Things That You Should Know about Life in Sacramento before Actually Moving Here

iStock_000008726016_SmallMany people who are contemplating the idea of moving to another city like to put pen to paper and analyze the pros and cons of their options very carefully before making any promises or commitments. Crime rates, ambiance, commuting routes, schools, hospitals, employment opportunities and the price associated with local accommodation alternatives are only a few of the most important aspects that newcomers usually taking into consideration.

5 Reasons Why Life in Sacramento Will Live Up to Your Expectations

Assuming that you get bored very easily and would very much like to start fresh in a city that always satisfies your cravings and your need for adventure and awesome cultural experiences, choose to pack your bags and relocate to Sacramento. Here are five key reasons why “Sactown” is a great pick for foodies, adventure-seekers, artists and various other categories of homebuyers and tenants who want to live the Californian dream.

  1. Sacramento Has the Best Icecream, Tacos and Cheeseburgers That You’ll (Probably) Ever Taste. Are you tired of your mom’s home cooked meals and want to discover the authentic taste of American specialties? One trip to the Squeeze Inn will give you the chance to sample one of the tastiest burgers that you’ll ever have. Featuring a huge amount of cheese with a nice, crunchy crust, these burgers convince most first comers to repeat this over-the-top culinary experience, while falling in love with a reinterpreted American classic. If you love ice-cold treats, don’t forget to stop by Gunther’s, Vic’s and Burr’s, where you can find the most amazing ice cream in all your favorite flavors. End the day at Chando’s with a taco filled with fresh ingredients and the best sauce ever invented.
  2. Life in Sacramento Never Gets Boring. Truth be told, there are so many things that you can do in Sacramento day and night. From popular festivals, like Summer Shakespeare Festival, to walks and picnics in the park, trips to the zoo and cool outdoor activities, Sacramento stimulates its locals to broaden their horizons, find new hobbies and explore a different side of their personality on a daily basis.
  3. Sacramento Encourages You to Give Watersports a Try. It’s not always easy to stay active, especially when you’re spending more than eight hours a day at your desk. Moreover, in general, when people start a new life in a city that they’re not familiar with, they have a hard time identifying the best deals in town and the most amazing local attractions, making new friends and meeting other individuals who share their passions and interests. If you don’t really like the idea of going to the gym or exercising at home to stay in excellent shape, choose a different path to a slimmer, more attractive body: prevent boredom and put your muscles at work by doing watersports. Sacramento comprises two waterways: the Sacramento River and the American River. The latter option is a real magnet for international tourists, as well as locals who wish to satisfy their need for adventure. This location is ideal for kayaking, boating and rafting.
  4. Sacramento Offers Quality Entertainment. If you really appreciate cosmopolitan cities that keep you entertained 24/7 and are well-known for their cultural events, then you have one more reason to put down roots in Sacramento. The Sacramento Opera, the Sacramento Ballet and the Sacramento Theater Company stun their attendees with exceptional regular performances.
  5. You Can Get a Good Deal on Rentals without Having to Contact a Real Estate Agent. There are numerous reasons why you should decide to move to Sacramento and live the rest of your days here. Maybe you wish to take on new work-related responsibilities, start looking for a better job, find a good rental property that could help you maintain your independent lifestyle or grow your own family in a superb and incredibly diverse Californian city. Either way, you should know that Sacramento addresses all these needs in an ideal manner, while also giving you the chance to choose from a great variety of decently-priced for rent houses and apartments. For example, one could find and rent a gorgeous 2-bedroom apartment on Arcade Road for less than $800 per month. Need more space for your parents and/or kids? Not a problem! A 1,200 square feet home with 3 bedrooms located on W St. Sacramento could cost you less than $1,400 a month. If you count on substantial savings, now would be a good time to buy a house, considering that sales prices have recorded a 63% growth over the past five years. The median price per square foot is estimated at $177, while the current median sales price is in the $248,000 range. Identify and tour some of the most attractive properties situated in popular neighborhoods such as Creekside, East Sacramento, Regency Park and Pocket. If you can’t afford to buy a piece of real estate, start looking for affordable rentals that could become your new home. Now you can weigh your options while juggling various other responsibilities, by using a quality apartment finding service like Apartment Hunterz. Apartment Hunterz brings you thousands of fresh, verified listings and lets you perform a rapid, targeted search by adding or removing key filters, such as location, price range, number of available bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities and so on. Instead of wasting time calling random numbers, simplify your research by relying on California’s top-rated apartment finder. Discover the listings that best respond to your requests, save your searches, use the contact info and the iConnect feature to reach property managers and/or landlords and get all the forms that you may need to close a deal, online, with a few clicks. Add 24/7 client support to this incredible list of benefits, and you’ll realize why people turn to Apartment Hunterz to rent out an apartment or monitor the hottest listings available on the market.
Jul 2015