3 Free and Fun Things That You Can Do in Santa Clarita

Freeway OverpassMost people dream about spending at least a few relaxing days in the Golden State during their summer or winter holiday. But when you think about lavishing accommodation options, fancy restaurants, some of the most amazing beaches on the planet and cool shopping venues you inevitably start to count your money and feel the need to think twice before booking a flight. While a weekend in San Francisco or Santa Monica will definitely encourage you to blow money like there’s no tomorrow, a week in Santa Clarita may just help you tame your fierce inner spender. Here are three fun activities that you can conduct in Santa Clarita without swiping your credit card or going through your pockets for change.

  1. Explore the Beautiful Santa Clarita Trails
    People who spend more than 8 hours a day cramped in their “living cubicles” are usually craving for fresh air, greenery and fantastic scenery. Santa Clarita has all of the above. Encompassing approximately 70 miles of picturesque trails, this city will stimulate you to ditch your old couch potato lifestyle and put those muscles at work. In this area you can ride, skate, walk or jog. Connecting trails allow visitors to discover a plethora of entertainment options, shopping venues and great parks.
  2. Attend Unique Events
    During summer, Santa Clarita becomes the paradise of newcomers and locals who appreciate good American-style music. “Concerts in the Park” is a well-known event taking place in Santa Clarita, which gathers some of the coolest bands of the moment. Johnny Cash, Bon Jovi and Van Halen are only a few of the most recognizable artists who have performed in Santa Clarita. This rocking event does not involve any admission fees and guarantees a good time as long as you bring your own picnic dinner, blanket or chairs and snacks.
  3. Organize a Quick and Painless House Hunt
    There are many exciting and cost-free things that you can do in Santa Clarita. You can explore parks, check out wild animals, go shopping or attend a fabulous concert. The possibilities are virtually endless. At the end of the day, you should remember one thing: Santa Clarita is the ideal place for newcomers who want to live their own version of the Californian dream on a budget. If you can’t afford to buy a home here, keep in mind that you could always rent a modern 3-bedroom house in this city for less than $2,000 per month. Moreover, two or three bedroom apartments are in the $1,400-$1,700 range and bring you all the amenities that you could ever need to feel comfortable in a new environment. To spot the best deals on the local real estate market, don’t forget to analyze the listings brought to you by Apartment Hunterz, the largest and most respectable Californian apartment finder.
Jan 2015