Ways in Which California’s Largest Apartment Finder Can Help You Rent Your Property

Happy girl given house key - indoorWe totally get it: you’re too busy to rent your place. Lots of people who work the 9-to-5 schedule don’t actually have the time and energy required to find and screen potential tenants. And still you could use a secondary source of income and you would very much like to know that your vacant property is in good hands at all times. Here are three ways in which Apartment Hunterz could help you spot the perfect tenants for your Californian rental.

  1. Create Free Landlord Account and Post Free Listing

Start your collaboration with Apartment Hunterz by creating your free landlord account and posting your listing at no extra charge. The process is very simple: you just have to list your basic info, including name and contact information, title, property type, a brief description, location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, availability, pet policy, monthly rent, lease terms and so on. This type of free listing may also contain very succinct details related to other important aspects that may concern a tenant, such as parking, laundry, cooking and view.

  1. Make Sure Your Rental Property Benefits from the Highest Level of Exposure.

How exactly do you plan to promote your Californian rental? Word-of-mouth could turn out to be pretty effective in the long run, but it may also fail to deliver the rapid results that you are waiting for.  On the other hand, Apartment Hunterz understands your rush and makes it easier for you to attract potential tenants over the shortest period of time. With Apartment Hunterz you can create your own listings online, with help from a courteous staff member or via fax. Whichever option you choose, you can expect your listing to be seen by 20,000 unique daily visitors and other 2,500 active members. Moreover, the featured listings are automatically emailed to potential tenants. This type of exposure enables you to find the ideal in approximately three days, with minimal effort on your behalf.

  1. Post As Many Pictures and Virtual Tours As You Like

How can you convince your potential tenants to tour your property in person? The key is to prove that your house has an amazing curb appeal and a lot of potential. With Apartment Hunterz, you can post as many photos as you see fit per listing. This gives you the chance to introduce and promote your slice of Californian real estate from different angles and give viewers a few extra reasons to schedule an appointment with you as soon as possible. As a plus, Apartment Hunterz also enables you to receive applications and schedule appointments online, to help busy tenants enjoy a simpler, much more convenient house hunt.

All in all, a maximum level of exposure, a larger pool of potential tenants, convenient appointment scheduling and 24/7 assistance are the main benefits that you can expect to profit from as a landlord, while working closely with Apartment Hunterz to fill your vacancies in a matter of a few days.