5 Facts That You Should Know about California Real Estate Trends before Renting an Apartment

iStock_000000818620_Small With a population of over 38.8 million, California is considered the tangible version of paradise. Encompassing some of the most lavishing slices of real estate that you could ever dare to imagine, superb oceanfront properties and even modest condos that are far from being affordable, this state offers extremely diverse for rent and for sale properties tailored to each price point and manages to please the widest segment of potential buyers and tenants. In this context, would it be a smart move to invest in a California-based house or apartment? You don’t have to be an experienced real estate agent to figure things out; you just have to analyze recent real estate trends, pay attention to new predictions and determine how they could impact your future plans. Here are some facts that you should take into consideration before making your first move.

  1. Prices Have Gone Up. As a Forbes article points out, price tags carried by California-based properties have managed to reach pre-crash levels; in some cases, prices actually succeed in eclipsing the ones that were set by buyers before the apocalyptic collapse. This means that very few people with limited financial means can enjoy the perks of ownership. On the other side of the coin, when owning a house or apartment is not a valid option, renting a new roof over your head could represent the best alternative worth considering.
  2. Reasonably Priced Pieces of Real Estate Can Be Difficult to Spot in the Largest Cities. Families with a modest income will inevitably have a hard time targeting affordable for rent or for sale properties in some of the most sought-after Californian cities. In San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles, home values are witnessing a rapid growth that may take most prospects by surprise. When buying or renting a slice of real estate in these overcrowded areas is not an option, you could always focus your attention on smaller or less populated Californian cities that could provide equally tempting employment opportunities and accommodation options without forcing you to break the bank to pay rent each month. For instance, the median home value in Fresno is estimated at $178,100, while the median rent price is in the $790 range. Less than $800 spent on rent is a real bargain, taking into consideration the fact that a San Francisco-based rental could cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 and up on a monthly basis.
  3. Several Factors Will Make It Even More Difficult for Prospects to Buy a Place of Their Own. Wondering why buying a house or apartment in California has almost become a mission impossible? The past actions of investors who have profited from sales and foreclosures to turn properties into moneymaking rentals, scarce land (especially in some of the most desirable neighborhoods from San Francisco or Los Angeles), and deep-pocketed foreign buyers that keep inflating the prices by stimulating sellers to raise the bar too high are just a few of the negative elements that stop so many middle-class families from owning a house or apartment in California. Very limited land available for new developments is one pressing problem that is difficult to address in a satisfying manner. When old properties are being demolished, they are usually replaced in no time with new shiny ones that are two or three times more expensive than their predecessors. Therefore, there are quite a few obstacles standing in the way of California’s residents who are contemplating the idea of becoming homeowners. Nonetheless, stumbling across a convenient rental represents an event that is more likely to occur. With help from a professional apartment finder, one could identify and compare different California-based rentals in their neighborhoods of choice, filter and save their searches and come in contact with landlords and property managers at a touch of a button. Clearly, exceptional client-oriented apartment finding services have changed the way in which individuals fish for bargains on the local rental market, making it possible for everyday people to find a decently-priced house or apartment for rent in less than a week.
  4. Renting a Place in California Is a Good Choice for a Number of Reasons. For those who actually dislike any type of long-term commitment and aren’t very fond of the idea of putting down roots in one place, renting a Californian house would be a good call. Rentals offer tenants the highest level of flexibility and freedom of choice. Ownership may ensure a certain level of stability, but at the same time it also involves more than a few responsibilities such as mortgage payments, repairs and maintenance work; not to mention the fact that in today’s market some sellers may be forced to sell at a loss, which is a great disadvantage that each prospect should factor in before pouring money into a piece of real estate.
  5. Finding a Decently Priced Californian Rental Is Easier Than You Think. As a newcomer or a busy professional who knows very little or nothing at all about California’s real estate market, you are probably thinking about counting on the services of a real estate agent to find a good home for yourself and your family. This is only one option that you can explore if you’re interested in renting. On the other hand, the assistance offered by a reputable apartment finding service could be the cost-effective alternative to hiring a realtor. By analyzing the latest real estate trends, checking out recent listings and using a plethora of additional perks and features (such as 24/7 client support, iConnect feature ensuring a rapider connection between tenants in landlords in real time), you could spot and compare different for rent properties in the comfort of your home or office. With the support offered by Apartment Hunterz, California’s most popular apartment finder, you could maximize your odds of conducting a successful home hunt with minimal expenses.


Should You Actually Invest in a Californian Rental with Luxurious Amenities?

iStock_000027530431_SmallAs a first-time tenant, what are the apartment features that could make your heart skip a beat, and how much would you be willing to spend on a luxurious Californian property that addresses all of your needs and demands? If you think that the strongest points of a house or apartment are its beautiful surroundings and solid construction, you may want to upgrade your current understanding of upscale Californian rentals. Access to pet beauty centers, a flawless collaboration with friendly staff members that will do your grocery shopping at any given point in time, and the chance to relax in spacious common areas featuring pools, game rooms, and gyms that encourage you to socialize with your neighbors are only a few advantages experienced by tenants who can afford to spend extra on rental space available in high-end buildings. All in all, upscale Californian apartments for rent provide the most sophisticated features and services that rival the ones offered by well-known hotels with decades of tradition.

Luxury Rentals Provide the Highest Level of Flexibility

According to Marketwatch, high-end amenities added to modern buildings to increase their value aren’t a novelty factor; they actually reflect a trend that has been reshaping the national real estate market for more than a decade. These types of perks are suitable mostly for high earners who are also frequent flyers and appreciate the comfort and dash of opulence associated with five-star hotels. Moreover, according to the same source, apartments equipped with first-class features are the perfect choice for deep-pocketed newcomers who can’t decide whether or not they should buy a new roof over their head. In overcrowded cities with competitive housing markets, like San Francisco, for instance, these decisions can be difficult to make. On the other hand, luxury rentals let their tenants enjoy amazing amenities and views while involving a minimum level of responsibility and commitment. Aside from screening rooms, large pools, and indoor wellness centers, these amazing accommodation options also get bonus points for a prominent service component.

Some buildings hire concierges that can easily become more reliable and effective than a full-time personal assistant. In many cases, staff members can complete even the most eccentric assignments, ranging from shipping or accepting packages to organizing a memorable bachelorette party, in a successful manner. For the people who can count on a sizable monthly income and have very little time on their hands, this type of assistance is often invaluable.

Recent real estate trends also emphasize the elite’s disinterest towards owning any kind of properties. After all, why deal with the problems associated with ownership when you can stick to the hassle-free lifestyle that a high-end Californian rental could help you discover? Some apartment complexes take the game a step up by organizing events created to help establish a deeper connection between tenants and maintain a homey ambiance. These strategies make socializing with your own neighbors can get a whole lot easier. At times when people lease their cars and rent their designer clothes to keep up appearances, luxury rentals are seen as excellent choices for prospects who wish to maintain their high living standards.

What Kind of Amenities Are in Demand These Days?

Onsite wellness centers, game rooms, valet parking, onsite yoga studios, interior courtyards, pet salons and spas, private cabanas, and huge roof decks packed with the most spectacular extras, including mini bars and fire pits, are only a few of the most desirable amenities that could convince you to open up your wallet and sign a rental agreement. In areas such as Southern California, where very few people can actually afford to buy their own place, rents are far from being affordable and the trend could worsen over the next few years, according to recent predictions.

In this context, if you have minimal odds of stumbling across a real steal on the local real estate market, why not squeeze more value out of the property that you’re planning on renting? Using the services of a popular apartment finding service, go ahead and compare different accommodation options in terms of price and features. Time and energy-saving extras such as “pantry service” and top-notch dog care may justify the additional expenses to some extent and give tenants the feeling that their money is well spent.

If you can afford to shed around $3,000 on a superb oceanfront apartment based in Huntington Beach instead of settling for a more modest option available in the $1,400-$2,700 range, make sure it comes packed with features that will boost your wellbeing and level of comfort daily. At the end of the day, you should keep in mind that the Californian real estate market is incredibly diverse and has more than a few attractive options displaying features that are compatible with each price point.

Getting the Very Best That Your Money Can Buy—the Easy Way!

OK, so maybe you can’t actually afford to live in an apartment complex featuring a large indoor pool and fitness center. Maybe you won’t occupy a property that comes with a fancy dog spa or concierge service. This doesn’t mean that you should settle for the first relatively convenient offer that you spot on the local real estate market. Even if you count on a tight budget, you can still put your trust in the services of a reliable Californian apartment finder to bring you the largest collection of verified listings. Such an ample database could give you the opportunity to find a nice apartment or house in your price range. Instead of daydreaming about luxury properties that you could never afford to occupy and waiting for a miracle to happen, rely on the 24/7 support provided by Apartment Hunterz to spot an inexpensive, feature-rich rental in your neighborhood of choice in less than a week.

7 Things to Consider Before Renting out Your House

iStock_000015752174_DoubleIn these difficult economic times, numerous people who wish to supplement their monthly income without getting a second job choose to become so-called “accidental landlords.” This is a viable option that you should consider, especially if you are the lucky owner of a house or an apartment located in some of the most sought-after Californian cities, where thousands of prospects would give just about anything to stumble across rentals carrying decent price tags. Assuming that you feel ready to make this big step and welcome tenants on your property, here’s a question that you should ask yourself right this instant: do you actually understand the responsibilities that landlordship would involve? In all honesty, landlordship can allow you to enjoy wonderful experiences, establish new connections with friendly, dependable people and boost your cash flow the relatively easy way. On the other hand, sometimes it’s more trouble than it’s worth to rent out your house, especially when you don’t really need the extra money and have a very limited amount of time on your hands. If you are currently weighing the pros and cons of becoming a landlord, here are a few things that you should consider before making a final decision.

  1. Landlordship Triggers Quite a Few Appealing Benefits. The advantages of becoming a first-time landlord are pretty obvious and include tax breaks, the ability to produce income that may very well cover your expenses and even generate a profit, as well as the opportunity to prevent damages and threats that empty buildings are usually exposed to (such as home fires or acts of vandalism).
  2. Landlordship Also Involves Numerous Responsibilities. As a landlord, you always waste a lot of time screening candidates. Once you find the right ones, you have to make sure that they pay their rent on time. You also have to address potential complaints and handle repair requests and regular maintenance work. Do keep in mind that these tasks can be quite stressful and time-consuming.
  3. You Have to Prep Your House Before Renting It Out. In the state of California, many young adults who are chasing their wildest dreams are desperately seeking an affordable new roof over their heads. Nonetheless, as a general rule, in down markets tenants become more selective and weigh their options more carefully. The increased availability of somewhat inexpensive rental properties enables people to be picky. Therefore, instead of waiting for that one tenant who would be desperate enough to give you $1,500 per month to live in a 1-bedroom apartment that is as cold and unlivable as your basement, choose to make small adjustments to improve the look and feel of your house. To begin with, clean everything twice and make sure all your appliances are in excellent operating condition.
  4. Focus on the Right Channels to Attract Buyers. Long gone are the days when word-of-mouth was seen as the most effective method to find the perfect tenant for your property. You count on recommendations to meet individuals who may rent your house, but this process could take ages. If you would much rather speed things up a little, start by exploring different channels that you could use to broadcast your marketing message. To maximize your odds of success, it is advisable to tackle both online and offline mediums. Newspaper ads and radio ads are excellent starting points. Furthermore, if you require a different kind of support and would prefer to go for a platform facilitating your communication with potential tenants, pay the right price for quality apartment finding services tailored to the needs of Californian landlords.
  5. Use the Right Keywords. Regardless of their expectations and allocated budget, people will never be interested in boring ads introducing even duller properties. We all know what unremarkable listings look like: they provide basic information, such as square footage, number of rooms, price and amenities; most of them aren’t even accompanied by a photo. Wrapping your rental in mystery won’t do you any good. On the other hand, by listing your house or apartment with Apartment Hunterz, adding up to 12 quality photos and/or a video tour, you could attract the attention of a larger number of individuals who would be happy to get the keys to your place. While trying to describe your home, remember that what you say is just as important as how you say it. Experts advise us to use a series of buzzwords to emphasize the cool factors of our property, so don’t hesitate to include terms such as “ vaulted ceilings” “wooden floors”, “state-of-the-art”, “maple” and “stainless steel appliances” to perfect your description.
  6. Set the Right Price. In overly competitive markets, putting the right price tag on whatever it is that you’re selling or renting can be difficult. Clearly, you wouldn’t want to lose money or overprice your property. Both extremes are equally dangerous. To avoid this drawback, rely on the information brought to you by California’s number one apartment finding service. Take a look at recent listings. This will help you see things from a tenant’s perspective and compare different properties that are similar to the one that you’re trying to rent out.
  7. Get the Best Support from a Team of Professionals. Want to rent out your home without hiring a real estate agent? In this case, Apartment Hunterz has the best alternative for you. Its Landlord Center is the perfect solution for “accidental landlords” who require the highest level of support to become successful lessors. Use this feature to list your property, edit your listings, submit your paperwork online, get in contact with prospects who are interested in your Californian house or apartment, schedule face-to-face meetings and let the real estate experts from Apartment Hunterz take care of the rest.

All in all, renting out a home in California involves several benefits and obligations. When in doubt, let a reliable apartment finder guide your steps towards hassle-free landlordship.

Apr 2015

Things That You Should Know Before Renting a Place in Santa Monica

iStock_000035839266_DoubleKnown as California’s most amazing walkers’ corner of heaven, Santa Monica is so much more than your average vacation destination. Located in Los Angeles County, this beautiful beachfront city will stun you with its virtually endless list of points of interest, including the famous Santa Monica Pier that you’ve probably seen in many movies, Third Street Promenade, the Santa Monica State Beach, Palisades Park and Pacific Park. Home to more than 92,000 extremely happy people, Santa Monica is the perfect place where you could rent a place and start turning the rest of your days into a never-ending vacation.

7 Reasons Why You Should Live in Santa Monica

We give you a list of seven compelling reasons why every day spent in Santa Monica could become the equivalent of a 24-hour tour of paradise.

  1. Picturesque Views. If you’re fond of the ocean and can’t get enough of sunny weather and friendly temperatures, chances are that you will have the time of your life in Santa Monica. Unlike other cities that are not necessarily blessed with wonderful settings, Santa Monica manages to put its visitors under a spell due to its picturesque surroundings. Encompassing more than 3.5 miles of coastline and ensuring over 300 days of sunshine annually, this city is the perfect haven for tourists who dislike cold climates and wish to feel the holiday vibe year round.
  2. Some of the Best Bars and Restaurants That Do Not Force You to Comply with a Rigid Dress Code. Did you know that Santa Monica is home to some of the most exquisite restaurants in Southern California? These facilities let you sample a wide range of mouthwatering specialties without imposing any restrictions. No restaurant will ever require a tie or jacket. This means that you could satisfy your cravings without feeling compelled to go back to the hotel to change your clothes.
  3. Surreal Public Artworks. You don’t necessarily have to be an artist to appreciate the large collection of public artworks proudly showcased by Santa Monica. Masterpieces such as Wave and Shell Obelisks and Whale of a Mural are a part of the outstanding lineup that will encourage you to create your very own sand sculptures with a little bit of help from your friends or family members.
  4. Ten Blocks of Amazing Retail Outlets. Assuming that you need a break from your daily reality, where should you go and what should you do to prevent boredom? If you think that a relaxing shopping spree is always a good idea, choose to target the vibrant Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica’s well-known pedestrian boulevard comprising no less than 70 different outlets, and over 20 exceptional restaurants where you could have a nice lunch or dinner and get the extra boost of energy that you may need during your shopping session.
  5. The Beach, the Sun and the Sand. If you’re not in the mood for shopping, you could always go to the beach. Both Will Rogers State Beach and Santa Monica State Beach are the ideal environments where you could catch a volleyball game, build enormous sandcastles, rest on a beach chair while sipping a fruity cocktail or launches kites. If you’re into more luxurious recreational activities, consider visiting the famous open-air gym situated alongside Santa Monica Beach. The facility stretching on three acres will help you pump up those muscles and make the most of relaxing self-tanning sessions.
  6. The Chance to Contemplate the Majestic Santa Monica National Mountains Recreation Area. In case your plan is to avoid sunburns by spending less time on the beach, start exploring equally exciting alternatives. Maybe you’d like to spend a few hours admiring the wonders of the Santa Monica National Mountains Recreation Area. Packed with trails that will awaken your inner adventurer, this area is perfect for families seeking to organize a picnic or bike or hike along marvelous meandering trails.
  7. The Opportunity to Eat Cleaner and Greener. Perhaps you have always wanted to live in a neighborhood that gives you rapid, unlimited access to fresh, locally sourced foods, or maybe you simply want to spend a few days in an area where you could learn how to improve your eating habits the easy way. In any case, keep in mind that in Santa Monica you could find not one, but three popular farmers’ markers offering you an incredibly diverse selection of exotic and organic herbs, produce and flowers. If you’re looking for the perfect ingredients for a home cooked meal, visit these markets every Wednesday and Saturday and fill your basket with healthy goodies that will improve the flavor of your everyday dishes.

Find the Best Santa Monica Rentals with Apartment Hunterz

Whether you wish to eat better, live closer to the beach or enjoy a much-needed break from the boring corporate life that you’ve been living for too long, Santa Monica seems to be the perfect place to start over. But in order to put down roots here and eat, drink, work and party like a local, you will need to find the most convenient rental available in this city. Taking into consideration the fact that Santa Monica attracts thousands of tourists and newcomers due to its long list of attractions, it goes without saying that low rental rates aren’t always a part of the picture. 1-3 bedroom apartments available in this area range from $2,500 to $5,000 per month, depending on their specific location, current condition and list of features and amenities. Don’t let these hefty price tags stand in the way of your future goals. With Apartment Hunterz, you could spot the most tempting bargains on the local real estate market. Just check out the recent, verified listings provided by California’s most trusted apartment finder, analyze your preferred properties and schedule meetings with landlords and property managers the easy and convenient way.  You just have to select your favorites and the advanced features provided by Apartment Hunters will take care of the rest.

5 Reasons Why Renting a House in California Will Always Be a Good Idea

Young couple looking at the blueprints of their new homeThe U.S.-based rental housing market has always delivered an incredibly diverse selection of homes designed to meet the expectations and financial possibilities of a broad category of individuals of all ages. According to the data provided by National Multifamily Housing Council, 43,431,904 households are currently renter-occupied, representing 35% of the U.S. total. Why are properties available for rent so incredibly popular? Could they be a good choice for you and your family? If you’re contemplating the idea of moving to California and starting your first house hunt, here are a few essential things that you should know about the benefits of renting, this state’s extremely competitive rental market and its best deals.

  1. A Rental Offers You the Highest Level of Flexibility. Are you an enthusiastic traveler who enjoys long vacations each year? Do you love the idea of investing small amounts of money in gorgeous vacation rentals allowing you to get acquainted with some of the trendiest California-based tourist hot spots? In this case, a rental that you could consider your temporary home may be the best option matching your housing needs.
  2. Rentals Are Perfect for People with Long-Term Commitment Issues. Convenient rentals are perfect for people who do not feel ready to put down roots in a certain area. After all, California’s list of natural and man-made wonders is extremely diverse and always gives you plenty of motives to relocate or at least travel extensively. Maybe this year you’ll want enjoy surfing, windsurfing or canoeing and kayaking tours in Santa Barbara for months in a row; the next year you may want to take a break from such adrenaline-filled experiences and just relax in a nice cottage in Napa Valley, visit vineyards and attend wine tastings. People discover new hobbies on a regular basis and their interests change in time. This is precisely why free spirits who are constantly tempted to try new things feel more comfortable renting than buying.
  3. With a Little Bit of Help, You Could Spot Incredible Deals on the Rental Market. Can you actually believe that an 850 sq ft. 1-bedroom apartment located on 3016 Waverly Dr in Los Angeles could cost you under $2,000 per month or that you wouldn’t have to spend more than $1,200 per month on an elegant studio situated on 351 Turk St. in San Francisco? Such amazing deals can be hard to come by, especially when you’re only relying on word of mouth to find the perfect rental that could be compatible with your thin budget. On the other hand, an inexpensive apartment finding service brings the most incredible deals at your fingertips, making it easier for you to profit from a fair price-quality relationship.
  4. Renting Is Almost Always the Most Convenient Option at Hand. Still wondering if you should rent or buy? You don’t have to see a financial advisor to get the most accurate answer to this question. These days, you could use free renting versus buying calculators available online to make an educated decision. These calculators enable you to identify the most cost-efficient alternative for you by factoring in all expenses that both renting and buying would imply. The results summary can help you decide whether you should rent or buy a place in California. After playing with different variables, you will most likely reach the conclusion that renting is the most convenient solution for you for a number of reasons. Rental rates that are lower than average, an extremely expensive housing market like the one in San Francisco, for example, and the chance to live on a bigger/better property that you could never be able to afford to buy represent the main reasons why so many people choose to become tenants these days.
  5. Renting an Apartment Has Just Gotten a Lot Easier

Last but not least, you should also know that apartment finding services have managed to improve the overall house hunting experience, by encouraging potential tenants to perform the following actions:

  • Compare different properties in terms of prices and features. These days, apartment finding services let you spot the best deals while getting familiar with the local real estate markets. You just have to select the city and neighborhood where you would like to live and analyze listings available in that particular area.
  • Check out photos and virtual tours to simplify their selection. Let’s face it: when you work 10 hours a day you can seldom make time to attend an open house. Fortunately, apartment finders let you take a look at high-resolution photos and virtual tours to identify your favorite accommodation options in only a few minutes, without actually leaving the office.
  • Save searches. By saving your daily searches you can save time and energy while conducting your house hunt online; not to mention the fact that a saved search enables you to revisit your favorites and compare their features the easy way.
  • Go through an ample collection of listings to be able to understand the realities of the local real estate market. Why hire a real estate agent when you can compare price tags and predict real estate trends on your own, by simply weighing the pros and cons of different listings available online?
  • Submit applications online. All tenants know just how stressful and time-consuming it can be to schedule face-to-face meetings with dozens of potential landlords just to apply for a certain rental unit? Now you can submit your applications online with just a few clicks.
  • Talk to landlords and property managers in real time, without making a single phone call. The iConnect feature brought to you by Apartment Hunterz makes it easier for you to get in touch with landlords and request all the additional details that you may need to simplify your home search. Using this feature, you can schedule in-person meetings with lessors the easy way.

If you’ve reached the conclusion that Californian for rent properties are your cup of tea, choose to find the ideal one for you and your family using the insight offered by Apartment Hunterz, California’s most trusted apartment finder.