6 Things That Tenants Interested in Luxury Real Estate in California Should Actually Obsess Over

Beauty interior in contemporary designWhen you think about luxurious California-based pieces of real estate, you automatically start daydreaming about huge tennis courts, heated swimming pools, sophisticated fire pits and breathtaking rooftops enabling you to contemplate gorgeous surroundings.

If you have a lot of money in your bank account and can spend your resources as you see fit, you have the liberty to select a high-end for rent property based solely on your preferences and your gut instincts. But even in this situation, you should probably ask yourself the following question: how are these upscale amenities actually influencing my overall quality of life and level of comfort?  While some of the features displayed by your favorite Californian rentals may be truly useful and awesome-looking, the rest could have a low practical value.

Furthermore, you should also factor in that the most expensive elements comprised by a pricy slice of real estate trigger inflated utility bills and significant maintenance costs. Think about it this way: to resurface your tennis court, you would have to spend anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000. At the same time, a pool could cost you around $3,000 per year, including installation, potential repairs and maintenance work. You just have to do the math to realize that premium amenities and features can make you spend thousands of dollars yearly, mostly on services and improvements that don’t really make a difference in your life. In this context, it is mandatory to separate the desirable extras from the add-ons that can add real value to your Californian rental without digging holes in your monthly budget. Here are six key elements that you should obsess over, as a tenant seeking a high-end piece of real estate.

  1. Architectural Uniqueness. Trends come and go in fashion and architecture. However, a practical dress with a clean cut and a house with solid bones are timeless pieces that will preserve and maybe even increase their value in time. This is why you should get acquainted with the works of some of the most prominent local architects and start looking for homes representing their most successful projects. Rate each property as a whole, based on its foundation, the quality of its materials, creative vision, practicality and overall sense of style.
  2. The Height of the Ceiling. Instead of evaluating luxury rentals based on square footage, choose to compare them in terms of cubic footage. An apartment with a higher ceiling will always stun you with its airy, bright rooms and superior comfort; not to mention the fact that each moment spent in a room with a 14 foot ceiling will make you feel like the distinguished member of a royal family.
  3. In-Unit Washer and Dryer. Laundry machines placed in the basement are a must-have that should be encompassed by each luxury property available for rent. Convenient and practical, this type of in-unit laundry helps you save space inside the house. If you’d rather opt for professional dry cleaning services on a regular basis, note that you could always turn the room occupied by your washer and dryer into additional closet space.
  4. Well-Done Renovations. Over the course of time, sellers and landlords have learned a very valuable lesson: investing in expensive remodeling projects is risky, especially when you’re transforming your indoor and outdoor spaces based solely on your unique creative vision. Extensive customization is not always a smart move, especially when you’re planning on renting or selling your house or apartment.

Just think about it: you may be madly in love with the discrete glow of new, shiny stainless steel appliances and the subtle charm of an industrial, minimalist style, but your prospects could be fond of opulent décors and baroque furniture pieces. In this situation, it would be best to avoid remodeling projects with low or zero practical value and focus on improvements that could actually benefit you tenants. Well-done, necessary renovations revolving around key elements such as finishes and fixtures usually capture the attention of potential clients without interfering with their very own creative ideas.

  1. A Practical Layout. If you can spend a little more money on a giant property carrying a big price tag, choose one with a practical layout. Go for a rental with airy rooms, which enables you to maintain a separation between private and social areas. After all, you wouldn’t want your guests to knock on your bedroom door and invade your privacy every single time they need to use the bathroom. Also, you may want to avoid constructions comprising space-wasting structures, such as staircases, large hallways or rooms with a complicated architecture and reduced functionality.
  2. Clever, Glamorous Storage Solutions. If you can shed a significant amount of money on a rental worth thousands or even millions of dollars, then you may want to add a new filter to separate the good candidates from the truly amazing ones. Judge every single option based on the storage solutions that it offers. Extra storage room available in the basement and bright, glamorous custom closets with a multifaceted design are among the top amenities that always manage to create an excellent first impression.

What If You Can’t Actually Afford to Rent a Luxury Apartment in California?

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Aug 2015