3 Local Attractions That You Shouldn’t Miss While Visiting Santa Monica

Santa Monica Beach FrontCan’t get enough of beautiful beachfront cities that channel your inner dreamer and make you feel like you’re enjoying a never-ending vacation? We hear you! In case you want to explore one of the most fascinating Californian cities and spend a few days as close to the Pacific Ocean as possible, choose to visit Santa Monica and don’t forget to include the three following popular local attractions in your itinerary.

  1. Santa Monica Beach
    The famous Santa Monica Beach is all about divine sunsets, hot sand, even hotter tanned bodies and a perfect lakefront trail created for walkers, bikers and runners. This is arguably one of the cleanest, nicest and most picturesque beaches that you could find in L.A.
  2. Santa Monica Mountains
    OK, so maybe you always get bored at the beach. If prolonged tanning sessions are not your thing, try something different. The Santa Monica Mountains ensure easy access to wild, gorgeous surroundings and invite you to contemplate exceptional views, get lost on trails that will fuel your connection with Mother Nature and try plenty of recreational opportunities. Also, you should know that you don’t necessarily have to book a hotel room, as you could easily find convenient vacation and long-term rentals located in this area with help from Apartment Hunterz.
  3. Third Street Promenade
    If natural settings don’t always manage to raise your interest, choose to get more familiar with what Santa Monica has to offer by enjoying an evening stroll on the Third Street Promenade. Far more than your average pedestrian street, this area revolves around the concept of diversity. While walking down the street, you will inevitably hear a delightful mix of French, Korean and Chinese. The Third Street Promenade is known as an upscale dining, entertainment and shopping complex, where you will most likely feel stimulated to spend all your hard-earned cash in one afternoon. This location also manages to attract crowds of tourists due to its quality live entertainment. From skilled magicians to live bands and amateur singers, this place has everything you could ever ask for in terms of free divertissement. In what dining options are concerned, note that you could save big by enjoying a frugal meal in your preferred chain restaurant or you could choose to indulge in refined delicacies served by cute little eateries.

While touring Santa Monica by foot or by car, you will most likely start to envy the locals. Why do they get to spend the best years of their lives in this corner of paradise, while you’re stuck in some cold, obscure small town? Fortunately, now you can correct this form of “divine injustice” by finding a nice accommodation option in Santa Monica, which will definitely speed up and simplify your overall relocation process. To spot the most convenient deals on the local real estate market, start by checking out the listings brought to you by Apartment Hunterz. Some of the best deals are only a few clicks away and represent the key to starting a happy new life in this vibrant Californian city.