Things to Consider Before Relocating to Santa Monica

Santa Monica Beach FrontWe all have different priorities in life. Some may want to grow their own families in a perfectly safe, nurturing environment. Others simply enjoy the perks of the single life and picture the rest of their lives in a superb beachfront property overlooking the ocean, which comes equipped with all the luxury amenities designed to ensure the highest level of comfort. Busy professionals tend to put their career opportunities first; while surfers just want to ride the highest tide and have fun under the hot Californian sun. Regardless of what kind of attractions actually make you tick, you should probably know that Santa Monica has everything it takes to keep you satisfied in the long run.

What’s So Special about Santa Monica Anyway?

This picturesque beachfront city located in the western side of the sunny Los Angeles County is home to a little over 89,000 people and takes pride in diverse categories of residents, ranging from affluent owners of single family homes, students, professionals and renters. Due to its extremely agreeable climate, Santa Monica had made a name for itself as one of the most popular Californian resort towns by the 20th century. Thanks to its increased tourism, considerable job growth and constant revitalization of its downtown center, Santa Monica has gradually turned itself into a prominent, highly sought-after Californian city ever since the late 1980’s. Just think about it: what could be more attractive than a combination of tall, rebellious ocean waves, hot, silky sand, well-paid jobs, plenty of exciting entertainment options and good deals on the local real estate market? Santa Monica provides all these benefits and more. Assuming that you feel ready to spend more than a few days in this fantastic city, should you start by renting a place here or should you make a bolder move and try to buy the new roof over your head? You can discover the most accurate answer to this question by simply taking a closer look at the most recent local real estate trends.

What Do the Most Recent Santa Monica Real Estate Trends Actually Tell Buyers and Sellers?

A few decades ago, you were able to understand the mechanism of the local real estate market only after spending a lot of time in a certain city. Back then, you had to attend countless open houses, schedule time-consuming meetings with realtors and circle newspaper ads to be able to take the pulse of the real estate sector. These days, things are significantly different. Now you would just have to land on a few high-authority websites to discover the latest real estate trends and determine whether or not it would be a smart move to buy or rent a house or an apartment in a certain ZIP code. According to the stats provided by Trulia, the median home sales price recorded in Santa Monica is estimated at $1,042,500. According to the same source, during the Oct ’14 – Jan ’15 timeframe, the median homes sale price has witnessed a 17.6% growth, compared to the numbers reported last year, during the same period. Wilshire Montana, Sunpark, North of Montana, Ocean Park and Mid-City are listed among the most desirable neighborhoods that you should also consider targeting, especially if you can afford to shed more than $700,000 on a property that you could call your new home. Furthermore, the average price per square foot is estimated at $946 and reflects a 19.1% increase compared to the numbers provided for 2014, during the same interval.


Assuming that you don’t have that much money in the bank and don’t want to contract a loan to be able to live in the house of your dreams based in Santa Monica, keep in mind that tenants do tend to live a happy life in this sunny, vibrant, Californian city. Rentals can vary a great deal in terms of price tags based on their square footage, amenities and exact location. With a little bit of luck, lots of research and some expert insight from a good apartment scout you could probably find a cute, elegant 1-bedroom apartment for around $1,500 per month. Naturally, those who have higher expectations and a larger bank account supporting their everyday actions could easily focus on finding much more spacious and lavishing homes and apartments carrying a price tag of over $3,000 per month. At the end of the day, you should start your Santa Monica-based apartment search by setting up a strict budget for your relocation process and identifying the main selection criteria that you should apply when it comes to finding the right rental.

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Why Should You Ask for Professional Help During Your First House Hunt?

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