How to Choose the Best Place to Rent in California

house and calculator Ever since you were old enough to realize that your small-town mindset won’t help you open too many doors in life, you’ve worked hard to turn your dreams into reality. In order to pursue your boldest ambitions, you know that you have to move to California. The Golden State makes everything possible. Here you could get a well-paid job, take acting classes, meet your favorite celebs, spend all your spare time on the beach, check out the coolest clubs and restaurants and even start your own family. But how could you actually determine the right place where you should put down roots? Here are a few guidelines that will help you make up your mind.

Select the Right City. In order to choose the best Californian city, you should start by asking yourself the following question: why do you want to move to Cali in the first place? If you’re going for tempting career opportunities, San Francisco would be one of the best picks. If you’re looking for an exciting amalgam of fun attractions, try San Diego, also known as “America’s Finest City”. Blessed with numerous beaches with soft, white sand and amazing weather year-round, San Diego is a true paradise for both newcomers and tourists. In addition, you should take a few other aspects into consideration before making a final call, such as the overall cost of living, the overall crime rate and the unemployment rate associated with your city of choice.

Find the Best ZIP Code. Assuming that you have already selected a Californian city, how could you manage to pick the best neighborhood? You could always count on the advice provided by friends or family members who already live in the city that you’re planning to move to. If this is not an option, do you own homework by comparing different neighborhoods in terms of local attractions, crime rates and house price index. Join discussion forums, read online reviews and use Google maps to become familiar with the best neighborhoods providing attractive accommodation options in your price range.

Target the Properties That Meet a Few Basic Criteria. When it comes to touring properties, follow this simple rule: never judge a book by its cover. Make sure both its interior (good layout, storage space, fully functional appliances, extras, nice appearance and solid structure) and exterior (security, outside lighting, curb appeal, solid construction and parking) match your specific needs and demands. Location is another extremely important factor that should focus on. Should the ideal Californian rental be close to a certain shopping venue, school, office building, hospital or any other facility? Should the building of your choice also provide additional facilities and services, such as locked mailboxes, cleaning and laundry, recreational rooms/wellness centers and so on?

Narrow Down Your Search by Counting on a Great Apartment Finder. The good news is that you don’t have to answer all these questions on your own. Apartment Hunterz can help you figure out what you want, in terms of Californian rentals, by offering you the chance to view and compare thousands of recent listings. Check the latest ones today and start your very own house hunt with a trustworthy partner.

Jan 2015