Spot the Coolest Neighborhoods and the Most Convenient Rentals in Santa Monica

Santa Monica California sunset on Pier Ferrys wheelBelieve it or not, a newcomer with bold career ambitions and a certain amount of money in the bank can find his place in Santa Monica easier than expected. Known as the natural habitat of the rich and famous, Santa Monica has a diverse real estate market that sometimes uncovers tempting once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that you shouldn’t miss out on. Research is a vital component that can make the difference between a successful real estate transaction and a total bust. Therefore, keep reading to discover the coolest Santa Monica neighborhoods and the simplest way to navigate through thousands of listings and get the keys to a decently-priced house or apartment located in this city.

  1. North of Montana. Ranking first in the list of the hottest Santa Monica neighborhoods, North of Montana is characterized by its residents as an affluent, beautiful and safe neighborhood. This is the perfect spot to enjoy upscale shopping sessions and make the most of truly memorable fine wining and dining experiences.
  2. Mid-City. This section represents the urbanized heart of Santa Monica, counting a number of lower-end hotels and car dealerships. This place gets bonus points for its gym and fitness alternatives, childcare, internet access and medical facilities. On the other hand, issues related to parking, the overall level of peace and quiet and the cost of living are often seen as drawbacks that may stop certain prospects from buying or renting a place in this ZIP code.
  3. Ocean Park. Those who are looking forward to renting or purchasing a place in a hot beach neighborhood should definitely target a slice of real estate located in Ocean Park. Ocean Park is a trendy neighborhood ensuring immediate beach access. Moreover, this is the place where the magic takes place. Whether you’re into beach sports, culinary experiments, long strolls on the city streets or even longer shopping sprees, note that Ocean Park can make it all happen due to its proximity to Main Street and its endless list of tourist attractions, including hip restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

These three neighborhoods are the top options that you should consider if you are planning on moving to Santa Monica. Pico, City Center and Northeast are other three alternatives that you may want to factor in during your house search. At the end of the day, you should be fully aware of the fact that Santa Monica rentals don’t come cheap. For around $1,500, you could probably find a decent studio or you could choose to share a bigger property with a couple of housemates. If you don’t count on a big budget that would support this move, get help fast from Apartment Hunterz to spot the most convenient listings in your price range. Check out the newest houses or apartments available for rent or for sale and give the green light to a real estate transaction that will bring you nothing but joy and satisfaction.



Dec 2014

4 Things Any Newcomer Should Consider Doing in Sacramento

iStock_000008726016_SmallSacramento is one of those Californian cities that always surprise you with a new side that you automatically feel the need to explore. Aside from the California State Capitol, the Sacramento Zoo and the utterly famous California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento encompasses a virtually endless list of local attractions that demand your time and attention. Whether you’re planning on renting or buying a new place here or just wish to spend a few days in one of the most amazing Californian cities, here are four fun activities that you should focus on during your stay in Sacramento.

  1. Target Less Famous Neighborhood Joints to Sample the Best Dishes
    Perhaps you only book a table at a restaurant after reading a plethora of online reviews or getting recommendations from friends. This time, feel free to be a little bit more adventurous, as you clearly have nothing to lose. On the contrary, in Sacramento you could find quite a few fabulous neighborhood joints that will live up to your highest expectations, in terms of culinary experiences and ambiance. For instance, Pancake Circus and Zelda’s constitute excellent picks, even though they aren’t exactly luxurious locations promising the finest wining and dining alternatives. The food is heavenly and the people are friendly and this is all you need to calm your spirit after a hectic day.
  2. Profit from Sacramento’s Late-Night Entertainment Options
    Speaking of ways in which you could gloriously call it a day, it may be a good idea to sample one or more classic cocktails in good company in one of the most popular Sacramento bars and clubs. At Ink’s Eats and Drinks you could get acquainted with a series of truly unique cocktails that sound absolutely delicious, like Blueberry Cheesecake Martini for instance, listen to good music and start creating new memories surrounded by friends.
  3. Become a Dependable Volunteer
    Want to shift away from your self-centered lifestyle? In this case, you should know that Sacramento supports this positive change, by giving you the opportunity to get involved in different categories of charitable actions developed by various organizations. You could invest your resources in programs designed to help seniors, pets, underprivileged categories of people or the environment. At the end of the day, you just have to stand up for what you believe in, choose your cause and start improving the lives of other community members who need a helping hand.
  4. Organize Your First Home Hunt
    At some point, you may realize that Sacramento has everything takes to become your new home. In this case, don’t waste any more time and gather the money and the info that you require to buy or rent a place here. To avoid the pitfalls of a real estate market that you may not be familiar with, rely on the most recent, accurate and valuable listings brought to you by Apartment Hunterz and team up with the largest Californian apartment finder to turn your first Sacramento home hunt into a major success.
Dec 2014

Best Places to Go for a Walk in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, San FranciscoSan Francisco is known as one of the most densely populated U.S.-based environments. The American city that attracts investors, newcomers and tourists like a magnet gives you plenty of attractive things to do and contemplate. After a long day spent at the office, you may want to relax and go for a walk. Leave your car at home, wear your most comfortable pair of shoes and target the three special San Francisco-based sites that will amaze you with their beauty.

Pacific Heights. Pacific Heights is known as the home of some of the wealthiest dwellers in San Francisco. This is precisely why this area is famous for its superb well-establishes Victorian homes, gorgeous views, astonishing architectural details and large parks. You could start your Saturday walk at Lafayette Park, where you would also get the chance to analyze the particularities of a charming neighborhood and check out a few alluring rental properties in your price range.

The Golden Gate Bridge. Some people love to feel like they are on top of the world. If you share this passion, do not forget to let your favorite pair of flats guide you towards the walking path of the Golden Gate Bridge. The two mile span ensures breathtaking views from around 200 ft. over the water. To make the most of your walk, don’t forget to wear a warm cape and a hat or any other type of clothing item and accessories that could provide a superior protection against the wild wind that usually swipes this area.

Yerba Buena Gardens. Looking for a less pretentious destination that would definitely be appreciated by all your family members? Yerba Buena Gardens located on Mission Street in the Financial District, is a fantastic urban park encompassing all the little wonders that you may need to have a good time, including winding paths, colorful flowers, a small waterfall and artwork.

At the end of the day, you would just have to choose one of these three prime locations and enjoy a relaxing walk that will recharge your batteries and enable you to get more familiar with San Francisco’s unique views and ambiance. But before hopping on a plane, make sure you plan every single detail related to your stay in San Francisco. Instead of booking a hotel room, choose to save big and experience the superior level of comfort provided by a San Francisco rental. According to Business Insider, an average rental with one bedroom located in this vibrant city was in the $3,120 range in June 20014, reflecting a considerable increase compared to the median rental price reported last year, estimated at $2795. The bustling economy, the great views and the diverse and exciting leisure activities are only three aspects that make San Francisco such a sought-after city to live in.  Discover the rest by renting a place here with a little bit of help from Apartment Hunterz, your trusted Californian apartment finder.