7 Space-Saving Tips That Could Help You Rent Out Your Small Californian Apartment

iStock_000002813462_SmallWhen you occupy a small apartment in an overcrowded city, you suddenly realize that square footage can become almost as important as oxygen and water. When you are trying to rent out that particular property, things tend to get even more complicated. Why? First of all, you naturally want to squeeze more value from your Californian piece of real estate, especially if it’s located in a sought-after city famous for its huge rent increases, like San Francisco for example. Secondly, you are fully aware of the fact that most tenants, especially the ones who are married and/or have kids, see the overall lack of space as a major drawback (and a pretty good reason to try to convince you to lower their rent).

7 Tips on How to Make Your Small Californian Rental Seem More Spacious

In this context, what are the strategies that you could employ to turn your shoebox-sized apartment into a welcoming for rent property? We give you seven easy tips that you can apply to maximize your odds of success as a first-time landlord, while enhancing apartment space in a convenient manner.

  1. Opt for a Clever Furniture Set. Why waste money on various expensive furniture pieces that may or may not look good as individual pieces of the same puzzle, when you can invest a bit of money in a space-saving set comprising a bed, chaise lounge, desk, dining table and armchair? These extremely practical and appealing all-in-one solutions can make even the most cluttered apartment seem more spacious and welcoming.
  2. Use Magnetic Knife Strips in the Bathroom. Assuming that you can’t actually afford to shed a lot of money on a new furniture set and wish to upgrade the looks of your apartment by implementing a few minor changes, consider adding several magnetic knife strips to your bathroom walls. These handy extras will enable you to collect and organize metallic items, including those bobby pins, tweezers and small metal lids that always seem to vanish into thin air just when you need them the most. While following this path, install a mason jar organizer right above your sink to make more room for your supplies, including cosmetics and hair accessories.
  3. Give a New Meaning to Old Towel Bars. By mounting old towel bars on a wall or inside your kitchen cabinets, you could maximize wall space the easy and inexpensive way. During this phase, you may also want to check out one or more clever DIY pantry systems that could help you keep your food out of sight and avoid clutter on a daily basis.
  4. Add Fold-up Dining Tables and Desks to Your Decor. Fold-up furniture is extremely sought-after for a number of reasons. First of all, obviously, such pieces have been designed to save space and this is exactly what they do. Secondly, most of these key pieces are extremely versatile and compatible with any other existing furniture elements. Thirdly, they are portable, so you could use them around the house and take them with you on your camping trip.
  5. Buy and Use Multifunctional Bedside Furniture. Bedside furniture is one of the key elements that influence the look and feel of your bedroom. Disparate pieces reflecting different styles and contrasting colors could easily make your room seem cluttered and uninviting. Fortunately, the solution to this problem is within reach: purchase and install multifunctional bedside furniture. Instead of settling for the cheapest option that you can find, go for a narrow console table that is large enough to simply slide over the bed and become a headboard/breakfast-in-bed desk/nightstand. Multipurpose pieces are always fun and easy to use; plus they usually occupy less space and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your furniture.
  6. Reorganize, Pack, Toss and Donate. Before renting out your Californian apartment, it is mandatory to clean, de-clutter and de-personalize it. This process will give you the perfect opportunity to get rid of personal belongings that you haven’t used in ages. Therefore, do not hesitate to inventory, organize and prioritize your goods, including seasonal decorations, clothing items, artworks and any other categories of items that you may have been collecting inside your home for years in a row. Leave valuable-yet-not-vital objects in storage and pack, toss or donate the rest of the things that have no or very little value to you at this point.
  7. Turn Everyday Items into Clever Storage Solutions. When you’re on a tight budget, you can seldom afford to give the green light to all your space-saving creative projects. But even when you can’t get your hands on an ingenious all-in-one furniture set, you can put your DIY skills to the test and come up with a bunch of smart storage solutions. For instance, have you ever noticed that wine boxes make extremely practical shoe holders; or that bungee cords can offer you the perfect method to store and organize all your everyday essentials, ranging from belts to necklaces and sunglasses? Follow this approach to boost the appeal and functionality of a small apartment without investing a lot of money in an ample remodeling project.

Are There Any Other Ways to Boost the Desirability of Your Californian Rental?

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