How to Rent Luxury Property in California without Overspending

House cube B1 deconstructionCalifornia is the state that pretty much overwhelms newcomers with its amazing diversity. Here you can explore the particularities of multiple climates, analyze different cultures and check out a plethora of appealing rentals that vary a great deal in terms of price, square footage and amenities. In some of the hottest Californian cities one could rent small studios that do not cost more than 1,000 dollars per month. On the other hand, every single local real estate market has its hidden and sought-after gems, coming in the form of exquisite luxury properties. If you have a decent amount of money in the bank and always agree to spend your cash only on the finest things in life, chances are that you are targeting high-end slices of Californian real estate as we speak. How can you score a good deal combining comfort, lavishing décor and affordability? To avoid pitfalls and unpredicted expenses associated with your relocation, simply follow these three starting points, which should guide your upcoming house hunt.

Go for a Simple House Plan

When it comes to renting a luxury property, size definitely does matter a great deal. Naturally, you want to live in a beautiful new home that embodies the most modern design concepts and represents the very definition of the term “spaciousness.” But how many people are actually going to live on this property? Do you really need two guest bathrooms and a fourth bedroom? Prospects can easily get sucked into paying for the largest floor plan, simply because (in their opinion) more space equals an increased level of comfort. That’s not how it works. Just think about it: a smaller floor plan tailored to your individual living needs will decrease your monthly costs (utilities) and will also come with a smaller price tag.

Ditch Unnecessary Services and Features

Most luxury condos ensure access to a wide range of extras that ensure a higher quality of life. Gyms, wellness centers and indoor pools can be listed in this category. Obviously, you want to profit from all these upscale amenities because they support your lifestyle and represent one of the reasons why you have been targeting an upscale Californian rental in the first place. Nonetheless, certain additional features and services, such as laundry or cleaning services, detached garages or storage usually cost extra and can easily add up, turning your convenient rental agreement into a less attractive deal.

Count on a Good Apartment Scout

California’s plentitude of eye-catchy, super luxurious mansions available for rent or for sale can make you feel a bit indecisive and confused when it comes to finding the house of your dreams and investing big bucks in it. After all, how could you separate dependable landlords from potential scammers? How could you identify the most attractive and affordable houses and apartments and ignore the ones that aren’t really worth your time and money? Choose to limit your spending without making unwanted compromises by working closely with Apartment Hunterz. With help from California’s largest and most trustworthy apartment finder you could check out hundreds of luxury rentals in your price range and select the right one in only a few days.