4 Things That Put Potential Tenants on the Run

rent a flat, keys in the handOver the past few years, you’ve invested quite a lot of time and energy in your apartment building. The Californian accommodation options that you provide are well above average, and still you are having a hard time trying to fill your vacancies. You just don’t get it: how do certain apartment owners manage to rent cramped apartments with leaky faucets and chipped walls, located in a neighborhood with a high crime rate, when you can barely find a decent potential tenant for your luxurious, faultless property? If this question is currently on your mind, then clearly you need to work on your landlord-tenant relationships. Here are four of the most common things that usually put tenants on the run in no time.

Disturbances. Living in an environment exposed to elevated noise pollution levels is no easy task. Sure, you may not be able to control traffic, construction work or noise caused by nearby workplaces, but you can make the rest of your tenants respect certain quiet hours.

Issues Left Unaddressed. A tenant who is constantly complaining about a housing accommodation requiring immediate repairs or maintenance work is clearly dissatisfied with your attitude as a landlord. First of all, by scheduling a regular maintenance routine you could avoid serious problems impacting the value and overall condition of your rental property. Secondly, you shouldn’t leave tenant complaints unattended. Procrastination may only lead to bigger repair costs and additional concerns.  For instance, small plumbing glitches may also trigger a mold problem requiring an ample decontamination, a new coat of paint for your walls and new carpets for your entire apartment. Repairs and maintenance targeting the roof, gutters, windows and walls should always be considered a top priority, especially if you wish to keep your rental in excellent condition for many more years to come.

Unexpected Changes. Here’s one more thing that you should keep in mind: tenants love certainties. By modifying the rental rates or any other aspects related to any verbal agreement that you may have reached at some point you will catch the tenant off guard and make him question your reliability.

Unjustified Complaints and Rude Behavior. There is one more thing that most tenants just can’t stand: a rude landlord who always complains about the careless attitude of his tenants and potential damages lowering the end value of his property. Trust us when we say that no tenant would ever feel tempted to sign of the dotted line knowing that his landlord is a manipulative, greedy individual who would do just about anything to stop his tenants from getting their deposit back.

Even if you have never made the four serious mistakes listed above, chances are that you may still be having a hard time finding the ideal tenant for you Californian property. In this case, all you have to do is to list your house or apartment with Apartment Hunterz to benefit from a maximum exposure and meet the perfect candidates who are craving for your slice of real estate in only three days.

Jan 2015