9 Pitfalls to Avoid While Looking for the Perfect Apartment for Rent in California

hand holding mobile phone with house sale offerMoving out of your parents’ house was your New Year’s resolution at the end of 2010. Five years later, you are still struggling to accomplish the same goal. So what exactly are you intimidated by, aside from your limited financial possibilities and the overly competitive Californian real estate market that always seems to be full of surprises?

Can You Overcome the Obstacles That Are Standing in the Way of Your Upcoming House Hunt?

Well, first of all, you don’t know much about the latest real estate trends in California and you feel very insecure. Secondly, you can’t decide which sources of information you should monitor to get the expert insight that you require to compare different properties for rent and select the one that fits you like a glove. In all honesty, most first-time tenants face similar challenges. Here are 10 problems that you may experience along the road and the best ways to solve them in a satisfying manner.

  1. Not Doing Your Research. Would you buy a car without test driving it? Would you pick a school for your daughter without analyzing its history and graduation rate? You probably wouldn’t. Therefore, also do your homework when it comes to choosing a “for rent” apartment or house. Proper research will let you find the most convenient deals available in the best neighborhoods that you can afford to live in.
  2. Ignoring Online Channels That Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars. In today’s market, it is virtually impossible to identify real bargains by doing a door-to-door search or counting exclusively on word-of-mouth. The Internet has made the real estate market become so much more dynamic. This is why you shouldn’t hesitate to go online and use the best apartment finding service to analyze a plethora of listings in your area of choice. Such services also facilitate a better communication between tenants and landlords, making it easier for you to avoid scams and bad deals.
  3. Not Realizing that What You Like and What You Can Afford Are Not Always the Same Thing. When conducting a house hunt on a budget, it is imperative to separate the things that you fancy from the ones that you can’t and shouldn’t be able to live without. You may not be able to shed $3,500 on a San Francisco rental located right in the heart of the city, but this shouldn’t stop you from looking for nice spacious properties available for rent in the family-friendly suburbs. For instance, Walnut Creek, a suburb based in the East Bay area and Novato, situated in the North Bay area, represent excellent targets for young families with kids requiring above average public schools and convenient housing options.
  4. Not Getting the Bigger Picture. When it comes to researching properties, there are two categories of people who are doing it wrong: those who don’t bother to check online listings and those who think that they can evaluate and rent a house with just a few clicks. While apartment finding services have simplified the apartment search a great deal, you should still take some time to tour the property in person. This action will help you get the bigger picture by weighing the pros and cons of each option and getting to know your new potential landlord.
  5. Overspending. To avoid spending more than you can afford on your rental, you should follow two important steps: 1. Set up a realistic budget and stick to it, and 2. Use the data provided by a local apartment finder to compare different offers and save the listings that are in your price range.
  6. Enquiring about Properties Listed with Zero Photos. Listings featuring very short, general descriptions that are not accompanied by a set of photos or a video tour are not exactly the best choices that you can stumble across. This kind of evasiveness raises a lot of questions: are you dealing with a property that can be labeled as an eyesore or with a landlord lacking interest? Both scenarios raise a red flag and should determine you to focus on listings that do comprise virtual tours and/or photos.
  7. Not Being Able to Make a Compromise. In life, you simply can’t have it all. Deal with it! If you’re targeting rentals in Southern California, a region well-known for its ultra expensive pieces of real estate, chances are that you will have to compromise at some point. Perhaps you should broaden your horizons by pinpointing rentals available in less expensive neighborhoods or maybe you don’t need a third bedroom after all. Re-analyze your selection criteria and make the right adjustments to profit from a happy, successful house hunt.
  8. Not Realizing That a Potential Landlord Is Open to Negotiations. In difficult economic times, most things are perfectly negotiable. Rental rates are not an exception to this rule, especially in rural areas where good long-term tenants are more difficult to come by. Therefore, do not hesitate to negotiate your rental rates, especially if you’re extending the length of your lease. According to Lifehacker, in case such negotiations are out of the question, at least try to get other attractive perks, like an extra parking spot for example.
  9. Ignoring the Fact That You Can Always Count on a Reliable Apartment Finder in California. At the end of the day, you should remember the fact that you’re not alone in this. Whether you want to get an expert insight into the Californian real estate market, spot recent, verified listings or establish a deeper connection with landlords the easy way, Apartment Hunterz can address all these needs. Use the information provided by California’s most popular apartment finding service to turn your upcoming apartment search into a smashing success.


May 2015