How to Turn Yourself into a Happy Californian Tenant in 7 Easy Steps

House for rentLooking for a simpler method to polish your apartment finding skills? In this context, you should know that the best deal reflects a balance between price, amenities, current condition and location. Still puzzled? If so, keep reading to find out how you could upgrade your apartment renting experience without going out of your way. We give you not one, but seven tips on how to spot and rent an above average Californian property in a few days, with minimal expenses and efforts.

  1. Choose a Home Based on Your Specific Needs and Demands. Life in California can be pretty exciting, especially when you live on a property that encompasses a small gold course, tennis court and large outdoor swimming pool. But when you live from paycheck to paycheck, you should probably start crossing these luxurious amenities off your list. Instead, try to set up realistic selection criteria that could guide your home search in the right direction. Set your priorities straight. Create a list of desired features and highlight the filters that matter to you the most (such as location, rental rates, overall condition and so on). Always remember that a good real is represented by a property that is actually tailored to your objective needs and price range.
  2. Keep an Eye Out for Single-Family Homes. OK, so maybe you’ve always dreamed about renting an apartment located in a chic residential complex, equipped with all the amenities that you could ever hope to use, including an onsite gym and beauty center. If you don’t really have a lot of money in your bank account and want to experience a superior level of comfort without abandoning your dream entirely, consider renting a single-family house located in your preferred neighborhood. Such properties are often considered exceptional bargains, simply because they belong to individuals who are renting out their houses or condos simply because they would have a difficult time trying to sell them in this market. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get in touch with such “accidental landlords” who are looking for a valid method to supplement their monthly income.
  3. Take a Closer Look at For Sale Listings. Bold tenants are usually the ones who walk away with the keys to the best Californian apartments and houses that weren’t even listed on the rental market. How is that possible? These people think outside the box. You can follow in their footsteps by approaching homeowners who are planning on selling their properties. According to MarketWatch, if the house has been sitting on the market for quite some time now, its owner may be desperately looking for a good deal that could bring him closer to a steady cash flow. In this case, a convenient rental agreement could be the best solution for both landlords and Californian tenants looking for a real steal.
  4. Reevaluate Your Initial List of Essential Features. At the end of the day, do you really need an onsite wellness center, a gym or a pool to live a happy, comfortable life? If your budget is telling you that you can’t afford to be picky when it comes to renting a Californian apartment or house, consider revisiting and adjusting your list of priorities. For instance, a small, clean apartment with nice storage options, a fully-furnished kitchen and in-home washer and drier that would cost you around $1,000 per month could be more convenient that a $3000/month luxury apartment located in a residential complex with concierge service, fitness center, pet spas, wine cellars, private pools and various other mind-boggling amenities that you simply wouldn’t have time to profit from because you work 10 hours a day.
  5. Double Check the Landlord’s Inventory. You’d be surprised to find out just how many first-time tenants sign on the dotted line without taking a second look at the goods that their rental property is equipped with. Don’t make the same mistake: regardless of their value, these possessions belong to your landlord and become your responsibility as soon as you sign the rental agreement. This means that it’s your duty to keep them in excellent condition. To prevent misunderstandings and false claims, you may want to double check your landlord’s inventory and document the condition of each item present in your rental apartment/house. A stained carpet, cracks in the walls or floor and mold-contaminated surfaces are only a few of the elements that could force you to kiss your security deposit goodbye, so make sure you signal pre-existing signs of wear and tear and damages and discuss any potential concerns or confusion related to the inventory with your landlord before shaking hands.
  6. Determine Whether Rental Rates Are Fair or Not. Would you be overpaying for your rental apartment of choice? There is only one way to find out. Start by analyzing different listings available in your favorite ZIP codes. Check out different properties and compare them in terms of features, condition, exact location and rental rates. Some of the best apartment finding services, such as Apartment Hunterz, let you determine whether or not rental rates associated with a certain property are justifiable.
  7. Choose to Do Business with a Trusted Apartment Finder. Let’s face it: finding the perfect Californian rental is not exactly easy, especially when you’re juggling a dozen other important responsibilities on a daily basis. In this case, apply this foolproof tip to conduct a successful, painless home hunt: analyze and compare different verified listings introduced by Apartment Hunterz. California’s biggest and most popular apartment finder gives you access to an ample collection of recent listings and lets you use your filters of choice to refine your search and find the best deal on the local rental market in only a few days. Give this exceptional service a try and share your positive experience with other potential tenants.