What to Expect from a Top-Rated Californian Apartment Finder

iStock_000016546062_SmallKnown as the Promise Land where lavishing accommodation options carry astronomical price tags, California has no shortage of appealing, decently priced rentals that might interest you. From small studios to luxurious mansions displaying high-end amenities, this sunny state will most definitely surprise you with diverse slices of real estate meant to match different tastes, needs, fantasies and budgets. This overwhelming diversity can complicate your house hunt, making you lose your patience and focus. At the same time, Californian landlords may also have a hard time making their properties stand out from the crowd. If you’re getting ready to find the best tenant/landlord and close a deal in less than a week, here are a few reasons why you should involve an apartment finder in this process.

Reasons Why Tenants Need an Apartment Finder

  1. Saved Searches. This feature lets you revisit all your favorite candidates, compare best options in terms of price, features, amenities and location, and make an informed choice.
  2. Thousands of Listings Updated on a Regular Basis. Why waste your time on different websites and forums, when you can perform a rapid, targeted search? This is the simplest, fastest way to apply filters and stumble across exceptional properties for rent matching your selection criteria in terms of size, price tag, ZIP code and so on.
  3. A Better Connection with Landlords and Property Managers. Tired of calling dozens of people daily? Worried that instead of “Hello, nice to hear from you” you may hear “Sorry, it’s rented”? These are only a few of the most common impediments that potential tenants usually complain about during their house hunt. The good news is that Apartment Hunterz has managed to eliminate these drawbacks, by implementing a series of tools and features leading to a faultless 1 on 1 communication with landlords and property managers. Whether you wish to ask for additional details on the property that you are planning on renting, want to submit forms or have certain aspects that you need to clarify certain aspects with a lessor, you can achieve all these goals over the Internet, by using an apartment finding service.
  4. Excellent Customer Support. Sometimes, your busy schedule may force you to put your house hunt on hold for an indefinite period of time. After all, what other options do you have, considering that you can’t afford to waste any time monitoring all the new listings that get posted and/or updated every hour? Luckily for you, Apartment Hunterz gives you the chance to analyze updates on new listings before anyone else, by sending you notifications via email and SMS. Basically, this apartment finding service does all the work for you, allowing all its clients to save time and money while prepping the ground for a satisfying real estate transaction.

Do Apartment Finding Services Also Work for Landlords?

Why do landlords count on apartment finding services when it comes to promoting their slices of real estate and establishing a connection with people who are interested in their properties? The answer is quite simple: such services are the best alternative to a real estate agent and facilitate the communication between landlords, property managers and potential tenants. At the same time, by implementing the right search engine optimization tactics, these online platforms are able to guarantee the highest level of exposure for individuals who wish to rent out their houses or apartments in California, post and edit their listings and reach prospects the easy and convenient way. As a matter of fact, landlords who choose to follow this path to get acquainted with the perfect tenant gain three key advantages.

  1. The Chance to Market Any Property in an Effective Manner. Word-of-mouth is somewhat effective only when you can actually establish a connection with a large circle of influencers who would be willing to spread the word about your California rental. Moreover, hiring a real estate agent to squeeze more value from your property may work, but this tactic could also involve significant expenses. In this context, what’s the best technique that you could use to promote your house or apartment without breaking the bank? An apartment finding service lets you bring your listing in front of a large targeted audience. Furthermore, it gives you access to essential tools that you may need to reflect the strongest points of your listings and make your prospects an offer that they could not be able to refuse.
  2. The Opportunity to Identify and Screen Tenants with Minimal Effort. Finding and screening tenants can be quite a hassle, especially when you receive dozens of calls from prospects on a daily basis and have very little time and desire to schedule a meeting with total strangers. Fortunately, technology works to your best advantage, allowing you to eliminate this obstacle once and for all. The iConnect feature introduced by Apartment Hunterz supports a flawless dialogue between landlords and tenants and lets both parties reach an agreement rapidly and effortlessly, without actually having to use their phones to exchange information.
  3. Stellar 24/7 Client Service. In reality, not all Californian landlords are tech savvy and ready to use an impressive collection of online tools to their best advantage. While posting, editing and updating listings is a simple, straightforward process, it’s always good to know that you’re not alone in this. Inspired by your needs and concerns, Apartment Hunterz has introduced a live chat feature ensuring quality 24/7 customer support. In addition, a landlord hotline is also available, so you would just have to call (310) 982-2536 and let a dedicated staff member answer your questions and address all the problems that you may encounter at some point. As a landlord, whether you wish to post, manage or retrieve your listings, update your profile or download a set of standard rental forms, you should know that Apartment Hunterz has everything covered, and the best expert advice is only one click away.

Closing a Transaction on the Californian Real Estate Market Doesn’t Have to Be a Challenge

Outstanding client service, professionalism, promptitude and a plethora of additional features and tools represent the main reasons why both landlords and tenants choose to do business with California’s biggest and most esteemed apartment finder. Find out what Apartment Hunterz can do for you and reach your unique real estate goals rapidly and effortlessly, with a little help from a team of professionals.

Jul 2015