Hotel Rooms Vs. Vacation Rentals: Which Option Should You Choose While Visiting California?

Two queen bedsWhether you wish to visit San Francisco, get lost in San Diego for a couple of days or attend one or more wine tastings in Napa Valley, one question automatically comes to mind: where should I stay? There is no easy answer to this question, especially when you are targeting a sought-after area that is frequented by thousands of tourists on an annual basis. Naturally, in this case you would have to choose from a plethora of alluring accommodation options located within walking distance of the best local attractions. Things tend to get even more complicated, as you are left with more questions, including the following ones: How much money should I spend on housing? Should I book a hotel room or go for a convenient vacation rental?

Hotels Versus Vacation Rentals

When it comes to making a smart choice, you should definitely start by analyzing the price-quality relationship displayed by both hotels and vacation rentals located in the Californian city that you wish to visit. Prices vary a great deal; however, with just a little bit of research you could be able to find vacation rentals starting at $69 per night, which are just as comfortable and inviting as a hotel room that would cost you anywhere from $200 to $300 per night.

Landlords who wish to fill their vacancies could be quite flexible in terms of rates and renting policies, so if you’re really lucky you could unlock additional discounts associated with larger groups or early booking. Here’s one more aspect that you should take into consideration: premium vacation rentals always have that special something that make you feel at home. They are cozy and invite its guests to discover their unique characteristics from day one. On the other hand, most hotel rooms are quite impersonal and cold and may need more than the presence of your loved ones to ensure that homey ambiance that you were hoping to experience. Contrary to popular belief, vacation rentals are not designed exclusively for the super wealthy. Moreover, they are considered safe and popular forms of lodging. Not all vacation rentals impose minimum stay requirements, so most of them could also be the best choice for your weekend getaways.  Last but definitely not least, a good vacation rental will offer you the level of luxury and additional services (housekeeping, dry-cleaning and ironing upon request and so on) that you can expect from a well-established hotel.

Making an Informed Decision

Nonetheless, truly exceptional and cheap vacation rentals can be difficult to come by, especially during that time of the year when your favorite Californian destination is invaded by hordes of tourists. To identify the best vacation rentals in your price range, meet friendly and dependable landlords and take your holiday plans to a completely different level, choose to analyze the most recent listings brought to you by Apartment Hunterz, California’s largest and most reputable apartment finder.

Jan 2015