7 Californian Rental Upgrades That Will Make You (and Your Landlord) Proud

Kitchen in New Luxury HomeTruth be told, it’s always difficult to find a rental that matches all your needs and demands to a tee.  Moreover, it’s even more complicated to identify and rent a house or an apartment that manages to reflect your personal style and taste. In this context, should you keep looking for a new roof over your head until you run out of options, or should you actually adopt a proactive attitude, settle for a nice Californian rental that you can afford and visualize and implement changes that won’t upset your landlord? If you’re more willing to employ the latter strategy, keep reading to discover 7 inexpensive rental makeover ideas that always pay off.

  1. Add New, Shiny Hardware. Old hardware usually manages to affect the look and feel of any room. Get rid of rusty hinges and cabinet handles and replace these pieces with modern, shiny hardware that will automatically contribute to a more polished look. Even the simplest stainless steel alternatives can completely transform your indoors, by adding gorgeous metallic accents that go well with most styles and themes.
  2. Opt for Clever Storage Ideas. If you’re on a tight budget, then you might be forced to reevaluate your priorities and settle for a small for rent house or apartment. Look on the bright side: less square footage is associated with less upkeep and smaller expenses. Fortunately, even in this situation you can boost your level of comfort by implementing a series of smart storage options.

Start by following a basic rule: you have to have a place for every single item that you choose to keep around the house. A well-edited household with fewer possessions is always easier to keep in check. Next, focus on the ways in which you can improve your existing furniture pieces. To begin with, you could add shelves to old fixtures to maximize your storage space. Vertical dividers are the ideal, inexpensive add-ons that could upgrade the looks and functionality of your kitchen cabinets.

Furthermore, wire organizers are also extremely affordable and they can enable you to store small essentials (trash bags, sandwich bags) in your cabinets. Afterwards, if you can afford to spend some money on new furniture pieces, shop around to get the best deals on multipurpose furniture. For example, you could choose to replace a worn out chair with a timelessly elegant ottoman that offers you sufficient space to store blankets and other small items that you only get to use every once in a while.

  1. Replace Old, Boring Fixtures. Next, choose to replace those cheap brass fixtures that don’t do your indoors any favors with luxurious pieces that command attention, like a bronze chandelier that you could find at a flea market or a set of modern stainless steel lighting fixtures that go oh-so-well with basically any other decorative element.
  2. Repaint the Walls. A nice coat of paint can improve the appearance of any room. Opt for pastel colors that have a soothing effect. Also, keep in mind that lighter shades are also recommended for two more reasons: they can make your rooms seem more spacious; plus they are compatible with a plentitude of contrasting hues.
  3. Breathe New Life into an Old-Fashioned Kitchen. Instead of planning on replacing expensive features and appliances, such as old-school refrigerators, beat up cupboards and stoves that look like they’ve been used on a daily basis since the early 50s, set smaller goals that are easier to reach from a financial standpoint. Attach adhesive hooks to the interior side of your cabinets, replace old, worn out pulls and knobs with new, shiny ones and make more room for smaller appliances and kitchen supplies by installing magnetic shelves.
  4. Go for Clever and Cheap Bathroom Remodel Ideas. Following the same cost-effective remodeling principles, consider replacing the least expensive elements that influence the appeal of your bathroom in a considerable manner. From towel racks, toilet paper holders and faucets to toilet paper seats, all these common items are fairly cheap and easy to replace and can turn your bathroom into a more welcoming room.
  5. Reorganize and Beautify Your Outdoor Areas. Here’s one word of advice: do not neglect the outdoors. Do everything in your power to maximize the curb appeal of your property to generate neighborhood envy. By repainting your siding, adding a few potted plants, keeping your lawn weed-free and perfectly trimmed and keeping your walkways properly lit you could turn your rental into a much more attractive slice of Californian real estate.

Always Discuss Your Options with Your Landlord Before Making Any Radical Changes

It’s always recommended to have a nice chat with your landlord for two very simple reasons: firstly, by discussing your plans with your lessor you could avoid awkward situations and mistakes that could prevent you from getting your security deposit back. Secondly, an open dialogue could enable you to beautify your home, while also saving some money that you would otherwise have to spend on rent. For instance, your landlord may be willing to give you more room for maneuver if you agree to implement a few positive changes. By moving things around, investing a small amount in affordable patio furniture and cutting down shrubs you could improve the curb appeal of the property that you’re inhabiting, while convincing your landlord to lower your rent for a certain period of time.

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Maybe you don’t want to invest time, money and energy in an ample remodeling project. This is perfectly understandable, especially at times when you can actually find fairly inexpensive Californian accommodation options online, using a good apartment finding service. If you don’t want to redirect most of your resources towards an extreme apartment makeover, choose to use the data and tools brought to you by Apartment Hunterz to spot the best rentals in your city and/or neighborhood of choice. Browse though thousands of appealing, recent listings, contact property managers and landlords, download and upload forms the easy way and profit from a simplified, rewarding apartment hunting experience.

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