right for you.

Get Help from a Reputable Apartment Finder. It’s not always easy to find a Californian apartment that is both affordable and appealing, especially when you have a very limited amount of time on your hands and don’t know much about the local real estate market. In this case, choose to work closely with Apartment Hunterz to rule out any doubts and prevent mistakes that could cost you. The largest apartment finder would enable you to find a convenient rental in your price range in less than a week, with no stress and no effort on your behalf.

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