Ways to Help You Recover Your Security Deposit after Renting a Place in Cali

Security depositNo matter where you would choose to rent a place in the Golden State, you would inevitably meet two distinctive types of landlords: those who expect you to walk on air without actually touching their belongings, and the ones who understand that tenants inevitably contribute to fair signs of wear and tear displayed by a rental property. How do you recognize the people listed in the first category? To begin with, they’re not exactly very friendly. They will most likely drop by unexpectedly, underline your contractual obligations at all times and talk about the impressive amount of money that they have invested in the property that you are currently occupying. In this context, you are probably wondering: how could I prepare myself for the unforeseen? In short, how should you act to make sure that you recover your security deposit and terminate your collaboration with your landlord on good terms?

Take Before and After Pictures. A good camera and a great attention to detail are your strongest allies when it comes to preventing potential claims made by your landlord. As soon as you move in, take pictures revealing noticeable flaws that you may be held responsible for (chipped paint, cracks in the floor and so on). Copies of your dated and properly labeled photos should be sent by your landlord in an envelope that should also comprise the standard inventory.

Battle Issues Linked to Damp. Sometimes, the worst problems associated with your rental property come unannounced and have very little to do with your daily actions. For instance, damp can cause an endless list of issues, ranging from a persistent unpleasant odor to stained walls requiring a costly repainting job. To prevent this problem you can explore a few distinctive paths: you can leave your heating on for a couple of hours during the day or use a dehumidifier provided by your landlord. Damp patches that may appear on your wall could be easily removed using a mix of diluted bleach and detergent.

Don’t Let Your Landlord Catch You Off Guard. We will let you in on a little secret: most landlords tend to be very territorial. This means that they have a sixth sense when it comes to spotting flaws displayed by their property at the end of a lease. Here’s a word of advice that you should follow: be paranoid. Clean your rental periodically and don’t forget to check out hard-to-reach, difficult-to-remember areas that you don’t actually come in contact with. Look under your kitchen cabinets, check the top corners of your rooms and ask a colleague or a friend to double-check everything. Once you become familiar with an indoor space, it becomes increasingly difficult to notice minor imperfections, such as dirt buildups. This rule does not apply to your landlord, who will most likely be tempted to channel his remarkable attention to detail to make you kiss your deposit goodbye.

It’s not always easy to establish a great relationship with a landlord. Fortunately, Apartment Hunterz facilitates your collaboration with friendly, courteous and dependable independent property owners and property managers and lets you choose the ideal Californian rental matching your expectations.


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