Best Marketing Techniques for Californian Rental Properties

iStock_000070028933_SmallIn 2015, more and more families choose to forget about the pros and cons of ownership and discover the best deals on the local rental market. As a matter of fact, according to a recent market research report on apartment rentals in the U.S., published by IBISWorld, demand for affordable accommodation options available for rent will stay strong over the next five years, while homeownership rates will remain flat.

The same source indicates that the U.S. rental market triggers total revenues estimated at $165 billion and reflects an annual growth of 4.9%. Do these numbers suggest the fact that renting out an apartment in any American state is a child’s play? Not exactly! The problem is that tenants have become increasingly selective.

How to Market Your Californian Rental in 6 Easy Steps

Due to the fact that they are free to choose from a great variety of rentals matching their budget, lifestyle, taste and other requirements, prospects can now afford to be picker than ever. In this context, how can you find the perfect tenant for your Californian property without setting the bar too low? The answer is simple: work harder to promote your rental in a more effective manner. You don’t have to reduce the rent, make costly improvements or go bankrupt while spending a whopping amount of money on promotional strategies. To find the simplest way to rent out your Californian house or apartment, simply follow the six easy steps listed below.

  1. Hire a Property Manager. A property management company can offer you a helping hand when it comes to interacting with potential tenants and current ones. Basically, company representatives can take care of all your rental-related questions, necessities and concerns. It’s their job to secure tenants, address their demands, create and implement a maintenance program and deal with repair requests, if needed. Before going any further, get in touch with some of the most reputable property managers in your area and figure out whether or not you need this kind of assistance to improve your experience as a first-time landlord.
  2. Set in Place a Great Referral Program. Assuming that you have already welcomed one or more tenants on your property, turn this context into a great advantage to market your house or apartment in a more effective and convenient way. Stimulate your current tenants to promote your rental by offering them incentives. Give them a rent deduction or other perks for each and every new tenant that they bring your way. This type of referral program is a convenient, inexpensive method to fill your vacancies, while also consolidating your relationship with the people who are occupying an apartment in your building.
  3. Explore Both Online and Offline Channels. Newspaper ads and word-of-mouth are fairly effective tactics that you can employ to meet new people who could be interested in renting your house or apartment; however, note that these are just a few channels that you can explore to achieve success as a landlord. To get closer to the desirable results, it is mandatory to go online and publish, manage and edit your listings. Opt for a platform giving you all the tools and client support to market your property rapidly, cheaply and effortlessly. At the same time, you should strive to identify a website enabling you to profit from the highest level of visibility. In other words, to promote a rental on an already overcrowded market, you need a lot of exposure. This is precisely why you should go beyond Craigslist, a platform that is all about heavy traffic and rampant spam, and choose a medium that lets you reach a targeted audience and bring your ad under the nose of thousands of unique visitors who are more likely to respond to your calls-to-action.
  4. Focus on the Strongest Points of Your Property. If you have already found all the online and offline channels that you can tackle to find new tenants, come up with a series of descriptive words that could make your rental become more desirable. Don’t hesitate to brag about all the positive elements that individualize your property and give it character. If its exact location, recent remodeling work, cool and super expensive appliances, soothing décor, superb patio or luxurious amenities are the factors that define your rental, make sure they are properly highlighted in your listings. Don’t forget to post photos and/or video tours to back your statement and give potential tenants the chance to see the wonders of your property with their own eyes.
  5. Take the Time to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Rental Property. Before scheduling meetings with people who are interested in your Californian house or apartment, implement a few minor changes to enhance the curb appeal of your property. Dress up your old door, replace old, rusty hardware with new, shiny and modern alternatives, invest in quality outdoor lighting, and come up with a dynamic setting by investing in an instant, container garden. These beneficial elements will add color and definition to your outdoors, while giving you the chance to add curb appeal on time and on a budget.
  6. Profit from the Support Offered by a Respectable Apartment Finder. To be honest, finding the perfect tenant takes time, especially if you don’t want to take any chances and wish to follow every single step of the screening process. Next, communicating with potential tenants is equally complicated, considering different schedules, poor communication skills and other factors that could influence your interactions in a negative way. Fortunately, now you can bridge these gaps by using the insight and special tools brought to you by a first-class apartment finder. Apartment Hunterz lets landlords set up an account, post, edit and manage their listings and communicate with prospects in real time. Packing a plethora of useful tools and features, this service is everything you could ever need to market you Californian rental the easy and convenient way.


7 Space-Saving Tips That Could Help You Rent Out Your Small Californian Apartment

iStock_000002813462_SmallWhen you occupy a small apartment in an overcrowded city, you suddenly realize that square footage can become almost as important as oxygen and water. When you are trying to rent out that particular property, things tend to get even more complicated. Why? First of all, you naturally want to squeeze more value from your Californian piece of real estate, especially if it’s located in a sought-after city famous for its huge rent increases, like San Francisco for example. Secondly, you are fully aware of the fact that most tenants, especially the ones who are married and/or have kids, see the overall lack of space as a major drawback (and a pretty good reason to try to convince you to lower their rent).

7 Tips on How to Make Your Small Californian Rental Seem More Spacious

In this context, what are the strategies that you could employ to turn your shoebox-sized apartment into a welcoming for rent property? We give you seven easy tips that you can apply to maximize your odds of success as a first-time landlord, while enhancing apartment space in a convenient manner.

  1. Opt for a Clever Furniture Set. Why waste money on various expensive furniture pieces that may or may not look good as individual pieces of the same puzzle, when you can invest a bit of money in a space-saving set comprising a bed, chaise lounge, desk, dining table and armchair? These extremely practical and appealing all-in-one solutions can make even the most cluttered apartment seem more spacious and welcoming.
  2. Use Magnetic Knife Strips in the Bathroom. Assuming that you can’t actually afford to shed a lot of money on a new furniture set and wish to upgrade the looks of your apartment by implementing a few minor changes, consider adding several magnetic knife strips to your bathroom walls. These handy extras will enable you to collect and organize metallic items, including those bobby pins, tweezers and small metal lids that always seem to vanish into thin air just when you need them the most. While following this path, install a mason jar organizer right above your sink to make more room for your supplies, including cosmetics and hair accessories.
  3. Give a New Meaning to Old Towel Bars. By mounting old towel bars on a wall or inside your kitchen cabinets, you could maximize wall space the easy and inexpensive way. During this phase, you may also want to check out one or more clever DIY pantry systems that could help you keep your food out of sight and avoid clutter on a daily basis.
  4. Add Fold-up Dining Tables and Desks to Your Decor. Fold-up furniture is extremely sought-after for a number of reasons. First of all, obviously, such pieces have been designed to save space and this is exactly what they do. Secondly, most of these key pieces are extremely versatile and compatible with any other existing furniture elements. Thirdly, they are portable, so you could use them around the house and take them with you on your camping trip.
  5. Buy and Use Multifunctional Bedside Furniture. Bedside furniture is one of the key elements that influence the look and feel of your bedroom. Disparate pieces reflecting different styles and contrasting colors could easily make your room seem cluttered and uninviting. Fortunately, the solution to this problem is within reach: purchase and install multifunctional bedside furniture. Instead of settling for the cheapest option that you can find, go for a narrow console table that is large enough to simply slide over the bed and become a headboard/breakfast-in-bed desk/nightstand. Multipurpose pieces are always fun and easy to use; plus they usually occupy less space and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your furniture.
  6. Reorganize, Pack, Toss and Donate. Before renting out your Californian apartment, it is mandatory to clean, de-clutter and de-personalize it. This process will give you the perfect opportunity to get rid of personal belongings that you haven’t used in ages. Therefore, do not hesitate to inventory, organize and prioritize your goods, including seasonal decorations, clothing items, artworks and any other categories of items that you may have been collecting inside your home for years in a row. Leave valuable-yet-not-vital objects in storage and pack, toss or donate the rest of the things that have no or very little value to you at this point.
  7. Turn Everyday Items into Clever Storage Solutions. When you’re on a tight budget, you can seldom afford to give the green light to all your space-saving creative projects. But even when you can’t get your hands on an ingenious all-in-one furniture set, you can put your DIY skills to the test and come up with a bunch of smart storage solutions. For instance, have you ever noticed that wine boxes make extremely practical shoe holders; or that bungee cords can offer you the perfect method to store and organize all your everyday essentials, ranging from belts to necklaces and sunglasses? Follow this approach to boost the appeal and functionality of a small apartment without investing a lot of money in an ample remodeling project.

Are There Any Other Ways to Boost the Desirability of Your Californian Rental?

Now that you’ve followed all these steps to make your rental seem more spacious, you may be wondering: is there another tactic that you could explore to back your marketing efforts? Of course there is! List your for rent property with Apartment Hunterz and discover the simplest method to communicate with potential tenants, download and upload forms and employ a great variety of promotional strategies. Post, edit and organize listings the easy way and rely on fabulous pictures and video tours to keep your ad in the center of everyone’s attention. Guaranteeing the highest level of exposure for your listing, Apartment Hunterz is an influent partner that you should count on when it comes to renting out your Californian home.

7 Californian Rental Upgrades That Will Make You (and Your Landlord) Proud

Kitchen in New Luxury HomeTruth be told, it’s always difficult to find a rental that matches all your needs and demands to a tee.  Moreover, it’s even more complicated to identify and rent a house or an apartment that manages to reflect your personal style and taste. In this context, should you keep looking for a new roof over your head until you run out of options, or should you actually adopt a proactive attitude, settle for a nice Californian rental that you can afford and visualize and implement changes that won’t upset your landlord? If you’re more willing to employ the latter strategy, keep reading to discover 7 inexpensive rental makeover ideas that always pay off.

  1. Add New, Shiny Hardware. Old hardware usually manages to affect the look and feel of any room. Get rid of rusty hinges and cabinet handles and replace these pieces with modern, shiny hardware that will automatically contribute to a more polished look. Even the simplest stainless steel alternatives can completely transform your indoors, by adding gorgeous metallic accents that go well with most styles and themes.
  2. Opt for Clever Storage Ideas. If you’re on a tight budget, then you might be forced to reevaluate your priorities and settle for a small for rent house or apartment. Look on the bright side: less square footage is associated with less upkeep and smaller expenses. Fortunately, even in this situation you can boost your level of comfort by implementing a series of smart storage options.

Start by following a basic rule: you have to have a place for every single item that you choose to keep around the house. A well-edited household with fewer possessions is always easier to keep in check. Next, focus on the ways in which you can improve your existing furniture pieces. To begin with, you could add shelves to old fixtures to maximize your storage space. Vertical dividers are the ideal, inexpensive add-ons that could upgrade the looks and functionality of your kitchen cabinets.

Furthermore, wire organizers are also extremely affordable and they can enable you to store small essentials (trash bags, sandwich bags) in your cabinets. Afterwards, if you can afford to spend some money on new furniture pieces, shop around to get the best deals on multipurpose furniture. For example, you could choose to replace a worn out chair with a timelessly elegant ottoman that offers you sufficient space to store blankets and other small items that you only get to use every once in a while.

  1. Replace Old, Boring Fixtures. Next, choose to replace those cheap brass fixtures that don’t do your indoors any favors with luxurious pieces that command attention, like a bronze chandelier that you could find at a flea market or a set of modern stainless steel lighting fixtures that go oh-so-well with basically any other decorative element.
  2. Repaint the Walls. A nice coat of paint can improve the appearance of any room. Opt for pastel colors that have a soothing effect. Also, keep in mind that lighter shades are also recommended for two more reasons: they can make your rooms seem more spacious; plus they are compatible with a plentitude of contrasting hues.
  3. Breathe New Life into an Old-Fashioned Kitchen. Instead of planning on replacing expensive features and appliances, such as old-school refrigerators, beat up cupboards and stoves that look like they’ve been used on a daily basis since the early 50s, set smaller goals that are easier to reach from a financial standpoint. Attach adhesive hooks to the interior side of your cabinets, replace old, worn out pulls and knobs with new, shiny ones and make more room for smaller appliances and kitchen supplies by installing magnetic shelves.
  4. Go for Clever and Cheap Bathroom Remodel Ideas. Following the same cost-effective remodeling principles, consider replacing the least expensive elements that influence the appeal of your bathroom in a considerable manner. From towel racks, toilet paper holders and faucets to toilet paper seats, all these common items are fairly cheap and easy to replace and can turn your bathroom into a more welcoming room.
  5. Reorganize and Beautify Your Outdoor Areas. Here’s one word of advice: do not neglect the outdoors. Do everything in your power to maximize the curb appeal of your property to generate neighborhood envy. By repainting your siding, adding a few potted plants, keeping your lawn weed-free and perfectly trimmed and keeping your walkways properly lit you could turn your rental into a much more attractive slice of Californian real estate.

Always Discuss Your Options with Your Landlord Before Making Any Radical Changes

It’s always recommended to have a nice chat with your landlord for two very simple reasons: firstly, by discussing your plans with your lessor you could avoid awkward situations and mistakes that could prevent you from getting your security deposit back. Secondly, an open dialogue could enable you to beautify your home, while also saving some money that you would otherwise have to spend on rent. For instance, your landlord may be willing to give you more room for maneuver if you agree to implement a few positive changes. By moving things around, investing a small amount in affordable patio furniture and cutting down shrubs you could improve the curb appeal of the property that you’re inhabiting, while convincing your landlord to lower your rent for a certain period of time.

Start Looking for the Perfect Rental with Apartment Hunterz

Maybe you don’t want to invest time, money and energy in an ample remodeling project. This is perfectly understandable, especially at times when you can actually find fairly inexpensive Californian accommodation options online, using a good apartment finding service. If you don’t want to redirect most of your resources towards an extreme apartment makeover, choose to use the data and tools brought to you by Apartment Hunterz to spot the best rentals in your city and/or neighborhood of choice. Browse though thousands of appealing, recent listings, contact property managers and landlords, download and upload forms the easy way and profit from a simplified, rewarding apartment hunting experience.

Things That You Should Know about Life in Sacramento before Actually Moving Here

iStock_000008726016_SmallMany people who are contemplating the idea of moving to another city like to put pen to paper and analyze the pros and cons of their options very carefully before making any promises or commitments. Crime rates, ambiance, commuting routes, schools, hospitals, employment opportunities and the price associated with local accommodation alternatives are only a few of the most important aspects that newcomers usually taking into consideration.

5 Reasons Why Life in Sacramento Will Live Up to Your Expectations

Assuming that you get bored very easily and would very much like to start fresh in a city that always satisfies your cravings and your need for adventure and awesome cultural experiences, choose to pack your bags and relocate to Sacramento. Here are five key reasons why “Sactown” is a great pick for foodies, adventure-seekers, artists and various other categories of homebuyers and tenants who want to live the Californian dream.

  1. Sacramento Has the Best Icecream, Tacos and Cheeseburgers That You’ll (Probably) Ever Taste. Are you tired of your mom’s home cooked meals and want to discover the authentic taste of American specialties? One trip to the Squeeze Inn will give you the chance to sample one of the tastiest burgers that you’ll ever have. Featuring a huge amount of cheese with a nice, crunchy crust, these burgers convince most first comers to repeat this over-the-top culinary experience, while falling in love with a reinterpreted American classic. If you love ice-cold treats, don’t forget to stop by Gunther’s, Vic’s and Burr’s, where you can find the most amazing ice cream in all your favorite flavors. End the day at Chando’s with a taco filled with fresh ingredients and the best sauce ever invented.
  2. Life in Sacramento Never Gets Boring. Truth be told, there are so many things that you can do in Sacramento day and night. From popular festivals, like Summer Shakespeare Festival, to walks and picnics in the park, trips to the zoo and cool outdoor activities, Sacramento stimulates its locals to broaden their horizons, find new hobbies and explore a different side of their personality on a daily basis.
  3. Sacramento Encourages You to Give Watersports a Try. It’s not always easy to stay active, especially when you’re spending more than eight hours a day at your desk. Moreover, in general, when people start a new life in a city that they’re not familiar with, they have a hard time identifying the best deals in town and the most amazing local attractions, making new friends and meeting other individuals who share their passions and interests. If you don’t really like the idea of going to the gym or exercising at home to stay in excellent shape, choose a different path to a slimmer, more attractive body: prevent boredom and put your muscles at work by doing watersports. Sacramento comprises two waterways: the Sacramento River and the American River. The latter option is a real magnet for international tourists, as well as locals who wish to satisfy their need for adventure. This location is ideal for kayaking, boating and rafting.
  4. Sacramento Offers Quality Entertainment. If you really appreciate cosmopolitan cities that keep you entertained 24/7 and are well-known for their cultural events, then you have one more reason to put down roots in Sacramento. The Sacramento Opera, the Sacramento Ballet and the Sacramento Theater Company stun their attendees with exceptional regular performances.
  5. You Can Get a Good Deal on Rentals without Having to Contact a Real Estate Agent. There are numerous reasons why you should decide to move to Sacramento and live the rest of your days here. Maybe you wish to take on new work-related responsibilities, start looking for a better job, find a good rental property that could help you maintain your independent lifestyle or grow your own family in a superb and incredibly diverse Californian city. Either way, you should know that Sacramento addresses all these needs in an ideal manner, while also giving you the chance to choose from a great variety of decently-priced for rent houses and apartments. For example, one could find and rent a gorgeous 2-bedroom apartment on Arcade Road for less than $800 per month. Need more space for your parents and/or kids? Not a problem! A 1,200 square feet home with 3 bedrooms located on W St. Sacramento could cost you less than $1,400 a month. If you count on substantial savings, now would be a good time to buy a house, considering that sales prices have recorded a 63% growth over the past five years. The median price per square foot is estimated at $177, while the current median sales price is in the $248,000 range. Identify and tour some of the most attractive properties situated in popular neighborhoods such as Creekside, East Sacramento, Regency Park and Pocket. If you can’t afford to buy a piece of real estate, start looking for affordable rentals that could become your new home. Now you can weigh your options while juggling various other responsibilities, by using a quality apartment finding service like Apartment Hunterz. Apartment Hunterz brings you thousands of fresh, verified listings and lets you perform a rapid, targeted search by adding or removing key filters, such as location, price range, number of available bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities and so on. Instead of wasting time calling random numbers, simplify your research by relying on California’s top-rated apartment finder. Discover the listings that best respond to your requests, save your searches, use the contact info and the iConnect feature to reach property managers and/or landlords and get all the forms that you may need to close a deal, online, with a few clicks. Add 24/7 client support to this incredible list of benefits, and you’ll realize why people turn to Apartment Hunterz to rent out an apartment or monitor the hottest listings available on the market.
Jul 2015

5 Tips on How to Attract Tenants Interested in California-Based Short Term Rentals

Realtor giving house key to buyer in empty roomAt some point in your life, you may feel pressured to supplement your monthly income without working extra hours to reach your target. If you are lucky enough to own a piece of Californian real estate in one of the most amazing cities representing magnets for tourists, you may want to consider renting out your home for a short period of time.

5 Tips on How to Maximize the Appeal and Profitability of Your Californian Rental

Landlordship involves various responsibilities, including shopping around for insurance, prepping your property for tenants, handling potential complains and repair requests and more; nonetheless, the profit that it could generate is a major advantage that you should also factor in, especially if you’re cash-strapped and willing to welcome strangers into your home. If you’re contemplating the idea of renting out your place, start by taking a glance at the following easy tips on how to boost the desirability of your property on a budget.

  1. Invest in Real Estate Photography. When it comes to accentuating the strengths and masking the weaknesses of your piece of real estate, plain photos made with your old-school phone just won’t do. You know what they say: a picture is sometimes worth more than one thousand words. Invest in professional real estate photography and you won’t regret it! Also, if you’re planning on repainting or redecorating your home, opt for colors that usually look gorgeous in pictures and match the tastes of most prospects. Ivory, subtle pastels and white are excellent choices because they create the illusion of extra space and represent timelessly elegant options that are compatible with various styles and personal preferences. Complete this assignment by adding a touch of glamor to your place using hardware and decorative objects painted in classy metallic shades.
  2. Highlight the Most Desirable Aspects of Your Property in Your Ad. On overly competitive markets, it is imperative to learn how to “sell” your goods the rapid and easy way. This doesn’t mean that you should go back to school to get acquainted with complicated marketing techniques or spend a small fortune on promotional strategies targeting various online and offline channels. Be creative to reduce your costs and reach your end goal. Explore the features of a modern platform that facilitates a fast, trouble-free communication between landlords and tenants.

By creating a landlord account with Apartment Hunterz you can publish, edit and promote your listings virtually effortlessly. All the tools and guidance that you need to achieve success are one click away. This service offers you the opportunity to create a catchy description meant to individualize your property and set you apart from potential competitors.

Here’s a great tip that you should apply to maximize the exposure of your ad and get more people to give you a call: use keywords that usually raise the interest of people looking for a chic, inexpensive accommodation option that they could rent for a short period of time. “Wooden floors”, “Corian”, “stainless steel appliances” “state-of-the-art vacation rental” and “vaulted ceilings” are some of the best examples that you should use when crafting the description of your superb Californian rental. Furthermore, do keep in mind that you’ll need more than a few clever strings of words to make your listing stand out from the crowd. While posting your ad with Apartment Hunterz, you can also add up to 12 high-resolution photos and a video tour. Video tours are incredibly effective, because they ensure a deeper first contact with your property and enable viewers to visualize your home and discover its particularities anytime, anywhere without actually having to schedule an appointment and tour the house or apartment in person.

  1. Implement Minor, Cost-Effective Changes That Always Pay Off. Fix and polish your old wooden floor, repaint your walls and buy new curtains. These elements usually manage to capture your prospects’ attention at a first glance, so you should focus on improving their appearance to achieve a cheap, effective makeover for your home.
  2. Find a Reliable Property Manager. We totally get it: dealing with tenants and prospects is not always easy and pleasant. You have to spend a lot of time screening new candidates, collecting rent, taking care of repairs and maintenance work, dealing with complaints and so on. Fortunately, now you can hire a property manager who could lift this weight off your shoulders. Find someone who shares your vision and is able to maintain a flawless relationship with tenants while staying focused on all administrative chores.
  3. Opt for the Services of an Apartment Finder. Did you know that a modern apartment finding service can help you keep expenses in check while marketing your Californian rental in an ideal way? Think about it this way: this type of service is extremely affordable. On the other hand, it allows you to unlock a various useful tools and features designed to simplify your ad writing, editing and posting routine. In addition, apartment finders bring you modern listing features and the highest level of exposure that you could ever hope to get online.

For example, by promoting your house or apartment via Apartment Hunterz, you could get the attention of no less than 2,500 active members and 20,000 unique visitors on a daily basis. Last but not least, this service also supports mutually beneficial interactions between tenants and landlords. You can upload an application form in MS Word or PDF format and get all your listings emails to the people who are looking forward to finding and renting a property like the one that you own. On top of that, you can use the iConnect feature to stay in touch with prospects, answer their questions promptly and accurately and build solider relationships.

These are only a few reasons why both tenants and landlords love Apartment Hunterz. Its plethora of handy tools and features, 24/7 client support and fantastic promotional strategies make it easier for its clients to discover and close the best deals on the Californian real estate market. Start using this service today and find out how you could turn your house into a cash cow rapidly and inexpensively.