Design and Structural Flaws That Can Make Tenants Avoid Your Californian Vacation Rental

Don't throw trashCalifornia has always been listed among the hottest holiday destinations worldwide. Encompassing multiple climates, a diverse geography and a virtually endless list of attractions that could satisfy your inner explorer any day, California has what it takes to convince you to find the perfect vacation rental in your favorite city. Truth be told, vacation rentals are not hard to come by. As a matter of fact, in the sunny state of California, one could easily find a plethora of diverse accommodation options, ranging from modest yet elegant and comfortable B&Bs to luxury hotels and private residences. In this context, it goes without saying that tenants have plenty of freedom of choice and can select their preferred rentals based on one or more filters, such as price, location, square footage or amenities.

Can you actually believe that you could find comfortable, secure and sophisticated housing alternatives based in Napa Valley for only $150 per night or that you could spot a great place to crash in San Francisco for around $130 per night? Clearly, tourists who wish to visit California and get acquainted with its wonders have more than a few attractive options at hand. Assuming that you are one of the many enthusiastic landlords striving to fill their vacancies by finding the perfect tenant for your vacation rentals, could you identify the factors that might stop you from achieving this goal? If you still can’t name the most common issues that could put your tenants on the run, keep reading to discover capital flaws that may already impact the looks and functionality of your Californian property available for rent.

  1. Clutter. Clutter is your worst enemy when it comes to attracting potential tenants. Let’s face it: the idea of spending most of your spare time in a house that looks messy and cluttered can be quite depressing. People who are on vacation want to relax and recharge their batteries; they don’t have time to start digging in your living room, hoping to stumble across a coffee table where they could put their newspaper and coffee mug. Reorganize your stuff, toss or donate the items that you no longer use and consider renting a self-storage unit to deposit the valuables that you don’t feel ready to part with.
  2. Walls Covered with Family Photos. We will let you in on a little secret: tenants love the homey ambiance that rustic, unpretentious accommodation options always manage to preserve. At the same time, they also appreciate a neat and clean indoor space with a neutral décor. When they’re looking for a “home away from home” that they could use for a longer period of time, they basically want to find a vacation rental that provides as many customization options as a blank canvas. The last thing that they want to see is a wall covered with your family photos. Therefore, it might be a good idea to put those frames in a cardboard box and make sure they are properly stored. Depersonalize your rental and let it breathe. Spaciousness and a neutral, minimalist design can increase your odds of finding the right tenants for your vacation rental in no time.
  3. Outdated Designs and Plastic Coverings. In some vacation rentals, potential tenants can be horrified by a hideous design based on outdated furniture and decorative items with the lowest practical and aesthetic value. For instance, floral chairs, ottomans and couches paired with plastic coverings are a match made in design purgatory. Moreover, plastic coverings may expose tenants to major fire hazards, especially when they are placed on furniture pieces positioned near lamps or fireplaces.
  4. Old Appliances. Old appliances are a major deal-breaker. After all, how could you possibly live in a rental apartment equipped with an old fridge that turns your icecream soup, an ancient TV set that looks like it’s about to explode every single time you try to change the channel or a HVAC system that lets you freeze to death or melt slowly but surely during the hottest and coolest days of the year? To help your tenants avoid such unpleasant surprises, make an effort to replace your old appliances with newer ones that will enable your tenants to feel comfortable during their entire stay.
  5. A Faulty Plumbing/Electrical System. Most landlords like to think that they can manage their properties on their own, without involving an expert. When it comes to solving electrical or plumbing glitches, it is always best to let an expert provide the best solution to your problem. Defective sockets, leaky pipes and clogged toilets are only a few of the most common issues that could turn your tenants’ holiday into a real nightmare, so make sure you call a plumber or an electrician when dealing with this type of complications.

What If Your Property Is Flawless, and Yet You Still Can’t Attract the Right Tenants?

You clean your vacation rental weekly. You invest hours and top dollar in a regular maintenance routine. Your house or apartment is modern, welcoming and spotless and still there’s no sign of the deep-pocketed, reliable prospects that you are hoping to see on your doorstep. In this case, you may have to work a little bit on your marketing strategies. The Californian rental market is highly competitive; thousands of landlords could already be fishing for clients in your area by using the hottest apartment finding services and tools. If you want to gain a competitive advantage, you have to benefit from the highest level of exposure and reach a larger audience. Apartment Hunterz can offer you all the support that you could ever need when it comes to promoting your Californian rental. Using this service, you can list your property, describe your rental in the most effective manner, bring your ad in front of a big segment of prospects (Apartment Hunterz attracts around 20,000 unique visitors per day), edit and manage your listings and get in touch with potential tenants with just a few clicks. Scheduling meetings and submitting applications is now easier than ever before, due to this convenient apartment finding platform. Give it a try, create your landlord account today and get the most accurate tips and expert support designed to maximize your odds of finding the perfect tenant in only a few days.