3 House Hunting Tips That Singles Should Apply Right Away

Woman Relaxing On Sofa With Hot Drink In New HomeIn 2015, you are single and financially independent. You live from paycheck to paycheck and couldn’t possibly afford to live the life of the rich and famous in California. But you do want to find out what the Golden State has to offer in terms of entertainment, housing accommodations and career opportunities. So let’s get this straight: you are unattached and want to relocate to Cali. You can’t afford to buy your own place, but you also don’t want to live with your folks forever. What realistic options do you have? You could always choose to rent a house with a little bit of help from Apartment Hunterz, California’s best apartment finder. A good rental will enable you to explore the benefits of being single, without making your expenses go through the roof. Here are a few tips that you may want to apply to simplify your Californian house hunt.

  1. Broaden Your Horizons. Singles are only interested in tiny condos, right? Wrong. This is a common myth that you should always ignore. As a matter of fact, budget-minded singles never hesitate to weigh all their alternatives before signing on the dotted line. Some may find a cute 2-bedroom apartment in a new, elegant apartment building, while others may go for a 2 or 3-bedroom house ensuring the ideal level of privacy, which would be perfect for throwing parties on weekends and keeping pets. Price tags are not always an issue. With Apartment Hunterz you can identify spacious and inviting Californian apartments and houses that won’t cost you more than $800/month.
  2. Perform a Thorough Home Inspection. Some landlords will try to mask the flaws that impact the appeal and functionality of their property; this is precisely why you should tour the property on your own and keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear and any other imperfection that you could be considered responsible for after moving in. Electrical and plumbing glitches can be difficult to address, so you may need to hire a professional to fix such issues. This may be a problem, especially when you’re counting on just one constant source of income. Fortunately, you can avoid this worst-case scenario by inspecting and evaluating any rental that may interest you.
  3. Let an Expert Guide Your Search. The fact that you’re single doesn’t necessarily mean that you should start looking for a new place to stay on your own and reject the help of an expert who could simplify the entire process and reduce your expenses. Are you thinking about hiring a realtor? Here’s an option that may be even more productive and convenient: check out the latest verified listings delivered by Apartment Hunterz and meet thousands of property managers and landlords who love to keep their tenants happy. Schedule appointments online using the exclusive iConnect feature and profit from the easiest and most enjoyable apartment search of your life.
Jan 2015

5 Additional Features Offered by an Apartment Finder That Could Help You Save Time and Money

Couple receiving keys of their homeMost first time-tenants who choose to conduct their house hunt on their own are often faced with multiple challenges. First of all, they inevitably stumble across more than a few unverified, bogus listings. Once they manage to keep scammers at a distance, they discover a different obstacle standing in the way of their objective: expired listings. They circle a newspaper ad or go online and get the contact info of a certain landlord. They immediately make the phone call and get the response that no tenant wants to receive: “Sorry, it’s rented.”

To make things worse, their pals have no connections and no suggestions whatsoever. They may know a friend of a friend who might have a room available on the last floor of an old building located in a neighborhood with an alarming crime rate. Does this sound tempting to you? We didn’t think so. How can you overcome all these impediments and conduct a successful house hunt in California without going crazy? The answer is simple: you team up with a reliable apartment finder. Here are five additional features that Apartment Hunterz, California’s biggest apartment scout, puts at your disposal to simplify your house or apartment search.

iConnect. This exclusive feature puts you in direct contact with your landlords of choice at any given point in time. Taking into consideration that most landlords choose to accept applications and schedule appointments online, this feature is truly useful and can help you save the amount of time that you would otherwise have to spend making numerous phone calls.

One-Click-Results. Today you only have 15 minutes to browse through recent listings. Maybe tomorrow you will be able to allocate two whole hours to your online house search. Does this mean that you would have to start all over again the next day? No. Apartment Hunterz enables you to save your search. This way, once you land on the website again you can just run your saved search and focus on the properties that have already caught your eye.

Updates via SMS and Email. A newspaper ad can’t circle itself to capture your attention. On the other hand, a good apartment finder will always help you stay in the loop, by sending you updates via SMS and email. This simple, user-oriented approach makes it easier for you to spot the most recent listings before anyone else.

Google Street View. Google Street View is another exclusive feature allowing you to analyze a 360° view of different neighborhoods and weigh the pros and cons of different options that may interest you.

Access to Photos and Virtual Tours. Let’s face it: listings based solely on text are not exactly eye-catchy and compelling. On the other side of the coin, listings accompanied by several high-resolution photos and/or virtual tours let you contemplate different apartments and houses from different angles and choose your favorites based on their real characteristics.

You can unlock all these incredible features by collaborating with California’s most dependable apartment finder. Work closely with Apartment Hunterz to meet your new landlord and get the keys to an awesome place in less than a week.

Jan 2015

Hotel Rooms Vs. Vacation Rentals: Which Option Should You Choose While Visiting California?

Two queen bedsWhether you wish to visit San Francisco, get lost in San Diego for a couple of days or attend one or more wine tastings in Napa Valley, one question automatically comes to mind: where should I stay? There is no easy answer to this question, especially when you are targeting a sought-after area that is frequented by thousands of tourists on an annual basis. Naturally, in this case you would have to choose from a plethora of alluring accommodation options located within walking distance of the best local attractions. Things tend to get even more complicated, as you are left with more questions, including the following ones: How much money should I spend on housing? Should I book a hotel room or go for a convenient vacation rental?

Hotels Versus Vacation Rentals

When it comes to making a smart choice, you should definitely start by analyzing the price-quality relationship displayed by both hotels and vacation rentals located in the Californian city that you wish to visit. Prices vary a great deal; however, with just a little bit of research you could be able to find vacation rentals starting at $69 per night, which are just as comfortable and inviting as a hotel room that would cost you anywhere from $200 to $300 per night.

Landlords who wish to fill their vacancies could be quite flexible in terms of rates and renting policies, so if you’re really lucky you could unlock additional discounts associated with larger groups or early booking. Here’s one more aspect that you should take into consideration: premium vacation rentals always have that special something that make you feel at home. They are cozy and invite its guests to discover their unique characteristics from day one. On the other hand, most hotel rooms are quite impersonal and cold and may need more than the presence of your loved ones to ensure that homey ambiance that you were hoping to experience. Contrary to popular belief, vacation rentals are not designed exclusively for the super wealthy. Moreover, they are considered safe and popular forms of lodging. Not all vacation rentals impose minimum stay requirements, so most of them could also be the best choice for your weekend getaways.  Last but definitely not least, a good vacation rental will offer you the level of luxury and additional services (housekeeping, dry-cleaning and ironing upon request and so on) that you can expect from a well-established hotel.

Making an Informed Decision

Nonetheless, truly exceptional and cheap vacation rentals can be difficult to come by, especially during that time of the year when your favorite Californian destination is invaded by hordes of tourists. To identify the best vacation rentals in your price range, meet friendly and dependable landlords and take your holiday plans to a completely different level, choose to analyze the most recent listings brought to you by Apartment Hunterz, California’s largest and most reputable apartment finder.

Jan 2015

3 Local Attractions That You Shouldn’t Miss While Visiting Santa Monica

Santa Monica Beach FrontCan’t get enough of beautiful beachfront cities that channel your inner dreamer and make you feel like you’re enjoying a never-ending vacation? We hear you! In case you want to explore one of the most fascinating Californian cities and spend a few days as close to the Pacific Ocean as possible, choose to visit Santa Monica and don’t forget to include the three following popular local attractions in your itinerary.

  1. Santa Monica Beach
    The famous Santa Monica Beach is all about divine sunsets, hot sand, even hotter tanned bodies and a perfect lakefront trail created for walkers, bikers and runners. This is arguably one of the cleanest, nicest and most picturesque beaches that you could find in L.A.
  2. Santa Monica Mountains
    OK, so maybe you always get bored at the beach. If prolonged tanning sessions are not your thing, try something different. The Santa Monica Mountains ensure easy access to wild, gorgeous surroundings and invite you to contemplate exceptional views, get lost on trails that will fuel your connection with Mother Nature and try plenty of recreational opportunities. Also, you should know that you don’t necessarily have to book a hotel room, as you could easily find convenient vacation and long-term rentals located in this area with help from Apartment Hunterz.
  3. Third Street Promenade
    If natural settings don’t always manage to raise your interest, choose to get more familiar with what Santa Monica has to offer by enjoying an evening stroll on the Third Street Promenade. Far more than your average pedestrian street, this area revolves around the concept of diversity. While walking down the street, you will inevitably hear a delightful mix of French, Korean and Chinese. The Third Street Promenade is known as an upscale dining, entertainment and shopping complex, where you will most likely feel stimulated to spend all your hard-earned cash in one afternoon. This location also manages to attract crowds of tourists due to its quality live entertainment. From skilled magicians to live bands and amateur singers, this place has everything you could ever ask for in terms of free divertissement. In what dining options are concerned, note that you could save big by enjoying a frugal meal in your preferred chain restaurant or you could choose to indulge in refined delicacies served by cute little eateries.

While touring Santa Monica by foot or by car, you will most likely start to envy the locals. Why do they get to spend the best years of their lives in this corner of paradise, while you’re stuck in some cold, obscure small town? Fortunately, now you can correct this form of “divine injustice” by finding a nice accommodation option in Santa Monica, which will definitely speed up and simplify your overall relocation process. To spot the most convenient deals on the local real estate market, start by checking out the listings brought to you by Apartment Hunterz. Some of the best deals are only a few clicks away and represent the key to starting a happy new life in this vibrant Californian city.

How to Choose the Best Place to Rent in California

house and calculator Ever since you were old enough to realize that your small-town mindset won’t help you open too many doors in life, you’ve worked hard to turn your dreams into reality. In order to pursue your boldest ambitions, you know that you have to move to California. The Golden State makes everything possible. Here you could get a well-paid job, take acting classes, meet your favorite celebs, spend all your spare time on the beach, check out the coolest clubs and restaurants and even start your own family. But how could you actually determine the right place where you should put down roots? Here are a few guidelines that will help you make up your mind.

Select the Right City. In order to choose the best Californian city, you should start by asking yourself the following question: why do you want to move to Cali in the first place? If you’re going for tempting career opportunities, San Francisco would be one of the best picks. If you’re looking for an exciting amalgam of fun attractions, try San Diego, also known as “America’s Finest City”. Blessed with numerous beaches with soft, white sand and amazing weather year-round, San Diego is a true paradise for both newcomers and tourists. In addition, you should take a few other aspects into consideration before making a final call, such as the overall cost of living, the overall crime rate and the unemployment rate associated with your city of choice.

Find the Best ZIP Code. Assuming that you have already selected a Californian city, how could you manage to pick the best neighborhood? You could always count on the advice provided by friends or family members who already live in the city that you’re planning to move to. If this is not an option, do you own homework by comparing different neighborhoods in terms of local attractions, crime rates and house price index. Join discussion forums, read online reviews and use Google maps to become familiar with the best neighborhoods providing attractive accommodation options in your price range.

Target the Properties That Meet a Few Basic Criteria. When it comes to touring properties, follow this simple rule: never judge a book by its cover. Make sure both its interior (good layout, storage space, fully functional appliances, extras, nice appearance and solid structure) and exterior (security, outside lighting, curb appeal, solid construction and parking) match your specific needs and demands. Location is another extremely important factor that should focus on. Should the ideal Californian rental be close to a certain shopping venue, school, office building, hospital or any other facility? Should the building of your choice also provide additional facilities and services, such as locked mailboxes, cleaning and laundry, recreational rooms/wellness centers and so on?

Narrow Down Your Search by Counting on a Great Apartment Finder. The good news is that you don’t have to answer all these questions on your own. Apartment Hunterz can help you figure out what you want, in terms of Californian rentals, by offering you the chance to view and compare thousands of recent listings. Check the latest ones today and start your very own house hunt with a trustworthy partner.

Jan 2015