Most Affordable Places in California That Are Perfect for Young Tenants

Family between boxesNumerous people who are in their 30s don’t want to have anything to do with the stress and the tremendous pressure associated with mortgage payments. Moreover, many married couples with children are looking for a nice, inexpensive rental offering them the highest level of flexibility and stability at the same time. Assuming that you can relate to this situation, could you actually afford to rent a place in Southern California, an area that is worldwide famous for its pricy slices of real estate? Truth be told, certain cities and neighborhoods based in this region also welcome non-millionaires and represent an excellent environment for young families with kids. If you’re contemplating the idea of putting down roots in Cali without spending a fortune on your first rental, keep reading to discover the simplest ways in which you could conduct an effective house hunt.

Key Elements That You Should Analyze Before Selecting a City

Where would you like to live? If your choice is not tied to a new tempting job offer, a work-related relocation or any other factor that could influence your final call, then you should feel free to evaluate each candidate based on certain criteria, such as the number (and reputation) of public and private schools available in your area, crime rates and local economy. Let’s start with the beginning: if you want to target neighborhoods with excellent schools, remember that you could use several online tools (such as GreatSchools) to measure the academic performance of each institution. Next, you should assess the compatibility between your financial situation and the overall cost of living. Again, rely on online calculators to compare the values linked to different cities. By analyzing indicators such as local purchasing power, housing, restaurants index and groceries index you could make a smart decision on your own in no time.

5 Places That You Might Love at a First Sight

Now that you know how to evaluate and rate the candidates matching your demands and realistic needs, start your house hunt by taking a closer look at the following neighborhoods, which happen to be some of the most inspired choices for young, budget-conscious families with kids.

  1. Winnetka. This neighborhood is located in the west-central part of San Fernando Valley and encompasses four private and six public schools. The median household income was estimated at $62,435. During the same timeframe, 48.3% of the local housing stock was occupied by renters. This area provides plenty of inexpensive rentals, considering that an average 2-bedroom house could cost you less than 2,900 dollars per month.
  2. Lakewood. The data provided by Zillow indicates that the median home value in this area is in the $295,100 range. This means that the odds of finding a fairly inexpensive for sale property in Lakewood are pretty high. If you’d rather stick to cheap rentals, you should also know that Lakewood has no shortage of budget-friendly options. The same source reveals that the median rent price here is $1,400 (less than the current Denver Metro median value, estimated at $1,650).
  3. Valley Village. Stretching on 2.09-square miles, Valley Village is a beautiful neighborhood suitable for young families. Approximately 68.7% of its housing units are represented by occupied rental units. This neighborhood takes pride in a recreation center featuring tennis courts, an outdoor pool, handball and basketball courts, picnic tables and an auditorium. The average price/square foot is $442, while the average two-bedroom rental unit is priced at $2,632 per month.
  4. Palms. Known as a prominent primarily residential area with great potential, Palms represents a good choice for newcomers who are interested in a Cali-based, densely populated community that does a great job at illustrating the concept of diversity. Palms counts more than a few notable points of interest, including religious sites, Pakistani and Indian businesses and restaurants, and shops and clubs targeting the well-represented Brazilian community. Need one more reason to pack your bags, spend a few days in Palms and become familiar with its long list of wonders? In this case, you should probably consider the fact that a small studio located in this area could cost you less than $1,200 per month. This is the place where spacious, family-friendly 2-bedroom houses can be found under $3,000 per month, so do keep an eye on the local real estate market and compare the solid numbers unveiled by Apartment Hunterz to make the right call.
  5. Encino. Home to no less than 3,800 powerful businesses that employ approximately 27,000 people, Encino is seen as an affluent, sought-after neighborhood with a high median income (reaching $78,529 in 2008). Encino’s thriving economy provides plenty of appealing jobs in professional services (legal, real estate and accounting), social services and healthcare. Well-liked for its gorgeous parks and recreation areas, including The Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area and Los Encinos State Historic Park, Encino also comprises the popular Balboa Sports Complex, which features an indoor gym, tennis courts, a soccer field and a playground, among other amenities that are usually appreciated by families with children.

Ways to Organize a Fun, Convenient House Hunt

To avoid complications and save time and energy during your house hunt, you should consider getting professional assistance. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should hire a real estate agent. Now you can start looking for a decent, affordable Californian rental on your own, with just a little bit of help from the team behind a trustworthy apartment finding service. Use the insight provided by Apartment Hunterz to identify and compare a broad selection of for rent properties, test the tools ensuring a close contact with landlords and property managers and schedule face-to-face meetings. The process is as simple and convenient as it gets. Give this apartment finding service a try and share your success stories with people in your circle who are also looking for affordable, tenant-friendly slices of real estate.

Jun 2015