4 Reasons Why Your Californian Rental Is Still Vacant

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYour rental property is located in one of the most sought-after Californian cities. It comes with a long list of advantages, including a picturesque view, lots of space, useful amenities and a feeling of safety and security reinforced by a welcoming community. So why is your rental property still vacant? What secret flaws does it comprise? What are the mysterious elements that make your Californian house or apartment be so undesirable? Here are four reasons that actually stand in the way of your success, putting your potential tenants on the run.

  1. You Did Not Set Competitive Rental Rates. Today’s tenants are savvy and would do everything in their power to score a better deal. They circle newspaper ads, talk to friends and acquaintances, attend open houses and check out online listings, driven by their desire to relocate to Cali as soon as possible and find a nice new roof over their heads. But all these sources of information also allow potential tenants to compare rental rates and become able to distinguish a real steal from an overpriced property. Assuming that you ask an indecent amount of money per month to rent your property, and have no justification for the number that you have come up with, tenants will inevitably make one step forward and two steps back after touring your property. Price your rental right to increase your odds of filling your vacancy.
  2. Your House or Apartment Is in a Poor Condition. Very few people can cope with the idea that they will have to spend most of their time in a rented house or apartment that resembles a cave; some prefer to spend a little bit more on a modest rental that still offers a high level of comfort. Therefore, conduct minor remodel work to improve the aspect and feel of your property and invest in basic amenities (TV set, washer and dryer, microwave, toaster) that could add value to your tenants. You may be surprised to find out that some of the least expensive additions, such as a new coat of paint, paintings based on a warm color palette and new fixtures, can convert even the dullest, darkest room into a pleasant, stimulating environment guaranteeing a good night’s sleep.
  3. You Don’t Know How to Attract Tenants. Some of the most successful landlords are the ones who actually explore more than one channel when it comes to attracting new tenants. They count on word-of-mouth, newspaper ads and online listings to promote their property in the most effective manner. Online and offline tools can be used simultaneously to bring and keep your for rent or for sale piece of real estate into the spotlight.
  4. Your Listing Has a Reduced Online Visibility. Truth be told, these days fewer people actually experience the pleasure of reading their favorite newspaper or magazine in the morning. The rest of them are always in a rush to get somewhere or do something important. When it comes to finding a new home, they count on apartment scouts and search engine results. To boost the online visibility of your listing, choose to team up with Apartment Hunterz. California’s biggest apartment finder attracts more than 20,000 visitors on a daily basis and counts more than five million page hits every single month. Decide to list your rental with Apartment Hunterz and fill your vacancy in a matter of a few days, conveniently and absolutely stress-free.
Jan 2015
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