5 Californian Cities That Are Perfect for Budget-Conscious Tenants

Vector infographic for sale of real estateIt’s no secret that California is a corner of heaven featuring some of the most amazing multimillion dollar properties that you could ever dare to picture. Naturally, some of the most sought-after Californian cities are the natural habitat of deep-pocked property owners and tenants who spare no expenses when it comes to investing in a house or apartment that could support their luxurious lifestyle. At the same time, it’s only fair to say that California also welcomes non-billionaires.

As a matter of fact, California provides a mix of high-end, expensive housing options matching the expectations of the rich and famous, and much more affordable alternatives suitable for people who live from paycheck to paycheck. Don’t take our word for it. Use the numbers delivered by an apartment finding service to conduct an ample house hunt by ZIP code. By doing so, you will most likely manage to pinpoint several areas that have no shortage of decently-priced rentals.

Discover 5 Amazing Cities Offering the Most Convenient Accommodation Options 

If you can’t afford to shed $3,600 or more on a 2-bedroom apartment located in San Francisco, this doesn’t mean that all is lost. In this particular situation, you would just have to reevaluate your priorities and financial possibilities and let these two coordinates guide your apartment search. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of five Californian cities that are well-liked for their cheap for rent properties.

  1. Berkley. The median rent price calculated for this city is in the $2,600 range. Considering that the San Francisco Metro median is $2,960, one may be right to affirm that some of the rentals available in this city are almost a bargain. For instance, a 2-bedroom apartment located on University Ave. could cost you a little over $2,800 per month. If you feel that this affordable option is way out of your league, remember that you could always split the costs with a roommate.
  2. Oakland. Rents in the Bay Area have taken prospects by surprise with a massive climb. You don’t have to be a real estate expert to realize that renting in this area is not the best option for families with a modest income. In this context, Oakland may give you hope. For less than $2,000 per month, you could get the keys to a beautiful 1-bedroom apartment for rent in this city. As a matter of fact, a 1-bed elegant condo situated in Oakland’s Chinatown will only cost you around $1,700 per month.
  3. Stockton. Home to more than 300,000 people, Stockton is a picturesque city situated on the San Joaquin River. Originally known as an agricultural community, Stockton is now fueled by a healthy economy based on manufacturing and telecommunications, among other industries. The median rent price in this city is estimated $1,150, while the Stockton Metro median rent value is $1,300. If you count on considerable savings, you could also consider buying a place in this city. The median home value is in the $206,000 range and is expected to record an 8% growth over the next year.
  4. Modesto. Is Modesto a good pick for people with modest financial means? As a matter of fact, Modesto is one of the most attractive options for families interested in budget-friendly accommodations. For example, a 1-2 bedroom apartment located on Dale Rd. could cost you anywhere from $969 to $1,229 per month. In the state of California, such an offer could be immediately defined as a real steal. For more great deals on the Modesto real estate market, don’t hesitate to use the data provided by Apartment Hunterz. You just have to select the ZIP codes that interest you to narrow down your search, and your apartment finding service will take care of the rest.
  5. Redding. Counting more than 89,000 residents, Redding has a number of points of interest, including WaterWorks Park, Bethel Church and Turtle Bay Exploration Park. Aside from being incredibly gorgeous and welcoming, Redding has another attribute that you will most likely appreciate: it is often mentioned as one of the most affordable places to live and rent a house or apartment in the state of California. Can you believe that the median rent price in this city is only $925? By getting a roommate you could halve your expenses and spend less than 500 dollars on rent per month. The median home value is currently estimated at a little over $530,000, but if you can’t afford to buy a place here, remember that renting a small, elegant condo is always a great option that you should consider.

Explore Other Attractive Options with Apartment Hunterz

All the cities that we’ve mentioned are excellent picks for young families with kids and modest financial possibilities. They could also enable you to create and live your version of the Californian dream on a budget. However, assuming that the cities listed above fail to raise your enthusiasm for one reason or another, what other choices should you factor in before moving to California? To make the best decision in record time, spend a few minutes each day researching your options online.

Apartment Hunterz brings you the best listings available in the state of California. Using the tools and insight delivered by this well-known apartment finding service you could spot the most amazing accommodation options in your preferred city or ZIP code, compare different rentals using various filters (location, price per month, square footage or features), save your favorites and reach owners the easy way. Instead of conducting a house hunt through word-of-mouth and intermediaries, let this effective service help you discover stunning for rent houses and apartments that you could actually afford to live in.

6 Things That Nobody Told You about the Californian Real Estate Market

iStock_000018777492_SmallIf you were to follow your strongest desire blindly, you would probably hop on a plane, leave your state and move to Los Angeles for good. As a matter of fact, you would gladly relocate to San Bernardino, San Francisco, San Diego or any other Californian city that is fully compatible with your bold goals and luxurious aspirations.

6 Things That You Should Know about the Real Estate Market before Moving to California 

We get it: you are craving for an upgrade. You want the very best in terms of housing and you want it now. However, before making any changes that would inevitably impact your lifestyle, you should start by getting familiar with the Californian real estate market. Here are six key aspects that you should grasp and analyze before your big move.

  1. The Real Estate Market Is Currently Gaining Extra Strength. According to a recent report made public by PropertyRadar, condominium and single-family home sales have recorded a 31% increase in March, compared to the numbers revealed in February. This appears to be the most significant spring increase reported in the last three years.
  2. The Number of Home Sales Is Rising. According to the same source, the median home prices revealed a substantial growth in no less than 17 the biggest and most prominent Californian counties. All these numbers indicate the fact that the Californian real estate market is gradually recovering its strength, as more individuals seem determined to buy or rent a new roof over their heads in this state.
  3. The California Drought Isn’t Putting Buyers and Tenants on the Run. Tempting interest rates and mild, friendly winter weather are only two of the reasons why more and more prospects are interested in for rent or for sale pieces of real estate based in Cali. As Housingwire points out, the feared California drought that has dominated headlines for quite some time now isn’t perceived as a major threat by people who are interested in what the Californian real estate market has to offer. As a matter of fact, according to the same source, it appears that the draught hasn’t affected the market in any way so far. There are millions of other aspects that usually influence the buying/renting decision, and this sunny state definitely manages to qualify as a main target for home seekers due to its mix of unique attributes, including plenty of attractive job opportunities, great views, multiple climates, quality entertainment and the mirage of the Californian dream.
  4. Renting Is Still the Best Solution for Those Who Are Intimidated by Prohibitive Price Tags. Can’t afford to buy a new home in Cali? This is perfectly understandable. Lots of other people can relate to your situation, especially considering the fact that some of the most sought-after cities aren’t exactly listed as the most welcoming environments for non-millionaires. So if you don’t have enough money in your bank account, don’t want to deal with mortgage payments or prefer the flexibility and convenience offered by a rental, should you start a new chapter in Cali as a first-time tenant? The final choice is all yours, but do keep in mind that renting is a cost-effective option for most candidates interested in a fresh start in this state. Recent statistics presented by Zillow highlight the fact that the median rent price in Cali is estimated at $2,000 per month, while the median home value exceeds $441,000. Naturally, densely populated cities offer pricy accommodation options that may be way out of your league. For instance, the median rent price in San Francisco has recently reached a new record value after climbing to $4,225 per month. This doesn’t mean that only the insanely rich people can afford to become tenants in Cali. One could easily find plenty of decently priced accommodation options in less crowded cities. For example, the median rental rate is in the $760 in Fresno. Keep these differences in mind before creating a list of cities where you would like to live. Do the math, set your priorities straight, analyze your short and long-term goals and find the real estate deals that make more sense to you and your family.
  5. Buying a Home in California’s Best-Loved Coastal Areas Is Still a Challenge. Here’s an important aspect that you shouldn’t neglect during your home hunt: the recent surge in sales has also pushed home prices considerably higher, especially in coastal areas where the competition for pricy slices of real estate was already fierce. Median income buyers can no longer hope to get their hands on the keys to a median priced Californian home located in these regions. Again, this new reality compels prospects to explore the many benefits of renting a house in California.
  6. You Can Always Score a Good Deal by Counting on the Insight of a Californian Apartment Finder. Assuming that you can’t afford to invest millions in a nice oceanfront property, ask yourself the following question: would you be able to rent one and fulfill your dream without going bankrupt? You can discover the most accurate answer to this question by checking out listings delivered by a trusted apartment finder.

Use a World-Class Apartment Finding Service to Simplify Your Upcoming House Hunt

Looking for a small, inexpensive apartment or a lavishing mansion in California? Now you can identify, compare and rent your favorite real estate slices the easy way while counting on the unconditional support of California’s top-rated apartment finding service. Apartment Hunterz ensures a flawless connection between tenants and landlords and enables prospects to monitor, assess and save the listings that match their selection criteria. By guaranteeing access to a wide range of user-friendly tools, Apartment Hunterz simplifies the work of any home seeker and turns the renting process into a wonderful, hassle-free success story. Put this service to the test and find out how it could help you find the ideal home in less than a week.


Most Affordable Places in California That Are Perfect for Young Tenants

Family between boxesNumerous people who are in their 30s don’t want to have anything to do with the stress and the tremendous pressure associated with mortgage payments. Moreover, many married couples with children are looking for a nice, inexpensive rental offering them the highest level of flexibility and stability at the same time. Assuming that you can relate to this situation, could you actually afford to rent a place in Southern California, an area that is worldwide famous for its pricy slices of real estate? Truth be told, certain cities and neighborhoods based in this region also welcome non-millionaires and represent an excellent environment for young families with kids. If you’re contemplating the idea of putting down roots in Cali without spending a fortune on your first rental, keep reading to discover the simplest ways in which you could conduct an effective house hunt.

Key Elements That You Should Analyze Before Selecting a City

Where would you like to live? If your choice is not tied to a new tempting job offer, a work-related relocation or any other factor that could influence your final call, then you should feel free to evaluate each candidate based on certain criteria, such as the number (and reputation) of public and private schools available in your area, crime rates and local economy. Let’s start with the beginning: if you want to target neighborhoods with excellent schools, remember that you could use several online tools (such as GreatSchools) to measure the academic performance of each institution. Next, you should assess the compatibility between your financial situation and the overall cost of living. Again, rely on online calculators to compare the values linked to different cities. By analyzing indicators such as local purchasing power, housing, restaurants index and groceries index you could make a smart decision on your own in no time.

5 Places That You Might Love at a First Sight

Now that you know how to evaluate and rate the candidates matching your demands and realistic needs, start your house hunt by taking a closer look at the following neighborhoods, which happen to be some of the most inspired choices for young, budget-conscious families with kids.

  1. Winnetka. This neighborhood is located in the west-central part of San Fernando Valley and encompasses four private and six public schools. The median household income was estimated at $62,435. During the same timeframe, 48.3% of the local housing stock was occupied by renters. This area provides plenty of inexpensive rentals, considering that an average 2-bedroom house could cost you less than 2,900 dollars per month.
  2. Lakewood. The data provided by Zillow indicates that the median home value in this area is in the $295,100 range. This means that the odds of finding a fairly inexpensive for sale property in Lakewood are pretty high. If you’d rather stick to cheap rentals, you should also know that Lakewood has no shortage of budget-friendly options. The same source reveals that the median rent price here is $1,400 (less than the current Denver Metro median value, estimated at $1,650).
  3. Valley Village. Stretching on 2.09-square miles, Valley Village is a beautiful neighborhood suitable for young families. Approximately 68.7% of its housing units are represented by occupied rental units. This neighborhood takes pride in a recreation center featuring tennis courts, an outdoor pool, handball and basketball courts, picnic tables and an auditorium. The average price/square foot is $442, while the average two-bedroom rental unit is priced at $2,632 per month.
  4. Palms. Known as a prominent primarily residential area with great potential, Palms represents a good choice for newcomers who are interested in a Cali-based, densely populated community that does a great job at illustrating the concept of diversity. Palms counts more than a few notable points of interest, including religious sites, Pakistani and Indian businesses and restaurants, and shops and clubs targeting the well-represented Brazilian community. Need one more reason to pack your bags, spend a few days in Palms and become familiar with its long list of wonders? In this case, you should probably consider the fact that a small studio located in this area could cost you less than $1,200 per month. This is the place where spacious, family-friendly 2-bedroom houses can be found under $3,000 per month, so do keep an eye on the local real estate market and compare the solid numbers unveiled by Apartment Hunterz to make the right call.
  5. Encino. Home to no less than 3,800 powerful businesses that employ approximately 27,000 people, Encino is seen as an affluent, sought-after neighborhood with a high median income (reaching $78,529 in 2008). Encino’s thriving economy provides plenty of appealing jobs in professional services (legal, real estate and accounting), social services and healthcare. Well-liked for its gorgeous parks and recreation areas, including The Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area and Los Encinos State Historic Park, Encino also comprises the popular Balboa Sports Complex, which features an indoor gym, tennis courts, a soccer field and a playground, among other amenities that are usually appreciated by families with children.

Ways to Organize a Fun, Convenient House Hunt

To avoid complications and save time and energy during your house hunt, you should consider getting professional assistance. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should hire a real estate agent. Now you can start looking for a decent, affordable Californian rental on your own, with just a little bit of help from the team behind a trustworthy apartment finding service. Use the insight provided by Apartment Hunterz to identify and compare a broad selection of for rent properties, test the tools ensuring a close contact with landlords and property managers and schedule face-to-face meetings. The process is as simple and convenient as it gets. Give this apartment finding service a try and share your success stories with people in your circle who are also looking for affordable, tenant-friendly slices of real estate.

Jun 2015

How to Make a Decent Profit as a New Landlord in California

Two men at doorway with keys and contractWe can all agree that California has that special something that stimulates people to pack their bags and catch the first flight to San Diego, San Francisco or Lo Angeles. What you may not know is that this sunny state occupies the first position in the Top 10 U.S. States Visted Each Year. According to recent statistics, California attracts more than 6 million visitors each year. Naturally, most of the individuals who get the chance to contemplate the gorgeous surroundings, explore quality entertainment options and enjoy the nice weather will inevitably consider renting or buying a piece of real estate in California. If you own a house in California’s most sought-after vacation destinations, you could always turn yourself into the perfect landlord to make some money. If this possibility appeals to you, here are a few tips on how to survive (and make a profit) as a first-time landlord in today’s market.

Set Realistic Goals. First of all, you should realize the fact that renting out your apartment is a viable strategy that you can implement to supplement your monthly income and cope with expenses. Don’t waste any time daydreaming about things that you want, can’t afford, yet wish to purchase using your rental income. That super expensive Caribbean cruise can wait.  In most cases, renting out a property may be labeled as a smart, profitable action, but only in the long term, after you manage to pay off your mortgage.

Factor in Your Expenses. As a first-time landlord, you could be taken by surprise by a great variety of unpredicted expenses that could kill your enthusiasm in no time. For example, you simply have to get an insurance policy to protect your goods and your Californian house or apartment. There are literally hundreds of worst-case scenarios revolving around fires, burglary attempts, floods and acts of vandalism that could wipe off the results of years of hard work and overbalance your already thin budget. Next, you should probably hire an attorney to receive all the information that you need on California’s legal requirements set for landlords, mediate potential disputes with tenants or get the best legal representation, if needed. Last but not least, do remember that you will also have to handle potential repairs and improvements on your own. Yes, you will actually have to pay for such adjustments out of your own pocket; not to mention the fact that you will be forced to take the time to address your tenants’ complaints day and night. The good news is that the Californian real estate market allows you to set rental rates pretty high and cover all your monthly expenses. If you live in an overcrowded, sought-after city like Los Angeles or San Francisco, you could easily ask $3,000 per month for your rental and find a plethora of candidates eager to sign your rental agreement. To avoid overpricing your property, get acquainted with the latest real estate trends and start monitoring the listings brought to you by California’s most renowned apartment finders.

Create a Checklist. As a new landlord, it’s your job to stay organized. Before shaking hands with your first tenant, make sure your house is in mint condition. Mask or correct visible signs of wear and tear, perform repairs if needed (nobody likes the idea of living in a house with leaky pipes and cracked walls), conduct a thorough home inspection and review all the items that could potentially lead to a disaster. Check the stove, fireplace, wires and pipes and also inspect all your appliances. Replace the ones that are no longer functioning properly to prevent hazards and ensure the highest level of comfort for the people who are willing to spend a lot of money to live in your house or apartment. Create and follow a checklist to get things done on time and on a budget.

Surf the Web to Download and Personalize Forms. When it comes to putting all their terms and conditions in writing, most new landlords seem to get stuck. To avoid misunderstandings and keep things clear, go online and download the forms that your tenants will have to fill out and sign. These days, you could easily find various types of sample contracts with a few clicks. Personalize your version of choice by adding as many details as possible. For instance, list your preferred payment methods and highlight some of the most important aspects of the contract that usually lead to misinterpretations and disputes, like late payments and penalty fees, for instance.

Screen Your Potential Tenants. Renting to relatives may not be such a smart move after all, considering the fact that you probably shouldn’t do business with family members. Nonetheless, when it comes to giving the keys to your apartment to complete strangers, you have to be very careful. Be curious and ask a lot of questions. Be picky. If you are the lucky owner of a beautiful property located in Southern California, you can actually afford to be very selective, considering the current relationship between supply and demand. Yes, numerous people are willing to move to California, but affordable, absolutely fantastic rentals are still in short supply. Therefore, ask questions related to your candidates’ rental history, job and income. Get in contact with their previous landlords and check their background. This is a simple, yet incredibly important step that could help you avoid various unpleasant surprises.

Avoid Risks and Reduce Your Expenses by Using an Apartment Finding Service. How could you possibly market your property in the most convenient manner? Naturally, you would like to use a channel that could guarantee the highest level of exposure, while also giving you the opportunity to maintain a deeper connection with the people who may be interested in your Californian house or apartment. If this is what you expect from a platform that could help you meet Mr. Perfect Tenant in no time, use the tools offered by Apartment Hunterz on a silver platter to increase the visibility of your listings, communicate with prospects in real time and submit paperwork online. Apartment Hunterz lets you do all this and more. By posting up to 12 photos of your property and a video tour, you could raise the interest of thousands of people who are actually looking for a new home resembling the property that you are eager to rent out. Count on California’s preferred apartment finding service to find the best tenant for your slice of real estate in less than a week and market your assets efficiently and inexpensively.

How to Move Out of Your Old Apartment and Find a Great Californian Rental in Record Time

Couple at new homeYou’ve spent a few years in a nice apartment that still fulfills some of your basic requests. It’s clean, quite spacious and inexpensive. It is also located in a decent neighborhood where you can actually go grocery shopping after 7PM without feeling like you’re acting reckless. But even so, at this point you can no longer ignore your new needs and aspirations. You want to live closer to the stars, and this basically implies the fact that you are willing to conduct your first house hunt in California. If that’s the case, start by reading and digesting the following easy tips enabling you to move out of your old apartment the easy way and explore the plethora of appealing options that the Californian real estate market is putting at your disposal.

How to Ditch Your Old Apartment Rapidly and Stress Free

Naturally, you should start by saying goodbye to your old apartment. However, do keep in mind that this process can be quite lengthy and time-consuming, especially if you want to embrace the DIY alternative. In this case, you should create multiple checklists designed to help you pack your stuff in a more effective manner and clean the rental property to get your security deposit back and stay on good terms with your landlord. To minimize your stress levels when it comes to leaving the past behind, follow these basic steps:

  • Set specific goals for every single day of the week
  • Buy or rent and use organizational structures and supplies that could speed up the entire process, such as cardboard boxes, trays and white and black trash bags (white ones for the things that you’re planning on keeping, and black for the ones that will inevitably end up in the dumpster)
  • De-clutter the apartment, clean up your mess and don’t forget to reverse any damages that you may have caused
  • Pack one area/room at a time and make sure similar items stay together
  • Color code or label each box that you’re planning on shipping to your new address or leaving in a storage unit
  • Consider renting transportable storage units or leave several categories of valuable, yet rarely used personal belongings (old furniture, tools and equipment) in storage.

How to Find a Great Rental in the State of California

Now that your old apartment is about to become a thing of the past, you are probably interested in finding a premium for rent property in California in no time. How can you limit your waiting time and your expenses at the same time, while giving the green light to a successful house hunt? Here are a few ideas that you should consider before making a bold first step in this direction:

  1. Determine What You Want. Ask yourself the following question: what are the amenities that will make your life a whole lot easier and more enjoyable, especially during weekdays when you work extra long hours and online ordering is your best shot at filling your stomach? Maybe you’d be willing to pay a little extra for a rental with a fully furnished kitchen; or perhaps you can afford to spend some of your hard earned cash on a nice studio located in an apartment complex featuring a nice lounge, concierge service and an indoor pool? Choose what makes you happy, but do keep in mind that luxury additions usually carry a hefty price tag, especially on the West Coast, where apartment rents hit higher values quickly and steadily, due to an ever-growing demand correlated with a fairly limited supply.
  2. Figure out What You Can Afford. Now’s the time to be perfectly honest with yourself and answer the following question: how much cash can you realistically afford to shed on a new Californian rental? Based on this answer, you can refine your selection criteria, such as location, square footage and amenities. At the end of the day, you may not be wealthy enough to occupy a San Francisco-based apartment costing $5,000 per month, but this shouldn’t stop you from researching different appealing properties for rent available in Oakland, Mill Valley or Berkeley. Did you know that you could actually get the keys to a fabulous uptown apartment located on William St., Oakland, for less than $3,000 per month? The key is to figure out what you really want (and can’t live without) and find a rental compatible with your budget that will offer you unlimited access to all these essentials.
  3. Set up with Right Filters. Don’t judge a book (solely) by its covers. So what if an inexpensive for rent property doesn’t look exactly like your dream house? First impressions can be deceiving; this is precisely why you should factor in numerous aspects, such as location, current condition, features and price, before making a final call. Here’s one more thing that you should know: Apartment Hunterz, California’s favorite apartment finder, lets you use the iConnect feature to get in touch with property managers and landlords. Using this handy little extra, you could ask all the rental-related questions that may be on your mind, get instant feedback from landlords and schedule in-person meetings that will help you go beyond first impressions and evaluate the pros and cons of each option presented to you in a much more objective manner.
  4. Let an Apartment Finder Simplify Your Assignment. Fishing for a good deal can be tricky, especially when you don’t know a lot about the real estate market. Fortunately, you’re not alone in this. By using the data delivered by a good apartment scout you could compare recent listings, save your favorite picks, revisit them when time permits, reach landlords, exchange documents and information and build the foundation of a mutually beneficial collaboration. Start your fulfilling journey today by checking out listings brought to you by Apartment Hunterz and retrieve the most amazing Cali-based rentals in less than a week.