Apartment Renting Hacks That Can Make Your Life a Whole Lot Easier

Real estate agent at workYoung adults who have lived with their parents all their life may be having a hard time trying to leave the nest. Nonetheless, at some point they will have to find a way to cut the umbilical cord, while getting ready to go to college, move to another city or state or simply rent an apartment in California, get a great first job and discover the perks of an independent lifestyle. In theory, all this sounds great. However, first-time tenants are usually under a lot of stress, associated with a small budget, high expectations or a superficial understanding of the local real estate market. Don’t let all these negative aspects spoil your first house hunt. Count on the unconditional support provided by Apartment Hunterz to find the best listings in your favorite parts of Cali and apply the easy apartment renting hacks listed below to increase your level of comfort before, during and after your apartment search.

  1. Finding the Right Place
  • Rely on Both Offline and Online Channels to Find the Best Offers. California takes pride in a diverse and sometimes very surprising real estate market, which offers both luxurious multimillion dollar homes and modest condos that are perfect for students and young families. Taking into consideration the great variety of options that you should explore while trying to rent a house or apartment, it would be wise to employ multiple tactics to get the keys to a nice place. A combination of online research, word-of-mouth and offline investigations could bring you closer to the successful house hunt that you have been planning all along.
  • Count on a Reliable Apartment Finding Service. When you have limited time on your hands, you can’t just depend on your friends to find a new roof over your head. At the same time, when you’re short on cash, you may not want to spend a fortune on the services offered by a local realtor. In this context, what’s the best thing that you could do? Here’s an idea: team up with California’s biggest apartment finder. By doing so, you will be able to analyze and compare listings on a daily basis, save your searches, contact reliable landlords and property managers in real time, with a few clicks, submit your application online and schedule a face-to-face meeting.
  • Compare Different Listings Based on Your Specific Criteria. Using the same type of apartment finding service you could actually anticipate and understand Californian real estate trends. Just think about it: Apartment Hunterz lets you compare all rentals matching your specific criteria, available in your preferred Californian cities. This is the simplest way to evaluate different alternatives, based on their location, price tag and features, and also based on the feedback that you get from the landlord/property manager after your first contact.
  1. Making the Most of a Good Deal
  • Read Your Rental Agreement Very Carefully. Once you find the Californian rental that makes your heart skip a beat, put some of the most important aspects of your contract in writing. This is a foolproof method to avoid potential scams and misunderstandings.
  • Make Sure Your Rental of Choice Is in Your Price Range. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t spend more than 30% of your income on an accommodation option. After all, there are several other expenses that you will have to cope with on a monthly basis, including utility bills, groceries, clothes and others. Put all these costs on paper and make sure that your rental of choice lets you save enough money to be able to live comfortably from one paycheck to another.
  • Find the Simplest Way to Reduce Housing Expenses. Install energy-efficient appliances, turn down the heat/AC, make the most of natural lighting instead of keeping your property lit at all times and make sure your walls are properly insulated to reduce your monthly expenses associated with your Californian rental. If these simple tips don’t do the trick for you and you don’t want to start looking for a smaller and cheaper place, just get a roommate and start sharing the costs.
  • Establish (and Maintain) a Good Relationship with Your Landlord. Choose to rent a property allowing you to deal with a landlord whom you could reach at all times, if needed. This will help you communicate efficiently with your property owner and avoid potential dissensions linked to requested repairs, renegotiations, security deposit and various other delicate topics.
  1. Eliminating Safety and Security Concerns
  • Ask Your Landlord to Change the Locks (If Needed). Worried that the previous tenants may constitute a safety threat? If your fear is backed by pertinent reasons, don’t hesitate to ask your landlord to change the looks.
  • Hang the Most Important Emergency Numbers Where You Can See Them. By reaching the right authorities in a timely fashion you could reduce losses triggered by a natural or man-made risk factor.
  • Install a Cheap DIY Security System. These days, you can find hundreds of online tutorials showing you how to keep risks at bay by crafting and installing a basic DIY security system. Get inspired and implement the easiest method to stay safe.
  • Install Smoke Detectors. Also, you may want to check your existing smoke detectors on a regular basis. Old, worn out batteries could impact their functionality, exposing you to considerable safety risks.
  • Learn How to Prevent Some of the Most Common Emergency Situations. Do a little bit of research to identify the most common risk factors present in your ZIP code and in your home. For instance, is your area prone to earthquakes or inclement weather conditions? Are there are potential fire hazards in your home, or any other hidden dangers that you should be aware of? You can solve this puzzle by conducting a thorough home inspection before signing on the dotted line.

A first apartment search will always be a little intimidating. If you wish to spot the best deals without investing hours in in-depth research, hiring a realtor or exposing yourself to costly scams, choose to find a lovely Californian house or apartment with help from Apartment Hunterz, the real estate expert that can turn any home hunt into a marvelous experience.


5 Things That All Californian Landlords Need to Find the Right Tenants Fast

Couple holding hands with house as a backgroundIn the sunny state of California there are thousands of people who would fight tooth and nail to find and occupy a great rental. Prospects who are targeting some of the most sought-after Californian cities are usually monitoring the local real estate market 24/7, hoping to profit from a better deal. Even if your “for rent” apartment or house is everything a tenant could ever wish for and more, you would still have to invest a great deal of time and energy in the right promotional strategies designed to make your property seem more desirable in the eyes of potential clients and increase its level of online visibility. Managing your listings can be quite difficult, especially when you own multiple rentals or when you have already been unsuccessfully trying to fill your vacancies for quite some time now. In this particular case, the services provided by a reputable Californian apartment finder can give you a helping hand, by offering you unlimited access to the five essential features that any landlord should count on to meet the right tenant rapidly and conveniently.

  1. A Bigger Online Audience. Building your audience on your own is no easy task, especially when you have very little time on your hands. Why waste time distributing flyers or relying exclusively on word-of-mouth when you can bring your ad in front of a larger public that is actually looking forward to hearing from you? Counting more than 5 million hits on a monthly basis, Apartment Hunterz is the apartment scout that lets you list your rental on a popular platform attracting thousands of potential tenants who are looking for a new roof over their heads in your own neighborhood.
  2. A Quicker, Smarter Way to Communicate with Potential Tenants. Wondering why you aren’t getting enough phone calls from people who might be interested in renting your property? Here’s one possible reason why the right tenant isn’t knocking on your door: maybe your house or apartment isn’t being promoted properly. Or maybe or tenants are looking for a simplest, more satisfying method to reach you. While sitting with his laptop on his lap, a potential tenant wants to be able to talk to you without actually making a phone call. The iConnect feature provided by Apartment Hunterz makes this possible. Using this service you can communicate with people looking for a new home with just a few clicks; not to mention the fact that candidates would be able to submit applications online and simplify their entire house hunt by using modern technology to their best advantage.
  3. A Maximum Level of Exposure. In order to fill your vacancies in a timely fashion, you need more than a large audience. You actually have to stay visible and active in an environment where people are searching for Californian rentals like the one that you own. With Apartment Hunterz, you can post listings that could attract approximately 20,000 unique visitors on a day-to-day basis. While counting on this type of exposure, you won’t need any other aces up your sleeve to market your Californian rental in a successful manner and meet the right tenant in record time. Apartment Hunterz makes sure that your listings get automatically emailed to numerous tenants who are looking forward to occupying a new Californian rental. All you have to do is to upload your form (in Word or PDF format) and let potential tenants submit their applications online.
  4. Diverse and Extremely Useful Listing Features. Let’s face it: newspaper ads can be quite boring and unremarkable. In this case, it’s all about a combination of square footage, amenities and price tags with reduced visual appeal. Readers may find it difficult to compare all these values, especially when these hard numbers aren’t accompanied by at least one suggestive photo reflecting the best features of the rentals in question. You can take your ad to a whole new level by counting on the services provided by a big Californian apartment finder. This way, you would be able to increase the attractiveness and expand the functionality of your listings by adding a few essential details, such as accurate, detailed descriptions, high-resolution photos and/or video tours. You can upload up to 12 photos of your rental and use the right descriptive terms of highlight the strongest points of your property. Because a short video is much more relevant than an entire collection of words and pictures, now you can also post a virtual tour allowing candidates to get familiar with the looks and vibe of your house or apartment without actually touring it in person. Virtual tours are extremely useful, as they give prospects the chance to narrow down their search and go in favor of properties represented by personalized listings, which are usually easier to evaluate.
  5. Comprehensive Management at Their Fingertips. Managing multiple listings is no easy task, especially when you’re trying to promote your property via a plethora of online and offline channels. What if someone told you that you could manage your online landlord account with just a few clicks, in a matter of a few minutes? There are so many things that you could do to keep your rental on the first page. The good news is that all these tasks can be completed in a time-effective manner. For example, you can compose, edit and post new listings; or you can retrieve some of your older listings and implement a series of changes. As a landlord, you can also make the most of free credit reports and free rentals forms. Moreover, if you get stuck at some point, all you have to do is call the landlord hotline and get the expert advice that you may require to make the best decisions. All these handy tools and services help you boost your odds of becoming a successful landlord. Give this apartment finding service a try, test its ample selection of features and start marketing your Californian rental with minimal effort.


Mar 2015

5 Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Californian Rental Property without Going Bankrupt

iStock_000011739530_Small“All I have to do is to let a few close friends know that I’m planning on renting my Californian home, and the right buyers will come knocking on my door in no time.” Does this statement sound familiar to you? Unfortunately, this is a popular misconception shared by more than a few homeowners who want to turn themselves into successful landlords. The truth is that this is not how it goes. Unless your house is brand-new or in mint condition, you will have to invest a certain amount of time, money and energy in home improvement projects. Here are a few starting points that you may want to consider when it comes to implementing changes that add real value to your Californian rental property.

  1. Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Property. Before checking out your indoor space, your potential tenants will inevitably inspect your outdoor area. Walls displaying a chipped coat of paint, shrubs that have grown out of control and an old, unappealing front door that looks like it’s about to fall on your guests don’t exactly do you any favors. Try to address the faults that impact the functionality and aesthetic value of your property. You can enhance the curb appeal of your rental by installing a new mailbox, adding a few strategically placed potted plants and/or working on a more ambitious project revolving around a new porch/walkways or driveways.
  2. Depersonalize Your House or Apartment. Only a few homeowners realize just how important it really is to depersonalize their properties before putting them on the market. Think about it this way: would you be willing to rent or buy a property that has nothing in common with your taste and personal preferences? Would you be able to appreciate an indoor space in an objective manner and consider it your home, as long as it reminds you of its previous owners? You get the point: clean and remove personal belongings and decorative items; turn your home into a neutral environment allowing potential buyers to assess the level of compatibility between themselves and the property that you wish to put at their disposal.
  3. Stage Your Property. We will let you in on a little secret: more than a few people who wish to rent or buy a new place lack imagination. This is precisely why you should make it easier for all candidates to visualize the potential changes that they could make to feel at home in your Californian house or apartment. Therefore, start by cleaning and de-cluttering your kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Let your guests be stunned by the spaciousness of your rental and allow them to picture the potential improvement that could trigger their complete satisfaction. Proper furniture placement is one of the most important elements that could help you stage your property in an ideal manner.
  4. Add Clever Architectural Details. Assuming that you can actually afford to go the extra mile to increase the value of your Californian property and make it more desirable, what are the main steps that you should take to accomplish this mission? You can start by adding a series of high-value architectural details that will certainly be appreciated by a large category of potential tenants. In this case, we are referring to additions that serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. For example, you can give some much-needed pizzazz to an old, boring room by adding tasteful ceiling moldings to its current décor. Instead of directing your attention towards your bedrooms, start by remodeling your bathrooms and kitchen, as these indoor spaces are the ones that usually attract or deter most renters and buyers. These areas can become the most important deal-breakers, especially when they require ample, costly renovations. If you can afford to shed a few hundreds of dollars on a remodel project, don’t hesitate to change old sinks, countertops, cabinets, fixtures and flooring material. New, shiny stainless steel appliances could add a touch of glamour to your bathrooms and kitchens, which will definitely be appreciated by most tenants looking for a modern Californian house or apartment. In case you have the time and money required by more complex renovation work, consider upgrading the floor plan of your property, to modernize it and expand its functionality. For example, you could decide to take down a large wall separating your living room from your kitchen. You could also add a small bathroom to your master bedroom, in an attempt to create a luxurious and practical suite. The possibilities are endless; you just have to make sure that your new floor plan is compatible with the desires and expectations of a larger category of prospects.
  5. Learn How to Market Your Property the Easy Way. At the end of the day, the steps that you take to market your Californian rental are just as important as the new coats of paint that you apply on your walls, the bright wallpaper that you use to decorate all rooms and the new expensive furniture that you’re planning on ordering. As a matter of fact, in the absence of a good marketing strategy, all these improvements could pass unnoticed, as you fail to fill your vacancies. Does this mean that you should direct a considerable amount of money towards online and offline channels designed to promote your rental? Not exactly! You can limit your expenses and still get excellent results by collaborating with Apartment Hunterz. California’s most respectable apartment finding service lends a helping hand to landlords and property managers, by allowing them to put and keep their slices of real estate into the spotlight. Using this service, landlords can list their properties, accentuate the best features of their Californian rentals, post photos and video tours and get in touch with potential tenants online. Scheduling meetings with the most reliable candidates who are looking for a nice California-based house or apartment has never been easier. Give this service a try, create your own landlord account and discover the simplest method to attract tenants with just a few clicks.
Mar 2015

5 Californian House Hunt Challenges That Can Be Easily Addressed

Hispanic couple outside home for rentYou don’t really need to dig deep to find a few legitimate motives that could justify your relocation to the sunny state of California. Every year spent in Cali feels like a never-ending vacation. Here you can pursue your career ambitions, start a family, boost your odds of becoming rich and famous, enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean and spend quality time under the hot sun. Nonetheless, finding the best accommodation options in California is no easy task, especially if you’re planning on spending more than one weekend here. Assuming that you are determined to start your first house hunt in California, what are the main aspects that you should factor in before signing your rental agreement? Even if you are not familiar with the local real estate market, you should know that there are ways in which you could simplify your entire relocation process and uncover the best deals in terms of for rent and for sale properties. When in doubt, just check out the following list of Californian house hunt challenges and discover the simplest ways to address them.

  1. Setting Your Priorities Straight. Here’s the most common obstacle standing in the way of your success: your own indecisiveness. You have hardly pictured your ideal housing option, and you seem unable to evaluate your financial possibilities in an objective manner. In this case, there is only one viable solution to your problem: decide how much money you can realistically afford to spend on your Californian rental and focus on the main particularities of the place that could really make you feel happy and comfortable. Start by answering the following questions:
  • How big do you want your place to be?
  • What are the extras that you truly can’t live without?
  • What are the neighborhoods that you are targeting?
  • How much money are you willing to invest in a Californian rental (per month)?
  • Would you be willing to get a roommate to be able to split the costs triggered by a much more spacious, comfortable and luxurious Californian rental?

You could try to make a list of essential features that any potential new home should display. Add a series of optional features that would trigger your complete satisfaction and see how many properties that you get to tour actually match your expectations.

  1. Finding the Best Landlord without Exposing Yourself to Scams and Major Disappointment. Let’s face it: the process of finding a real steal on the real estate market of a city or state that you are not familiar with can be quite complicated. In most case, while trying to find a nice new roof over your head on your own, you could stumble across thousands of outdated and/or bogus listings that could make you lose precious time. Fortunately, you can eliminate this drawback by counting on the professional apartment finding services delivered by Aparment Hunterz. The largest apartment scout in the state of California can put you in contact with reliable property managers and landlords, making it easier for you to avoid costly and potentially dangerous scams and enjoy a stress-free house hunt.
  2. Touring Properties without Becoming LAM-Phobic. LAM (lead, asbestos and mold) represents the dreadful combination that always manages to put first-time renters and buyers on the run. But in all honesty, unless you’re planning on buying or renting a brand new house or apartment, chances are that you won’t be able to find a property that is absolutely LAM-free. In this case, it is advisable to assess the pros and cons of each building that you get to tour. All three elements have been linked to serious health concerns; nonetheless, you should always factor in the nature and extent of the problem before making a final call. For instance, a mold-contaminated surface stretching on less than 10 feet may not require professional services provided by a competent remediation expert. In this situation, you could bleach away your problem using plain household cleaning products. Nonetheless, considerable amounts of mold could easily trigger severe respiratory problems and allergies. Tiles, insulation, wood furniture, carpets and ceilings impacted by mold may have to be repaired or replaced in a timely fashion to prevent health risks, and all these changes involve considerable expenses that you may not be ready or willing to deal with. Deteriorated asbestos and lead paint may also be interpreted as warning signs that you should address before buying or renting a place in California. Keep in mind that the seller or renter is required by law to disclose potential faults that may put your safely or health on the line, but don’t forget to inspect the property in person at least once before making a final decision.
  3. Keeping Your Options Open. Love at first sight can be quite a dangerous concept, especially when it comes to selecting your first Californian rental. No matter how attractive the first deal that you uncover may be, always tell yourself that you could do better. Do not limit your possibilities. Be patient; analyze local real estate trends and check out recent listings to be able to compare different properties in terms of price, size and features in an objective manner. Keep your options open, but don’t drag your feet. Trust your gut and go for the most appealing and practical slice of Californian real estate that you can afford.
  4. Conducting a Californian House Hunt on Your Own. Organizing your first house hunt in Cali can be stressful and exhausting. You would basically have to circle hundreds of newspaper ads, make dozens of phone calls, put up with undependable landlords and take chances. Why follow this path when you could actually turn your house search into an enjoyable process? Check out the verified listings brought to you by Apartment Hunterz, communicate with landlords online and schedule your face-to-face meeting with a few clicks. Trust us when we say that it doesn’t get easier than this!


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