What You Should Be Putting on Instagram for Your Community Marketing

Architect Showing New House ProjectInstagram is a valuable tool for apartment managers. It helps build up your apartment presence and can even create a following. But, what do you post to Instagram? This social sharing network is all about pictures, so you have to be cautious about what you put up and what you leave out. You’re not looking to create a digital brochure, but more of a way to entice viewers to come check out the property or visit your website. If you don’t have an Instagram account, they are free and it’s time to sign up for one. Then you’ll want to use the right photos to start attracting your future tenants.

Take Advantage of the Seasons

When the seasons change, they can change the look of your community (for the good). Take advantage of those seasonal shots and get pictures of your signs, landscape and even flowers growing on the property. Have a pool that just opened for the summer? Get some photos and show them off on Instagram— and use it as a way to announce the pool is open to those tenants that are following you on Instagram already.

Show Off Your Green Skills

If you are trying to attract those eco-friendly renters out there, there is no better way than showing off your green side via Instagram. Show off the green cleaners you’re using, plants you have added and other steps you’re taking to go green. Hosting a recycling party or just added new recycling bins? Add pictures of those too.

Your Pet-Friendly Side

If you allow pets, you want to show that off in your Instagram photos. Capture moments of pets on your property and share them with your followers. Because a lot of renters just assume apartments aren’t pet-friendly, you might be able to snag those that didn’t realize you were a pet-friendly building.

Your Staff

Your staff is literally the face of your company. They are who tenants deal with and interact with, so don’t forget to include pictures of them. Make sure you get them in action, such as showing an apartment or repairing a tenant’s air conditioner. The more of your awesome staff you show, the more personable your community will seem to potential renters.

Events Hosted at Your Community

If you have events you host at your community, you need to include those in your Instagram photos. For example, you’re planning a summer BBQ for your tenants — snap a few photos and throw them up on Instagram to show what fun other renters are having being at your community.

May 2014
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The Most Admired Amenities for Apartment Hunters

Young couple celebrating moving to new homeBack in the day, all that apartment hunters cared about what how many bedrooms and bathrooms they got for their money. But these days apartment hunters are spoiled with amenities and knowing that there is the option of something better means they are going to want the most bang for their buck. While some amenities attract a lot of renters, there are others that renters don’t care about. It is important to know what amenities your renters are looking for so that you can ensure you attract more tenants to fill your vacancies.

Washer and Dryer in the Unit or Hookups

Most tenants want accessibility and want a unit that makes their life easier. If you have washer/dryer hookups or washer and dryer units in each apartment, you’re a step ahead of the competition. In a recent study, apartment renters stated that they were looking for apartments that had laundry in the unit itself.

Furnished Units

Some apartment dwellers don’t want to hassle with buying furniture for their space, which is why more hunters are looking for apartments that are already furnished. They can move in and out without ever dealing with a moving van or buying new furniture.


Dishwashers go hand-in-hand with washer/dryer options. Tenants don’t want to wash their dishes by hand, so if you don’t have dishwashers in your units, it is time to think about installing them.

Walk-In Closets

Apartments are known for having limited storage, but those apartments that offer walk-in closets are a step ahead of the competition. A lot of apartment hunters are looking for units that have larger, more accessible closets for all of their stuff.

Pool and Gym

Offering a swimming pool and gym for your tenants keeps them in the community and gives them something to do. While you can’t just construct a pool, you might be able to turn one of your community areas into a gym.

Air Conditioner

Southern California is hot. If you don’t have air conditioning in your units, it’s time to add it. Most tenants want to be comfortable where they live, which means they’re looking for apartments that have air conditioning as a standard amenity.

Updated Interior

While an updated interior is not an amenity, it is an attraction. Outdated, old or ugly looking apartments don’t fill as fast as those that have been updated. Change out vanities, refinish the countertops in the kitchen and paint cabinets from natural wood to a bright white. Tenants want apartments that feel clean and modern – not outdated and used.

Apr 2014
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Ten Most Popular Cities For Real Estate Searches

One of the key indicators on where people are looking to move, or more accurately dreaming of moving, these days involves internet searches. So if you are looking to sell your home in one of the top 10 markets you should put a special emphasis on making sure it is listed and showing up in the search engines and on popular search sites such as Realtor.com, Zillow, and Trulia. As an added tip, make sure your agent takes great pictures of your home. Failure to take quality pictures of a home that is in an online search is going to mean very little interest in the home.

So here you go:

  1. Chicago, Illinois
  2. Detroit, Michigan
  3. Los Angeles, California
  4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  5. Atlanta, Georgia
  6. Tampa, Florida
  7. Phoenix, Arizona
  8. Las Vegas, Nevada
  9. Dallas, Texas
  10. Boston, Massachusetts
Oct 2011
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San Marino

living in San Marino

With one of the best public school systems in Los Angeles, a disinterest in chains (could this be the one neighborhood in Los Angeles with only one Starbucks?), and a dedication to cultivating a quiet community, San Marino is small-town smart in the middle of Los Angeles’ entertainment-centered metro.

Home to railroad magnate Henry E. Huntington’s estate – now a public library and park – , San Marino still has a bit of back East old school charm and manners: in place of Barnes & Noble is the San Marino Toy & Book Shoppe, grocery boutique and takeout cafe Julienne’s idea of a hamburger is dressed in Gruyere cheese and caramelized onions, and San Marino is locally famed for its decorating the St. Albans Rd.’s tall trees with Christmas lights come holiday season.

San Marino’s Location in Los Angeles

living in San MarinoThe Beverly Hills of the San Gabriel Valley, San Marino has Pasadena to its north, Glendale and Burbank to its northwest, Alhambra to its south, and El Monte and Glendora to its east. Downtown Los Angeles is about 15 minutes southwest.


San Marino warms up to 89°F on average (July-August) and San Marino chills lowest at about 43°F (December-January).


The Ventura 134 freeway runs through San Marino, turning into the 210 in San Marino’s north. In the southern part of San Marino, the 5 freeway and Pasadena 110 freeway run and connect to the San Diego 405 freeway and the Hollywood 101 freeway. Sierra Madre Blvd. and Huntington Dr. are the main streets, leading through Pasadena, Alhambra and San Gabriel.


All four of San Marino’s public schools – including Carver Elementary, Huntington Middle, and Valentine Elementary School – are California “Blue Ribbon” schools, and San Marino High School is considered one of the best performing public schools in southern California, consistently ranking as the highest Academic Performance Index (API) scorer in California.

Oct 2006


living in Westwood Los Angeles
While Los Angeles neighborhood Westwood is famously home to UCLA’s sprawling campus and most definitely a college town, Westwood is equally a glossy business district of skyscraper offices and penthouse apartments.

With Wilshire Blvd. as its backbone, Westwood is a central district of Los Angeles, and both centered in its university fame and multi-million-dollar high-rise real estate: Westwood Village is a cozy shopping district both bustling late night while one of the safest parts of Los Angeles, Westwood Village is both In N’ Out and Nappa Valley Grille, Westwood is a few minutes west of glitzy Beverly Hills and south of hipster Sawtelle.

Westwood’s Location in Los Angeles

living in Westwood
Centered in the northern part of west Los Angeles, Westwood has Brentwood then Santa Monica to its west, Beverly Hills and Century City to its east, Bel-Air at its north, and Sawtelle and Rancho Park at its south.


Westwood warms up to 84°F on average (July-August) and Westwood chills lowest at about 48°F (December-January).


Westwood’s main streets are Santa Monica Blvd., Wilshire Blvd., and Sunset Blvd., all of which run east/west throughout Los Angeles, and Sepulveda Blvd., which runs north/south as an alternative to the San Diego 405 freeway. Westwood’s public transportation is mainly the variety of buses that run on Wilshire Blvd.

Westwood’s Education

Westwood’s main college is obviously UCLA (University of California Los Angeles), and Westwood is also home to the Pacific Western University, Concord Law School, and Bryman College. Westwood’s kindergarten through 8th grade is served by Los Angeles Unified School District.

Oct 2006