5 Elements to Consider When It Comes to Renting a Kid-Friendly Apartment in California

Happy family on  floor near  empty  wall in the apartment bought on mortgageFinding a new home in California can be quite a challenge, especially when you have zero connections and just a few dollars in your bank account. When you have kids, things tend to get even more complicated. Obviously, as a caring parent, you have to put their necessities first. Their safety and wellbeing become your number one priority.

This is why you end up spending weeks or months researching different neighborhoods and comparing slices of real estate based on factors that single adults may not find that important, like proximity to schools and playgrounds for example.

5 Elements That Families with Kids Always Factor in Before Renting a House or an Apartment

Wondering how you could simplify the selection process without ignoring any details that might make a difference in your kids’ lives? We’ve compiled a list of five key elements that you should take into consideration before visiting any new neighborhoods and touring any for rent properties.

  1. Potential Risk Factors. Start by inventorying and addressing all the risk factors that could put your child’s comfort and safety on the line. For instance, check all banisters and railings when visiting a new property. These items have to be secure and should never wobble when you put a little bit of pressure on them. Railings should be sturdy and high, with little space between its parapets. Moreover, keep in mind that low windows could be a real hazard. It is always best to install child locks, as an extra measure of precaution. In case the windows don’t have locks or the locks are broken, don’t hesitate to discuss this issue with the landlord before you decide to move in. In addition, remember that hardwood stairs could also be dangerous, especially if you have one or two young children running around the house at all times. Opt for a property with carpeted, wide stairs or add a roll runner for extra protection.
  2. Amenities. Some amenities can make your life a whole lot easier when you have kids. For instance, an in-unit washer and dryer will help you keep your kids’ clothes clean at all times. A fenced yard will allow you to achieve peace of mind, even when you’re busy cleaning or cooking and don’t have time to supervise their kids. A nice playground improvised in your garden will give you the opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones and organize the best parties for kids at home. While comparing different pieces of real estate based on the amenities that they offer, you should start by separating your must-haves from the add-ons that could add value to your rental. For example, while you don’t really need a secured pool inside your apartment complex to create the perfect environment for your children, you may need bigger, airier rooms and an in-house washer and dryer in your life to ensure a higher level of comfort for your youngsters.
  3. Upgrades. Next, focus on upgrades that you can’t and shouldn’t live without. Think of the new elements that you have to implement to turn a rental into a safer, more inviting place. Also, you should probably stick to additions implying minor décor changes that are perfectly reversible. For instance, while baby-proofing your new home, start looking for modern, user-friendly products that could be easily installed and removed without damaging the setting. If you can afford to buy new furniture, consider investing in multifunctional pieces that could turn your house or apartment into a more spacious environment. Beds and desks providing clever storage solutions are excellent choices, especially when you have kids and feel compelled to make the most of every millimeter of available space.
  4. Available Space. Speaking of space, it’s no secret that kids can make even a 5-bedroom property seem crowded and cluttered at all times. Sometimes, you don’t need to start looking for a bigger slice of real estate to live a comfortable life as a parent of 3; you just have to come up with better organizational tactics and more effective storage options. Usually, some of the best rentals for families with kids are the ones that comprise a secure play area and plenty of storage space for clothes, accessories, toys and other everyday essentials.
  5. Proximity. Proximity to schools and local attractions (malls, parks, recreational centers) is another important selection criterion. A rental property that is fairly close to the best schools in your city, a library and a mall is a great asset. Don’t forget to tour all these places before agreeing to sign on the dotted line.

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