6 Things That Tenants Never Want to Hear Before, During or After Their First House Hunt

iStock_000033900152_SmallRenting a nice house or apartment in the state of California can give you the opportunity to see more than a few spectacular places, travel extensively, get a fabulous tan on the beach, find new hobbies, change dozens of jobs, pursue new career ambitions and meet new people. In other words, a new roof over your head located in Cali can keep you quite busy and satisfied on a day-to-day basis.

Understanding the Mechanism of the Californian Real Estate Market

Nonetheless, finding a good rental property that could be cataloged as a total steal isn’t exactly an easy task. On the contrary, potential tenants have a lot of competition. Let’s face it: who would miss out on the opportunity to rent a modern apartment with an amazing view for less than 1,000 dollars per month? While the real estate market is definitely hiding more than a few appealing offers that one may considered a real bargain, such deals often come and go in a matter of a few seconds. This is precisely why you should stay active and consistent during your house hunt to spot a fabulous rental matching your budget before anyone else. In other words, in order to become a happy tenant, you must track down and compare listings while they’re still hot. In-depth research and proper preparation can help you prevent disappointment and misguided decisions. In case you want to prep yourself for success and anticipate all the negativity, drama and potential scams that could come from a potential property owner, keep reading to discover a list of things that no tenant would ever like to hear from his or her new landlord.

  1. “We Don’t Have to Put Everything in Writing”. Actually, it is highly recommended to put all the important aspects of your rental agreement in writing. This is the easiest way to prevent misunderstandings and fraudulent schemes. Pay special attention to the rights and responsibilities that you would have as a tenant and don’t forget to scan and filter all the details related to potential penalties and rental expenses.
  2. “You’ll Never Find a Cheaper Rental in This Area”. This is one of the common tricks that landlords still rely on to justify their rental rates and convince inexperienced tenants that they will never be able to find a better deal in the same ZIP code. Just because your landlord tells you that his rental is a real bargain, this doesn’t mean that it’s true. Fortunately, now you can understand and analyze the local real estate market by conducting research online. With a few clicks, you can start your house or apartment search while browsing through hundreds of interesting listings brought to you by Apartment Hunterz. Feel free to target certain neighborhoods and be as specific as you want. Most apartment finding services rely on an advanced search engine allowing you to perform a personalized search based on the criteria that matter to you the most, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, amenities, age and current condition, location and price tag. If a landlord keeps telling you that his rental is the most convenient one available in a certain area, you can always count on the latest listings available online to prove him wrong.
  3. “Your Noise Complains Are Not One of My Concerns” At some point, you may realize that all the other tenants have no respect for quite hours. They wouldn’t hesitate to listen to their favorite rock tunes while cleaning and vacuuming their carpets on a Sunday morning. Other neighbors quarrel all the time and you simply want to put an end to this uncomfortable situation. A landlord who doesn’t have your back in this case is probably unwilling to respond to your requests and suggestions in general; and you definitely wouldn’t want to be dealing with such careless people, especially when your wellbeing is directly influenced by their actions.
  4. “Talk to the Other Tenants And Try to Solve Parking Issues on Your Own”. Every tenant should have his or her own designated parking spot. Moreover, a landlord with a positive problem-solving attitude would normally do everything in his power (including a quick phone call to the local towing company) to make sure that parking issues are no longer fueling a conflict between tenants.
  5. “I’ll Fix This another Day, I’m So Busy Right Now”. All tenants want to profit from a high level of comfort ensured by a properly maintained rental property. This means that they are unwilling to deal with malfunctions requiring repairs that would automatically involve out-of-pocket expenses. Landlords have the obligation to offer tenants the chance to occupy a livable, perfectly safe property. Those who postpone urgent repairs inevitably lower their tenants’ comfort; not to mention the fact that property owners who ignore potential safety hazards expose themselves to major legal consequences.
  6. “Sorry, It’s Rented!” You spend a few hours checking out ads, visualizing different pictures and enjoying virtual tours. At the end of the day, you narrow down your search and get the contact information of a few landlords. You call them and hear the same old story over and over again: “I’m sorry, this property is no longer on the market”. How frustrating is this? At Apartment Hunterz, we understand the fact that you wish to keep an eye on the Californian real estate market without being forced to stumble across outdated listings. This is why we bring you the largest collection of recent, verified listings, allowing you to retrieve the right rentals fast and effortlessly, based on their specific location, price, amenities and various other important factors that could influence your search. California’s largest apartment finder makes it easier for you to start and end a fun, success-oriented house hunt and avoid the nonsense and real estate scams that could complicate your existence even further.


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