7 Signs Indicating That You Should Leave Your Old Apartment and Start Looking for a New Rental

shutterstock_158589470Saying goodbye to a place that you’ve considered your home for so long can be heartbreaking, especially if that particular house or apartment is filled with awesome memories and if you always tend to get attached to places, people and things. Nonetheless, while change is never easy, it is usually for the best. When you’re contemplating a move, the plethora of “what-ifs” that may be on your mind can complicate the entire process, making it even more stressful and time-consuming.

If you don’t actually have to move, how could you possibly figure out whether your decision to find a new apartment is a smart call or a caprice that you may end up regretting in a few weeks? To make things a bit easier for you and help you achieve clarity on this matter, we have compiled a list of the main reasons that could justify your move and your desire to get involved in a house hunt.

  1. The Reasons Why You Would Renew Your Lease Are Weak. Think about it this way: what stops you from renting a new apartment today? If you can’t come up with any good reasons why you shouldn’t start looking for a new roof over your head and can’t name at least five advantages offered by the property that you’re currently occupying, then maybe a big move is exactly what you need to add excitement to your life.
  2. You Want to Target a New Neighborhood That Is a Better Match for Your Lifestyle. Many tenants make a big mistake when it comes to selecting a new apartment in California: they make a final call mostly based on one selection criterion: rental rates. After the first months spent in their neighborhood of choice, they realize that their ZIP code is a poor match for your lifestyle choices. This is why you should research your options before even meeting landlords in person. In California you can find neighborhoods suitable for professionals, young families with kids, seniors and so on; so go online and discover the particularities of the areas that you like best before signing a rental agreement, to avoid a potential mismatch.
  3. You Think That You’re Overspending on Rent. It’s no secret that apartments for rent in California are far from being cheap. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that you should stop looking for great deals on the local real estate market. If you have the impression that you’re spending too much on rent, analyze the listings provided by Apartment Hunterz and compare various attractive options in terms of price, square footage, amenities, features, location and other aspects that you may consider relevant. After all, why waste money on rent when you can find and rent an apartment similar to the one that you’re occupying for less?
  4. You Can’t Get Along with Your Neighbors. You may not be able to choose your family, but you can definitely be very selective when it comes to choosing your friends and your neighbors. If the people who are living next door to you are always noisy or rude and their daily actions make you feel uncomfortable and less satisfied with the apartment that you’re currently renting, maybe you should consider moving out. It’s no use to surround yourself with negative people who make your home feel less like home, so don’t hesitate to start looking for an apartment offering you the chance to become a part of a welcoming, nurturing community that will accept you with open arms.
  5. You No Longer Feel Comfortable Inside Your Apartment. Is your landlord constantly ignoring your repair or improvement requests? Is he virtually impossible to reach? Do you spend most of your time in an apartment that could use an extreme makeover? If your answers to these questions are affirmative, then maybe now would be a good time to track down inexpensive, well run rental properties in California with Apartment Hunterz. California’s number one apartment finder offers you access to thousands of listings, maximizing your odds of stumbling across great landlords and truly amazing apartments and houses for rent in record time.
  6. You (Know That) Deserve Something Better. OK, so maybe you can’t blame your landlord or property manager for not honoring your repair requests. Maybe the onsite maintenance is above average, the apartment building is modern, structurally safe and clean, and your neighborhood is quiet and safe.

Nonetheless, even if you don’t have any real reasons to complain about your rented apartment, you also don’t have any real reasons to love it. Maybe you find it rather dull and unappealing or too small or basic for your needs, and you’d wish to find a brighter, more spacious or more inviting replacement. In this case, the solution to your problem is simple: rely on a good apartment finding service to analyze your options before deciding to write a notice of intent to vacate the property that you’re occupying at this point. Check out different listings, save your searches, go back to the rentals that have caught your eye, contact landlords, make use of your negotiation skills and close a deal in a matter of a few days.

  1. You Want to Explore Other Cities in California. Maybe your apartment is not the problem here. Perhaps your intention to start a new house hunt can be linked to new goals in your personal or professional life. Regardless of the factors that may stimulate you to relocate to a different city, remember that Apartment Hunterz offers you the opportunity to discover convenient rentals in some of the most desirable Californian cities. Perform a targeted search on this platform, use a great variety of tools to filter listings and reach landlords and find a new amazing for rent property before you can say “I’m so tired of my old apartment!”