5 Tips on How to Rent Your Californian Property Fast and Hassle-Free

Happy Young Hispanic Family in Front of Their New Home.These days, most people who live from paycheck to paycheck can’t actually afford to discover the pros and cons of ownership. Their hectic lifestyles, unexpected changes corrected with new job offers requiring a quick relocation and their semi-nomadic existence are other factors that convince them to rent a place, instead of buying one. This is great news for Californian landlords who are striving to rent their properties. But finding the ideal tenant is no easy task. How can you screen potential candidates rapidly and effectively? Here are a few pointers that you should consider before trying to promote your “for rent” property on the Californian market.

  1. Make Your Home Seem More Inviting
    Start with the basics: make your rental seem cozy and customizable. This doesn’t mean that you have to invest time, money and energy in a complex remodel project. Just think about the tiny details that could turn your house or apartment into a more welcoming environment and fix potential issues (plumbing or electrical glitches or pest problems) that could make the lives of your tenants a living hell. At the end of the day, don’t forget to remove unnecessary clutter, add a fresh coat of quality paint, cut the lawn and get ready to welcome your new tenants in style.
  2. Set a Decent Monthly Rent
    Go online and start looking for rentals in your ZIP code. A quick comparison based on square footage, specific location and amenities will enable you to set a fair monthly rent. Overpricing your property won’t do you any good, as inflated rates will only deter potential tenants.
  3. Promote Your House in an Effective Manner
    Use both online and offline channels to promote your rental property. Word-of-mouth is also very effective when it comes to finding new tenants for a property that you are trying to rent.
  4. Don’t Forget to Screen Your Tenants
    Don’t forget that there are a few aspects that you should focus on before giving the keys to your apartment to someone who is basically a complete stranger. Criminal history, credit history and tenant behavior are the main elements that could help you determine whether or not a certain individual would have what it takes to become a good tenant. If you want to rest assured knowing that your Californian rental is in good hands at all times, you should consider relying on a trustworthy property management company. Also, you should also know that third-party companies can take care of tenant screening, allowing you to get this weight off your shoulders.
  5. Rely on an Apartment Finding Service
    Wouldn’t you want to find someone who could promote your Californian rental properly and help you find great tenants in only a few days? Apartment Hunterz makes this possible, by putting you in direct contact with the right people who are looking for housing accommodations like the ones that you provide. The Landlord Center gives you access to all the tools that you could ever require to fill your vacancy; not to mention the fact that the largest apartment finder also lets you profit from additional services that you can unlock by simply creating a free landlord account. Give this system a try and find out how you could meet the most dependable tenants in only three days.
Jan 2015