3 Advantages of a Collaboration with California’s Largest Apartment Finder

Hands holding brown paper with for rent isolated on blue skyConducting an enjoyable hunt in the Golden State is not always easy, especially when your options are limited by unrealistic demands, a tight budget and various other factors that you may or may not be able to eliminate during your search. How can you simplify the whole process without breaking the bank to achieve this goal? Yes, word-of-mouth and free listings can turn out to be pretty useful. But while these methods are fairly uncomplicated and free of charge, most of the time they do not offer you that competitive edge and rapid positive results that you would expect to profit from as an enthusiastic first-time tenant. Let’s face it: everybody wants to rent in California. This is the state with the coolest beaches, arguably the best climates, tempting jobs and hot entertainment options. Naturally, vacancies get filled before actually being properly advertised. Luckily, excellent apartment finding services can help you stay one step ahead of your main competitors and get the keys to a gorgeous property in your price range before anyone else. Here are three reasons why you should consider working closely with a trustworthy apartment scout.

  1. Unlimited Access to Photos and Virtual Tours.
    Yes, we all know that we should tour the properties in person before signing the lease agreement. But you definitely wouldn’t want to attend five appointments with different landlords during the same day only to realize that their properties have zero curb appeal or hide other flaws representing major deal-breakers in your book. High-resolution photos and virtual tours put at your disposal by a large apartment finder allow you to avoid such unpleasant surprises and filter your rentals of choice in a much more effective manner.
  2. Verified, Recent Listings Updated Regularly and a Quick Painless, Apartment Search.
    Sleeping on a friend’s couch is not always fun. If you want to be on your own two feet as soon as possible, a traditional DIY home hunt just won’t do. You may not be able to afford the services of a local realtor, but you could definitely go for the decently priced assistance that a reliable apartment scout has to offer. Apartment Hunterz counts more than 76,000 total current rentals. Some are incredibly expensive and luxurious, while others are cozy, welcoming and tailored to the needs and financial possibilities of budget-minded tenants who are hoping for a nice fresh start in Cali. No matter what type of property you are trying to rent, keep in mind that this almost overwhelming diversity makes it easier for you to identify, screen and select the best accommodation options matching your criteria.
  3. Detailed Vacancy Listings and the Chance to Schedule an Appointment with a Landlord Online.
    Time is of the essence, especially when you are trying to adapt to your new life in California. Using the latest appointment setting technology, Apartment Hunterz lets you get in touch with landlords in a matter of a few seconds. More than 4,000 landlords have already embraced this approach. They accept online applications and use the Internet to schedule a viewing of the apartment or house in question.

Apartment Hunterz makes it easier for you to spot a fabulous for rent property, meet dependable landlords and get ready for a new chapter in your life, written in the sunny state of California. Check out their most recent listings, add the filters of your choice and find the ideal rental in less than five days.

Jan 2015

Ways in Which California’s Largest Apartment Finder Can Help You Rent Your Property

Happy girl given house key - indoorWe totally get it: you’re too busy to rent your place. Lots of people who work the 9-to-5 schedule don’t actually have the time and energy required to find and screen potential tenants. And still you could use a secondary source of income and you would very much like to know that your vacant property is in good hands at all times. Here are three ways in which Apartment Hunterz could help you spot the perfect tenants for your Californian rental.

  1. Create Free Landlord Account and Post Free Listing

Start your collaboration with Apartment Hunterz by creating your free landlord account and posting your listing at no extra charge. The process is very simple: you just have to list your basic info, including name and contact information, title, property type, a brief description, location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, availability, pet policy, monthly rent, lease terms and so on. This type of free listing may also contain very succinct details related to other important aspects that may concern a tenant, such as parking, laundry, cooking and view.

  1. Make Sure Your Rental Property Benefits from the Highest Level of Exposure.

How exactly do you plan to promote your Californian rental? Word-of-mouth could turn out to be pretty effective in the long run, but it may also fail to deliver the rapid results that you are waiting for.  On the other hand, Apartment Hunterz understands your rush and makes it easier for you to attract potential tenants over the shortest period of time. With Apartment Hunterz you can create your own listings online, with help from a courteous staff member or via fax. Whichever option you choose, you can expect your listing to be seen by 20,000 unique daily visitors and other 2,500 active members. Moreover, the featured listings are automatically emailed to potential tenants. This type of exposure enables you to find the ideal in approximately three days, with minimal effort on your behalf.

  1. Post As Many Pictures and Virtual Tours As You Like

How can you convince your potential tenants to tour your property in person? The key is to prove that your house has an amazing curb appeal and a lot of potential. With Apartment Hunterz, you can post as many photos as you see fit per listing. This gives you the chance to introduce and promote your slice of Californian real estate from different angles and give viewers a few extra reasons to schedule an appointment with you as soon as possible. As a plus, Apartment Hunterz also enables you to receive applications and schedule appointments online, to help busy tenants enjoy a simpler, much more convenient house hunt.

All in all, a maximum level of exposure, a larger pool of potential tenants, convenient appointment scheduling and 24/7 assistance are the main benefits that you can expect to profit from as a landlord, while working closely with Apartment Hunterz to fill your vacancies in a matter of a few days.

5 Important Things That You Should Do Before Renting Your First Apartment in California

Woman Shaking Hands With Estate Agent In New HomePeople driven by bold ambitions often picture their life in a big city that would automatically facilitate their ascension, both personally and professionally. If you also dream about landing a better job, going to one of the best schools in the United States, improving your social life or simply relocating to a city that will turn the rest of your days into a never-ending vacation, consider moving to California. You may not be able to afford to buy a new house here right away, but this shouldn’t stop you from checking out the hottest deals available on the local real estate market. In case you are getting ready to rent your first apartment, here are a few easy tips that could simplify the entire process.

  1. Analyze Your Financial Possibilities
    Real estate experts advise tenants to spend anywhere from 25% to 30% of their (after tax) income. Assuming that you make $1,500 per month, ideally you should go for a rental priced at around $500/month. If you find it difficult to spot a great rental in this price range in the great state of California, keep in mind that you could always get one or more roommates and split the rental costs. Don’t forget to factor in utility expenses. You may also have to set aside around 100 dollars per month to cover these costs.
  2. Set up Realistic Selection Criteria
    How big do you want your apartment to be? Should it be close to your school or office? Do you need certain appliances, such as a washer and dryer? Would you be willing to live in a neighborhood with a higher crime rate? Answer all these questions accurately before analyzing potential apartments.
  3. Tour the Properties That You Like in Person
    Those who choose to rely on an apartment finding service get to save time and effort during their search for the right accommodation option. Most apartment locators provide listings accompanied by high-resolution photos and virtual tours. However, note that it is always advisable to tour the properties in person before making a final call. This way, you can meet your potential neighbors, establish a deeper connection with your landlord and conduct a brief inspection that will help you determine whether or not a certain house is the perfect new home for you.
  4. Check for Potential Issues
    Look for signs of pest infestation, mildew and mold. Flush the toilets. Run the water in the sink and also in the shower. Start looking for any kind of signs of damage: cracks in the ceiling, holes in the walls, broken fixtures and so on. This simple and time-efficient inspection will enable you to evaluate the condition of all your favorite Californian rentals in an objective manner.
  5. Make Your Job a Whole Lot Easier by Counting on a Great Apartment Locator
    In order to rent a place in California without overspending or wasting a lot of time and money, you need solid connections and an expert insight into the local real estate market. This is precisely why you should collaborate with Apartment Hunterz, California’s biggest and best apartment finder. After browsing through thousands of recent, verified listings you could spot a fantastic place matching your criteria, get in touch with the landlord and get the keys to a house or apartment that will help you upgrade your Californian experience.
Jan 2015

4 Things That Put Potential Tenants on the Run

rent a flat, keys in the handOver the past few years, you’ve invested quite a lot of time and energy in your apartment building. The Californian accommodation options that you provide are well above average, and still you are having a hard time trying to fill your vacancies. You just don’t get it: how do certain apartment owners manage to rent cramped apartments with leaky faucets and chipped walls, located in a neighborhood with a high crime rate, when you can barely find a decent potential tenant for your luxurious, faultless property? If this question is currently on your mind, then clearly you need to work on your landlord-tenant relationships. Here are four of the most common things that usually put tenants on the run in no time.

Disturbances. Living in an environment exposed to elevated noise pollution levels is no easy task. Sure, you may not be able to control traffic, construction work or noise caused by nearby workplaces, but you can make the rest of your tenants respect certain quiet hours.

Issues Left Unaddressed. A tenant who is constantly complaining about a housing accommodation requiring immediate repairs or maintenance work is clearly dissatisfied with your attitude as a landlord. First of all, by scheduling a regular maintenance routine you could avoid serious problems impacting the value and overall condition of your rental property. Secondly, you shouldn’t leave tenant complaints unattended. Procrastination may only lead to bigger repair costs and additional concerns.  For instance, small plumbing glitches may also trigger a mold problem requiring an ample decontamination, a new coat of paint for your walls and new carpets for your entire apartment. Repairs and maintenance targeting the roof, gutters, windows and walls should always be considered a top priority, especially if you wish to keep your rental in excellent condition for many more years to come.

Unexpected Changes. Here’s one more thing that you should keep in mind: tenants love certainties. By modifying the rental rates or any other aspects related to any verbal agreement that you may have reached at some point you will catch the tenant off guard and make him question your reliability.

Unjustified Complaints and Rude Behavior. There is one more thing that most tenants just can’t stand: a rude landlord who always complains about the careless attitude of his tenants and potential damages lowering the end value of his property. Trust us when we say that no tenant would ever feel tempted to sign of the dotted line knowing that his landlord is a manipulative, greedy individual who would do just about anything to stop his tenants from getting their deposit back.

Even if you have never made the four serious mistakes listed above, chances are that you may still be having a hard time finding the ideal tenant for you Californian property. In this case, all you have to do is to list your house or apartment with Apartment Hunterz to benefit from a maximum exposure and meet the perfect candidates who are craving for your slice of real estate in only three days.

Jan 2015

3 Legal Mistakes That Any Californian Landlord Should Avoid

iStock_000015752174_SmallYou’ve studied for more than a decade to become a great accountant, and you’re fairly good at what you do on a daily basis. But nobody has actually prepared you for the challenges that you may have to face as a landlord. Assuming that you are getting ready to rent your property for the first time, what are the main aspects related to your accommodation option and your relationship with your tenants that you should focus on to avoid legal complications? Here are a few mistakes that you should never make as a landlord.

  1. Do Not Ask Discriminating Questions. Sometimes, people don’t know that the questions that they ask can backfire in an unexpected manner. You know what they say: curiosity killed the cat. Don’t let your investigative nature compromise your bond with your new tenants and expose you to penalties and/or a potential lawsuit. Refrain from asking delicate questions that could be interpreted as discriminative (related to gender, color, religion, race, familial status or disability). By asking such questions you would go against the principles set in place by the Fair Housing Act. Your actions could result in a lawsuit or an ample investigation conducted by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  2. Do Not Rent a Place That Could Be Catalogued As an Unsafe Environment. Clearly, all tenants have the right to live in a house or apartment that represents a perfectly livable environment promoting their wellbeing. Failure to ensure a decent accommodation option meeting the basic needs and demands of your tenants could get you in serious trouble. A landlord has the responsibility to keep his tenants safe at all times and protect them against any type of criminal activity and/or dangerous conditions associated with their rental property. Adequate lighting and locks constitute basic safety measures that renters should implement to minimize risks. If tenants sustain physical injuries on a certain rental property after its landlord identifies the features that compromise its safety, they may be able to drag the renter to court and ask for compensations.
  3. Do Not Forget to Make Disclosures to All Potential Tenants. Did someone actually die on your premises? Did you fail to provide punctual info related to the sexual offender registry? Did you try to hide a mold contamination problem impacting the overall condition and livability of your rental? Your refusal to make disclosures may also have serious repercussions, especially when you stumble across very determined and educated tenants who know their rights. Therefore, play by the book, do you best to build and maintain a solid relationship based on honesty and respect with all your tenants and don’t forget to increase your odds of filling your vacancies by listing your for rent properties with Apartment Hunterz.
Jan 2015