5 Expert Tips on How to Attract the Best Tenants to Your Californian Rental

shutterstock_306279413Given that very few people can actually afford to buy a house or an apartment in California, and more and more families choose to explore the financial advantages, flexibility and reduced level of commitment implied by rental properties, you may be inclined to think that renting out your home is a smart move.

Truth be told, many tenants may be looking for a house like the one that you’re thinking about renting as we speak. But how could they reach you? And, most importantly, why should they choose your rental over the thousands of similar properties that they could tour and compare online, with just a few clicks?

Hope is not exactly your best strategy here. If you want to maintain the competitive edge of your property, you have to promote in an effective manner and make it become truly desirable in the eyes of potential tenants. Don’t know where to start? In this case, keep reading to discover (and hopefully apply) our five expert tips on how to add value to your Californian for rent property, lure more prospects and find the perfect tenant rapidly, without going crazy.

  1. Post Quality Photos and Keyword-Rich Descriptions. Stock photos won’t get you very far when it comes to promoting the house that you wish to rent out. The same goes for blurry, poor-quality photos that don’t do your property any favors. Any expert specialized in real estate photography will highlight the importance of a professional photo shoot pursuing three different goals:
  • Your ambition to make your house look large and comfortable.
  • Your desire to make your home look clean, clutter-free and bright (a focus on your property’s sources of light could help you achieve this goal)
  • Your wish to capture unique pictures with original wow factors (artwork, furniture, accent walls, other decorative elements) that differentiate them from the rest of the real estate photos available out there

Once you’ve managed to select the right set of photos that could help you individualize your listing, start working on the description. Focus on finding the best descriptive words that accentuate the most remarkable features of your property.

For instance, if your property features floor-to-ceiling windows, expensive decorations, a pool, spa or gym, and various other desirable additions, make sure you highlight their presence. In short, it is highly recommended to come up with a good USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in order to impress potential tenants. Go beyond vague descriptions! There are millions of 2-bedroom apartments in California, so what exactly makes your special? For example, advantages like proximity to award-winning restaurants, cool shopping destinations and parks and recent remodeling work are features that can convince any tenant to give your property a second thought; so promote them accordingly.

  1. Invest Cost-Effective Additions or Improvements. Even if you can’t afford to buy new furniture or invest in high-end decorations, set up a small budget for an inexpensive facelift that could boost the appeal of your rental. A paint job, a few potted plants, new curtains and carpets and DIY art are only a few of the most affordable additions that could turn any house or apartment into a brighter, more modern and welcoming place.
  2. Highlight the Features That Usually Attract Tenants. Do you know what makes your potential tenants tick? Usually, the people who are interested in finding a new roof over their head are looking for a combination of key advantages, including prime location, modern amenities, luxurious indoors, cool architecture and low rental rates. As a matter of fact, a white paper published by Rent Media Solutions indicates that 69% of all potential tenants use location as their main selection criterion when it comes to identifying and comparing listings. Clearly, most people are intimidated by long commuting routes and wish to find a rental property that is as close to their office as possible.

While you can’t change the physical location of your building, you can add a few extras to make it more attractive in the eyes of the people who will be touring your property. Internal parking and laundry, balconies, access to green spaces and proximity to sporting complexes, and gas cookers placed inside the kitchen are only a few of the additional features that influence the final decision of thousands of tenants, so try to make your for rent apartment or house seem as friendly, modern and feature-rich as possible to boost your odds of finding a great tenant in no time.

  1. Sweeten the Deal. If you’ve already applied the tips listed below without results, now would be a good time to sweeten the pot. There are several ways in which you could do that. For starters, if you’re not really willing to budge on your asking price, consider offering other incentives, such as one extra parking spot or a free month’s rent.
  2. Count on the Best Californian Apartment Finding Service to Market Your Property. Sometimes, even when you’re ready to negotiate your price and add various complimentary services and features to please potential tenants, you may still have a hard time trying to market your rental in an effective manner. In this case, don’t wait for a miracle to happen, especially if you have bills to pay and your rental apartment is your primary source of income.

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