Things That You Should Know Before Renting in Bakersfield

PowerhouseIf you have always dreamed about purchasing or renting an affordable property in a Californian city with a diverse economy, a friendly desert climate with hot, long summers and moist and cool winters, then Bakersfield could be the perfect choice for you. But before packing your bags and starting your house hunt you should start by analyzing the most recent Bakersfield real estate trends to figure out whether or not putting down roots in this area would be a smart move.

What’s so special about Bakersfield in the first place?

You may be wondering: why should I move to Bakersfield when I could find decent accommodation options in bigger and potentially better Californian cities like San Francisco, San Diego or Sacramento? Well, first of all Bakersfield favors quick and painless career conversions, due to its diverse and prosperous economy. Here you could find plenty of appealing job offers in several fields, including agriculture, mining, food processing, distribution, manufacturing, energy extraction, petroleum refining and aerospace. Grimmway Farms, The Giumarra Companies, and the County of Kern are listed among the top local employers. Secondly, Bakersfield is known as one of California’s fastest growing cities; its population has basically tripled over the last three decades, proving that this area is a nurturing environment that constantly attracts a large number of newcomers. Here’s another fact that may interest you if you always judge cities based on their artistic and cultural heritage: Bakersfield encompasses a series of famous historic restaurants, including Woolgrowers, Pyrenees, Noriega’s, Narducci’s and Benji’s. This city’s annual Greek festival and its iconic horse shows are only a few of the most sought-after entertainment options that you should take into consideration, especially if you want to think, feel and party like a local.

Should you buy or rent in Bakersfield?

The median home sales price is estimated at $197,000. This value reflects a decrease of $8,000 (or 3.9%) compared to the numbers recorded last year. Naturally, these numbers point in the same direction, indicating that buying a home in Bakersfield could be a smart move. Nonetheless, if you don’t have enough money in the bank to discover the perks of ownership, rest assured knowing that this beautiful Californian city has plenty of cool and affordable rentals that are only a few clicks away. The process of finding and selecting rentals matching your specific criteria can be quite troublesome, especially if you are a first-time tenant and know very little or nothing at all about the mechanism of the local real estate market. Apartment Hunterz makes it easier for you, by offering you the chance to browse through a large collection of recent, 100% verified listings accompanied by high-quality photos and virtual tours. If you don’t have enough time to check out the available properties in person, the largest Californian apartment finder gives you all the tools that you could ever need to choose the right rental for you over the shortest period of time.

Jan 2015