Things That You Should Try at Least Once During Your Stay in San Clemente

View of Catalina taken from San ClementeTired of the capricious weather that doesn’t let you concentrate on your favorite hobbies? Would you like to take a break from the monotonous life that you live in your overcrowded concrete jungle? In this case, you could definitely use a long vacation in San Clemente, the sunny Californian city that will never let you get bored. Encompassing great beaches and ensuring breathtaking views and a large category of leisure activities and entertainment options, San Clemente is well-liked for its family-friendly accommodation options enabling you to plan and enjoy a wonderful holiday while also keeping your expenses under control. Looking for nice activities that could help you unwind during your stay in this city? Here are four alternatives that you shouldn’t neglect.

  1. Go Surfing
    San Clemente is constantly attracting large crowds of passionate surfers who can’t get enough of friendly weather and high tides. You don’t have to surf like a pro to have the time of your life here. Novices can profit from affordable surfing classes provided by trained instructors hired by reputable schools. You can buy your equipment from one of the many surf shops located near the beach and rely on the services provided by courteous boat shapers if needed.
  2. Enjoy the Nice Views
    If you are not the biggest fan of adrenaline-filled fun that involves riding the tides and getting all wet, you could always play volleyball on the beach (this is a great opportunity to socialize and make new connections) or just get a nice tan on a beach chair. Those who are too lazy to move a muscle or make small talk with a bunch of strangers can profit from a little bit of well-deserved alone time while contemplating the gorgeous surroundings. The biking and walking trails will stimulate you to relax and see the beautiful scenery from a completely different perspective. You can walk on the beach or along the pier (a spot frequented by fervent local fishermen) and admire the sunset.
  3. Relax While Fishing on the San Clemente Pier
    When you feel too tired to walk around the city you could choose to go fishing. The piers opened in 1928 represent a hot attraction for both locals and tourists. Here you may have the opportunity to catch a wide assortment of fish, including guitarfish, bonito, halibut, corbina and yellowfin croaker. Also, in this area you could just rest on a bench and enjoy the warmth of the hot sunrays, weigh and admire your catch on one of the many fish-cleaning tables or plan a picnic.
  4. Find out What the Local Real Estate Market Has to Offer
    While you’re in San Clemente, it wouldn’t hurt to take a closer look at the most recent listings that could guide you towards a great new roof over your head. Vacation condos start at approximately 88 dollars per night, whereas more than decent 1-2 bedroom properties could cost you anywhere from $1,400 to $2,100 and up per month. Analyze your options carefully and keep an eye on the listings delivered by Apartment Hunterz to maximize your odds of finding a nice place in your price range in only a few days.
Jan 2015