5 Key Benefits of Californian Corporate Housing Options

iStock_000072524403_SmallRegardless of their profile, profit margins, size or employee count, all companies employ certain strategies to maximize their productivity while reducing their costs. However, while some expenses linked to new projects, such as acquisitions or job openings, could be avoided, it can be pretty difficult to cut down costs associated with frequent travels, especially when you’re managing a company with multiple headquarters.

Why Inexpensive California-Based Housing Options Are a Gold Mine for Savvy Businessmen

Even if you’re not actually responsible for the growth of an enterprise with several business locations, you may still have to go (or send your employees) on regular trips to establish new contacts with potential clients or partners or address the needs and demands of existing ones. Regardless of your future business-related goals, you should acknowledge the fact that investing in affordable California-based corporate housing options is always a good call, for a number of reasons.

  1. Corporate Housing Rentals Help Businesses Save Money. First of all, corporate housing is a money-saving option that most businessmen take into consideration, especially when they realize that the ascension of their enterprise depends on regular business trips. Recent statistics indicate that the average domestic travel costs are in the $111.7 billion range every single year. Moreover, according to the same source, the average cost of a hotel is $155 (domestic, per night) or $275 (international, per night). As CNBC points out, the expenses associated with a domestic business trip in the U.S. are estimated at $990. However, costs vary a great deal depending on your destination.

A day spent in the affluent, cosmopolitan San Francisco can make you take $440 out of your pockets, while European cities such as Paris or London can force you to spend more than $500 per day on extravagant hotel rooms and fine wining and dining experiences. The good news is that you can save money by avoiding expensive accommodation options without sacrificing comfort. Using the data delivered by Apartment Hunterz, you can track, visualize and rent some of the hottest and least expensive corporate housing rentals in your Californian city of choice.

  1. Corporate Housing Options Can Make Your Employee’s Trips Much More Enjoyable. Think about it this way: regular business trips tend to be quite tiresome, especially when they are linked to long, stressful flights, even longer working hours and impersonal hotel rooms. You may not be able to control the flight duration, but you can certainly improve your employees’ wellbeing by letting them stay in a comfortable, fully furnished, elegant apartment offering a superior “home away from home” experience. Choose a rental featuring all the key amenities that your people may require during their stay, including an in-house washer and dryer, air conditioning, TV and a spacious kitchen where they could prepare their own food. By giving your staff members the chance to plan and cook their own meals, you encourage them to save more money and maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet.
  2. Corporate Housing Contributes to More Productive Meetings. It goes without saying that happy employees make happy customers. If you want to boost your profits, start by ensuring the best conditions for your most valuable assets, inside and outside the office. By offering them the chance to spend a few nights in a comfortable corporate housing rental you could elevate their productivity and motivation and give them a new reason to top their own performances and help you reach your most ambitious business goals.
  3. Corporate Housings Provide the Space That You May Need to Host Regular Executive Meetings. Assuming that you have to host or attend regular executive meetings on a regular basis, you should know that some of the best corporate housing rentals provide enough space to help you organize the most productive brainstorming sessions while using a great variety of tools, services and equipment (phone, fax, Internet connection, computers) to stay connected at all times. Multifunctional interiors enable you to convert a living room into a flawless conference room in a matter of a few minutes.
  4. You Can Always Rent the Place Out to Other People. Corporate housing represents a great investment for a number of reasons. First of all, you can use the extra space to avoid costs associated with fancy hotels and meals. Secondly, these options are great for people who go on business trips very often, simply because they ensure that homey ambiance that most individuals need to feel at ease and stay focused on what needs to be done. Last but not least, a great rental can also help you make a profit, by allowing you to find the perfect tenants for it. Keep in mind that instead of keeping your property vacant, you could always choose to rent it to other businessmen for a short period of time. Inventing in this category of real estate slices is a safe bet today, considering the fact that most business owners are striving to reduce travel costs, while creating the best conditions for their most valuable in-house talents.

Can You Actually Find a Great Corporate Housing Rental in a Matter of a Few Days?

Finding a fully furnished corporate housing rental in one of California’s most overcrowded urban areas seems to be an intangible goal, especially for businessmen whose options are extremely limited by a thin budget. If you would very much like to rent a space that you could use to accommodate your staff members during their regular business trips, use to host your meetings or rent out to other people to supplement your income, start by using the world class apartment finding service introduced by Apartment Hunterz. This Californian real estate expert brings you the finest, freshest listings available in some of the most desirable cities and gives you the opportunity to rent a great place in a few days, the effortless way.

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