5 Additional Features Offered by an Apartment Finder That Could Help You Save Time and Money

Couple receiving keys of their homeMost first time-tenants who choose to conduct their house hunt on their own are often faced with multiple challenges. First of all, they inevitably stumble across more than a few unverified, bogus listings. Once they manage to keep scammers at a distance, they discover a different obstacle standing in the way of their objective: expired listings. They circle a newspaper ad or go online and get the contact info of a certain landlord. They immediately make the phone call and get the response that no tenant wants to receive: “Sorry, it’s rented.”

To make things worse, their pals have no connections and no suggestions whatsoever. They may know a friend of a friend who might have a room available on the last floor of an old building located in a neighborhood with an alarming crime rate. Does this sound tempting to you? We didn’t think so. How can you overcome all these impediments and conduct a successful house hunt in California without going crazy? The answer is simple: you team up with a reliable apartment finder. Here are five additional features that Apartment Hunterz, California’s biggest apartment scout, puts at your disposal to simplify your house or apartment search.

iConnect. This exclusive feature puts you in direct contact with your landlords of choice at any given point in time. Taking into consideration that most landlords choose to accept applications and schedule appointments online, this feature is truly useful and can help you save the amount of time that you would otherwise have to spend making numerous phone calls.

One-Click-Results. Today you only have 15 minutes to browse through recent listings. Maybe tomorrow you will be able to allocate two whole hours to your online house search. Does this mean that you would have to start all over again the next day? No. Apartment Hunterz enables you to save your search. This way, once you land on the website again you can just run your saved search and focus on the properties that have already caught your eye.

Updates via SMS and Email. A newspaper ad can’t circle itself to capture your attention. On the other hand, a good apartment finder will always help you stay in the loop, by sending you updates via SMS and email. This simple, user-oriented approach makes it easier for you to spot the most recent listings before anyone else.

Google Street View. Google Street View is another exclusive feature allowing you to analyze a 360° view of different neighborhoods and weigh the pros and cons of different options that may interest you.

Access to Photos and Virtual Tours. Let’s face it: listings based solely on text are not exactly eye-catchy and compelling. On the other side of the coin, listings accompanied by several high-resolution photos and/or virtual tours let you contemplate different apartments and houses from different angles and choose your favorites based on their real characteristics.

You can unlock all these incredible features by collaborating with California’s most dependable apartment finder. Work closely with Apartment Hunterz to meet your new landlord and get the keys to an awesome place in less than a week.

Jan 2015