Things That You Should Know Before Renting a Place in Santa Monica

iStock_000035839266_DoubleKnown as California’s most amazing walkers’ corner of heaven, Santa Monica is so much more than your average vacation destination. Located in Los Angeles County, this beautiful beachfront city will stun you with its virtually endless list of points of interest, including the famous Santa Monica Pier that you’ve probably seen in many movies, Third Street Promenade, the Santa Monica State Beach, Palisades Park and Pacific Park. Home to more than 92,000 extremely happy people, Santa Monica is the perfect place where you could rent a place and start turning the rest of your days into a never-ending vacation.

7 Reasons Why You Should Live in Santa Monica

We give you a list of seven compelling reasons why every day spent in Santa Monica could become the equivalent of a 24-hour tour of paradise.

  1. Picturesque Views. If you’re fond of the ocean and can’t get enough of sunny weather and friendly temperatures, chances are that you will have the time of your life in Santa Monica. Unlike other cities that are not necessarily blessed with wonderful settings, Santa Monica manages to put its visitors under a spell due to its picturesque surroundings. Encompassing more than 3.5 miles of coastline and ensuring over 300 days of sunshine annually, this city is the perfect haven for tourists who dislike cold climates and wish to feel the holiday vibe year round.
  2. Some of the Best Bars and Restaurants That Do Not Force You to Comply with a Rigid Dress Code. Did you know that Santa Monica is home to some of the most exquisite restaurants in Southern California? These facilities let you sample a wide range of mouthwatering specialties without imposing any restrictions. No restaurant will ever require a tie or jacket. This means that you could satisfy your cravings without feeling compelled to go back to the hotel to change your clothes.
  3. Surreal Public Artworks. You don’t necessarily have to be an artist to appreciate the large collection of public artworks proudly showcased by Santa Monica. Masterpieces such as Wave and Shell Obelisks and Whale of a Mural are a part of the outstanding lineup that will encourage you to create your very own sand sculptures with a little bit of help from your friends or family members.
  4. Ten Blocks of Amazing Retail Outlets. Assuming that you need a break from your daily reality, where should you go and what should you do to prevent boredom? If you think that a relaxing shopping spree is always a good idea, choose to target the vibrant Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica’s well-known pedestrian boulevard comprising no less than 70 different outlets, and over 20 exceptional restaurants where you could have a nice lunch or dinner and get the extra boost of energy that you may need during your shopping session.
  5. The Beach, the Sun and the Sand. If you’re not in the mood for shopping, you could always go to the beach. Both Will Rogers State Beach and Santa Monica State Beach are the ideal environments where you could catch a volleyball game, build enormous sandcastles, rest on a beach chair while sipping a fruity cocktail or launches kites. If you’re into more luxurious recreational activities, consider visiting the famous open-air gym situated alongside Santa Monica Beach. The facility stretching on three acres will help you pump up those muscles and make the most of relaxing self-tanning sessions.
  6. The Chance to Contemplate the Majestic Santa Monica National Mountains Recreation Area. In case your plan is to avoid sunburns by spending less time on the beach, start exploring equally exciting alternatives. Maybe you’d like to spend a few hours admiring the wonders of the Santa Monica National Mountains Recreation Area. Packed with trails that will awaken your inner adventurer, this area is perfect for families seeking to organize a picnic or bike or hike along marvelous meandering trails.
  7. The Opportunity to Eat Cleaner and Greener. Perhaps you have always wanted to live in a neighborhood that gives you rapid, unlimited access to fresh, locally sourced foods, or maybe you simply want to spend a few days in an area where you could learn how to improve your eating habits the easy way. In any case, keep in mind that in Santa Monica you could find not one, but three popular farmers’ markers offering you an incredibly diverse selection of exotic and organic herbs, produce and flowers. If you’re looking for the perfect ingredients for a home cooked meal, visit these markets every Wednesday and Saturday and fill your basket with healthy goodies that will improve the flavor of your everyday dishes.

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Whether you wish to eat better, live closer to the beach or enjoy a much-needed break from the boring corporate life that you’ve been living for too long, Santa Monica seems to be the perfect place to start over. But in order to put down roots here and eat, drink, work and party like a local, you will need to find the most convenient rental available in this city. Taking into consideration the fact that Santa Monica attracts thousands of tourists and newcomers due to its long list of attractions, it goes without saying that low rental rates aren’t always a part of the picture. 1-3 bedroom apartments available in this area range from $2,500 to $5,000 per month, depending on their specific location, current condition and list of features and amenities. Don’t let these hefty price tags stand in the way of your future goals. With Apartment Hunterz, you could spot the most tempting bargains on the local real estate market. Just check out the recent, verified listings provided by California’s most trusted apartment finder, analyze your preferred properties and schedule meetings with landlords and property managers the easy and convenient way.  You just have to select your favorites and the advanced features provided by Apartment Hunters will take care of the rest.