How to Move Out of Your Old Apartment and Find a Great Californian Rental in Record Time

Couple at new homeYou’ve spent a few years in a nice apartment that still fulfills some of your basic requests. It’s clean, quite spacious and inexpensive. It is also located in a decent neighborhood where you can actually go grocery shopping after 7PM without feeling like you’re acting reckless. But even so, at this point you can no longer ignore your new needs and aspirations. You want to live closer to the stars, and this basically implies the fact that you are willing to conduct your first house hunt in California. If that’s the case, start by reading and digesting the following easy tips enabling you to move out of your old apartment the easy way and explore the plethora of appealing options that the Californian real estate market is putting at your disposal.

How to Ditch Your Old Apartment Rapidly and Stress Free

Naturally, you should start by saying goodbye to your old apartment. However, do keep in mind that this process can be quite lengthy and time-consuming, especially if you want to embrace the DIY alternative. In this case, you should create multiple checklists designed to help you pack your stuff in a more effective manner and clean the rental property to get your security deposit back and stay on good terms with your landlord. To minimize your stress levels when it comes to leaving the past behind, follow these basic steps:

  • Set specific goals for every single day of the week
  • Buy or rent and use organizational structures and supplies that could speed up the entire process, such as cardboard boxes, trays and white and black trash bags (white ones for the things that you’re planning on keeping, and black for the ones that will inevitably end up in the dumpster)
  • De-clutter the apartment, clean up your mess and don’t forget to reverse any damages that you may have caused
  • Pack one area/room at a time and make sure similar items stay together
  • Color code or label each box that you’re planning on shipping to your new address or leaving in a storage unit
  • Consider renting transportable storage units or leave several categories of valuable, yet rarely used personal belongings (old furniture, tools and equipment) in storage.

How to Find a Great Rental in the State of California

Now that your old apartment is about to become a thing of the past, you are probably interested in finding a premium for rent property in California in no time. How can you limit your waiting time and your expenses at the same time, while giving the green light to a successful house hunt? Here are a few ideas that you should consider before making a bold first step in this direction:

  1. Determine What You Want. Ask yourself the following question: what are the amenities that will make your life a whole lot easier and more enjoyable, especially during weekdays when you work extra long hours and online ordering is your best shot at filling your stomach? Maybe you’d be willing to pay a little extra for a rental with a fully furnished kitchen; or perhaps you can afford to spend some of your hard earned cash on a nice studio located in an apartment complex featuring a nice lounge, concierge service and an indoor pool? Choose what makes you happy, but do keep in mind that luxury additions usually carry a hefty price tag, especially on the West Coast, where apartment rents hit higher values quickly and steadily, due to an ever-growing demand correlated with a fairly limited supply.
  2. Figure out What You Can Afford. Now’s the time to be perfectly honest with yourself and answer the following question: how much cash can you realistically afford to shed on a new Californian rental? Based on this answer, you can refine your selection criteria, such as location, square footage and amenities. At the end of the day, you may not be wealthy enough to occupy a San Francisco-based apartment costing $5,000 per month, but this shouldn’t stop you from researching different appealing properties for rent available in Oakland, Mill Valley or Berkeley. Did you know that you could actually get the keys to a fabulous uptown apartment located on William St., Oakland, for less than $3,000 per month? The key is to figure out what you really want (and can’t live without) and find a rental compatible with your budget that will offer you unlimited access to all these essentials.
  3. Set up with Right Filters. Don’t judge a book (solely) by its covers. So what if an inexpensive for rent property doesn’t look exactly like your dream house? First impressions can be deceiving; this is precisely why you should factor in numerous aspects, such as location, current condition, features and price, before making a final call. Here’s one more thing that you should know: Apartment Hunterz, California’s favorite apartment finder, lets you use the iConnect feature to get in touch with property managers and landlords. Using this handy little extra, you could ask all the rental-related questions that may be on your mind, get instant feedback from landlords and schedule in-person meetings that will help you go beyond first impressions and evaluate the pros and cons of each option presented to you in a much more objective manner.
  4. Let an Apartment Finder Simplify Your Assignment. Fishing for a good deal can be tricky, especially when you don’t know a lot about the real estate market. Fortunately, you’re not alone in this. By using the data delivered by a good apartment scout you could compare recent listings, save your favorite picks, revisit them when time permits, reach landlords, exchange documents and information and build the foundation of a mutually beneficial collaboration. Start your fulfilling journey today by checking out listings brought to you by Apartment Hunterz and retrieve the most amazing Cali-based rentals in less than a week.