7 Cost-Effective Ways in Which You Could Improve Your Tenant’s Experience

Young business couple discussing rental agreement.You don’t have to be an experienced real estate agent to realize the fact that tenants have plenty of options at hand, especially on local markets where most landlords are struggling to fill their vacancies and turn their Californian rentals into a profitable cash cow. To boost retention and develop a mutually beneficial relationship with your prospects, you need more than a nice property and above average people skills.

7 Ways to Keep Your Tenants Happy without Investing a Fortune in Your Rental

In today’s market, you have to go the extra mile to help your tenants reach the conclusion that your Californian house or apartment is worthy of their time, attention and money. How do you do that? In order to achieve success while building a stronger relationship with your tenants, you have to go beyond first impressions and actually focus on the aspects that will guarantee the happiness and absolute satisfaction of your occupants in the long run. Here are seven easy tips that will help you get started.

  1. Add Value to Your Property to Boost Retention. Create an effective client service plan by elaborating a list inventorying the pros and cons of your property. What are the amenities that add value to your rental? What are the features that it lacks? Keep in mind that you could easily boost the profitability of your slice of real estate by adding a few affordable and extremely desirable elements, like a washer and dryer for instance. If you can afford to pay for these extras, employ this strategy to up the quality of your tenants’ experience.
  2. Implement Better Service Delivery Programs. Even if you can’t really afford to make radical changes that could reshape your property by boosting its appeal and functionality, remember that not all is lost. You could still keep your tenants close in the long term by designing and implementing an improved service delivery program. Make the most of modern tools (including mobile technology that delivers massive amounts of real-time information) to discover and address the needs of your residents. Maid services, golf cart rentals, personal chef services and pet grooming services are listed among some of the most popular extras that help luxury vacation rentals to maintain their competitive edge. Get inspired by their success story and surprise your own prospects with a list of complimentary or ridiculously affordable additions tailored to their budget, schedule and lifestyle choices.
  3. Create a Wonderful Ambiance. Can’t compete with an amazing apartment complex featuring large indoor pools and wellness centers? Can’t afford to provide additional services that could automatically boost your tenants’ satisfaction? If that’s the case, at least try to work on the looks and vibe of your indoors. No, you don’t necessarily have to repaint the walls or change your furniture to recreate this positive effect. Instead, turn your building into a nurturing environment by using invigorating scents and adding the right visuals and music to common areas. All these beneficial factors could help you individualize your Californian rental and maintain a better relationship between key holders.
  4. Manage Complains in a Prompt Manner. Do you have tenants who complain about other tenants because they’re rude, noisy or fail to comply with the rules that you have set as a landlord? Take the time you need to mediate potential disputes and convert your rental into a more pleasant, peaceful and stimulating environment.
  5. Maintain an Open Dialogue with Your Tenants. While modern technology has definitely simplified our lives and changed the way in which we communicate with each other and do business, it seems that most people are still in favor of old-school communication methods. A recent report introduced by Nielsen indicates that 69% of all consumers have the distinctive impression that face-to-face interactions have been gradually replaced by modern, electronic ones. Chances are that your tenants share this opinion; therefore, instead of bombarding them with dozens of surveys and requests via phone or emails, organize a face-to-face meeting and give them the chance to identify and assess the strengths and weaknesses of your property and management staff.
  6. Stimulate Feedback and Use Your Tenants’ Input to Improve Property Management. How could you actually maintain an ideal working relationship with the occupants of your Californian house or apartment? Here’s a path worth exploring: solicit their feedback on a regular basis. File sharing platforms make it easier for you to conduct a survey and get the insight that you may need to implement positive changes and up the quality of your tenants’ experience. Regular feedback enables you to focus your attention on key service elements and enhance your performance, so don’t hesitate to get very specific and target the aspects that interest you the most, such as the work of your maintenance staff and the assessment of a recently completed job.
  7. Use the Tools Brought by an Apartment Finding Service to Strengthen Your Bond with Potential Tenants. Let’s get one thing straight: building and maintaining a solid connection with people who are not your old friends or relatives can be challenging. First impressions count a great deal and tend to shape the nature and depth of your relationship with potential tenants; in fact, this is one of the reasons why all landlords should focus on ways to build credibility and trust while interacting with the individuals who may end up occupying their Californian rental. This process isn’t as complicated as it may seem, considering that the most reputable California-based apartment finding service facilitates the development of a longer-lasting tie between landlords and tenants.

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Aug 2015