Wilshire CenterThe backbone of Los Angeles, Wilshire Blvd. is sometimes described as Los Angeles’ true downtown, as the 16-mile boulevard runs through three Los Angeles cities, lined along the way with most of the city’s high-rise business buildings.

Wilshire Blvd. is the core of Los Angeles’ Mid-Wilshire district, which has La Cienega Blvd. on its west boundary, Hoover St. at its east, Melrose Ave. at its north, and the Santa Monica 10 Freeway at its south.

The Miracle Mile – stretching between Fairfax Ave. and La Brea Ave. – is a particularly famous strip of Mid-Wilshire. First developed in the 1920’s, up until the 1960’s the Miracle Mile – knicknamed “America’s Champs-Élysées” – was one of Los Angeles’ most important shopping districts. Today the Miracle Mile is still lined with stores and LA highlights, such as the La Brea Tar Pits and LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). And while the Miracle Mile is one of Los Angeles’ most densely populated neighborhood, the area is much more upscale than equally crowded areas of Los Angeles, such as Korea Town and West Lake (districts which also run along Wilshire Blvd.).

Wilshire Blvd.’s Location in Los Angeles

Los Angeles - Wilshire Boulevard

Wilshire Blvd. runs east/west through most of Los Angeles. Going east on Wilshire from downtown Los Angeles, you’ll run through Korea Town, Hancock Park, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Westwood, Century City/west Los Angeles, to Santa Monica, right to the coastline. The Mid-Wilshire district has Hollywood to its north, Los Angeles proper to its south, downtown Los Angeles to its east, and Century City and Santa Monica to its west.


Mid-Wilshire warms up to 85°F on average (August-September) and Mid-Wilshire chills lowest at about 48°F (December-January).

Mid-Wilshire’s Transportation

MTA buses run up and down the length of Wilshire, and Los Angeles Metro Red Line subway runs alongside Wilshire from downtown Los Angeles to Wilshire and Western Ave., in Korea Town. Most blocks of Wilshire Blvd. are a few miles north or south from major freeways the 101 and the 10, and in west Los Angeles Wilshire Blvd. intersects the 405.


Mid-Wilshire is mainly served by four public high schools that are part of Los Angeles Unified School District: Fairfax High, at Fairfax Ave. and Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, Belmont High, on Beverly Blvd. east of Hoover, Alexander Hamilton High in Beverlywood, and Los Angeles High, at Olympic Blvd. and West Blvd. Los Angeles High is also home to one of the city’s largest adult education centers. Many affluent families also send their children to the many private schools in Mid-Wishire.

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Burbank City HallIf Hollywood is the glammy face of Los Angeles’ entertainment industry, Burbank is the brain at work behind the curtain.

Though Burbank charms with its Pleasantville feel – think small town with mom and pop shops and suburban quiet and convenience – Burbank is headquarters for major entertainment companies – think ABC, NBC, Nickelodeon, The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros., and more – and only a fast drive away from Hollywood’s hip.

Largely upper middle-class and home to entertainment executives and employees, Burbank’s safe and sound is protected by the city’s own police and fire departments. Shop Burbank Village, power lunch downtown and enjoy free wifi, play at Los Angeles Equestrian Center, get away from LA while living in LA.

Burbank’s Location in Los Angeles

Sunny Burbank

Burbank sits above Hollywood, south of Griffith Park, east of Toluca Lake, and west of Glendale. Drive south through Cahuenga Blvd. and land in the heart of Hollywood.


Burbank warms up to 89°F on average (July-August) and Burbank chills lowest at about 42°F (December-January).


Los Angeles’ MTA buses run throughout the city, throughout Los Angeles County, and Los Angeles Red Line subway also stops in downtown Burbank. If you’re in Burbank, you’re likely a few minutes away from the Ventura (134) Freeway and the Golden State (5) freeway, which connect with major freeways the 101, 405, and 110. Burbank also has its own airport, the Bob Hope Airport.


Burbank’s private K-12 and public Burbank Unified School District schools routinely score above state and national average test scores. Burbank is also home to various colleges – Woodbury University, which is renowned for its design program – and a number of beauty and make-up trade schools that school you to serve the entertainment industry.

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Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills City HallThink all the boons of the ‘burbs – quiet, safety, privacy – and all the glitz of the metro – shopping, dining, proximity. Trademarked with palm tree-lined lanes, wealthy movie people, and unshakeable sunshine, Beverly Hills is the better behaved and almost as famous next-door neighbor to Hollywood.

There’s more to Beverly Hills than the mansions dotting the stars’ maps for sale, or the West Coast’s Fifth Avenue and tabloid darling Rodeo Drive. Though Beverly Hills’ beginnings lie with Hollywood’s beginnings – the creme de la creme of the movie industry first settled there during the 1910’s – and while Beverly Hills remains home to some of the wealthiest in The Biz – capital “T,” capital “B” – once you get below Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills might pass for the sophisticated older sister to Los Angeles’ best west suburbs.

Beverly Hills’ Location in Los Angeles

A street with palm trees in Beverly Hills

Nestled between Santa Monica and Century City (to the west) and West Hollywood (to the east), the San Fernado Valley is at Beverly Hills’ northern boundary and Culver City and Los Angeles proper at its south.

Beverly Hill’s Weather

Like the rest of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills’ weather plays like a year-round spring – Beverly Hills’ warms up to 78°F on average (August-September) and Beverly Hills chills lowest at about 49°F (December-January).


Beverly Hills main thoroughfares are Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica Blvd., and Sunset Blvd., all of which run east/west through most of Los Angeles. Coldwater Canyon Dr. runs between the canyons of Hollywood hills, north to the San Fernando Valley.

Beverly Hills’ Schools

Most of Beverly Hills is served by its Beverly Hills Unified School District, composed of four kindergarten through eighth grade elementary schools, and Beverly Hills High School, which boasts high academic achievement. Some of Beverly Hills is also served by Los Angeles Unified School District, and a variety of private schools such as Emanuel Academy of Beverly Hills, Page Private School, Good Shepherd Catholic School, and Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy.

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living in malibu So Hollywood and Beverly Hills get most of the cred for stars styling in Los Angeles. And sure, there are celebs living in the Hills, shopping Melrose, and grabbing lattes in West Hollywood – but most A-listers reside in Malibu.

More exclusive than the rest of LA, Malibu is prime beachfront property with a quiet and secluded feel. Malibu’s private vibe is largely due to its location – whether your home’s nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains or sunning on beach sands, Malibu homes typically have a mountain range at their back and face the Pacific Ocean.

Price tags also do their part for privacy: rent ranks supposedly much as $25,000 in The Colony, Malibu’s star-studded gated community, Malibu houses sell easily in the multimillions, and Malibu Ozarks – property beyond the first range of mountains sans ocean views – is some of the most expensive in the US.

Malibu’s Location in Los Angeles

living in malibuNestled between Santa Monica Mountains (to the east) and the Pacific Ocean (to the west), Ventura County is at Malibu’s northern boundary and Santa Monica at its south. Warm beaches are your front yard, gorgeous SoCal mountain ranges have your back. Jog the sands, hike the hills, or cruise 15 minutes to play in more metro Los Angeles.


The only thing rivaling Malibu’s coastline is its weather – Malibu’s year-round highs are 71°F on average (August-September) and Malibu chills lowest at about 50°F (December-January).

Living in Malibu

Malibu is luxe living; you’re paying for the priceless: exclusivity, crazy-beautiful weather, and literally million-dollar ocean views.


Along Malibu’s coast runs the Pacific Coast Highway – or the California Highway 1 – south from Santa Monica’s 10 freeway, north to Ventuary County and all the way upstate. From the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) you can head east on Topanga Canyon to hit the Valley, or turn east on Sunset Blvd. and wind through Brentwood, Westwood, and Hollywood. ParkLINK shuttle takes you through Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, which includes Malibu’s canyons and beaches.

Malibu’s Schools

living in santa monicaPublic elementary and high schools are part of Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. Independent Pepperdine University sits on hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and Santa Monica’s community college – Santa Monica College (SMC) – is only the 10 freeway away.

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Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier 15Glamorously casual, subtly metro, with ridiculously fab weather, Santa Monica is some of the best of Los Angeles.

Literally nestled between beach communities Venice (to the south) and Pacific Palisades and Malibu (to the north), Santa Monica is somewhere between those cities in vibe: it can be both boho and young professional, cleanly chic and polished executive. You can find comfy studio apartments and million dollar homes, cheap vegan eats and Californian fusion fare, you can shop Third Street Promenade – a popular outdoor center with mall standards Urban Outfitters, Banana Republic, Guess, and more – or browse Montana Avenue’s boutiquey designer offerings of Dries van Noten platforms and Commes des Garcons clothes. You can play away at an indie movie theater and art galleries, or get your wine bar and mindbodyspa on. And whether you prefer living in the Santa Monica closer to Venice or residing nearer to Malibu, you’re only minutes away from enjoying Los Angeles beaches.

Santa Monica’s Location in Los Angeles

Santa Monica Pier 18

Most Angelenos will tell you any two points in Los Angeles are about 30 minutes apart, and Santa Monica makes the urban myth reality: without traffic, Santa Monica is about 30 minutes from Hollywood’s Sunset strip (14 miles), from mid Wilshire’s business district (10 miles), from downtown Los Angeles (15 miles), and 15 minutes away from Venice and Malibu and Century City. If you’re in Santa Monica, you’re usually a five minute drive away from major freeways the 405, the 10, and the Pacific Coast Highway.


Los Angeles at large has a reputation for fabulous weather, and Santa Monica’s reputation is even better and more deserved. Santa Monica averages 60°F during the winter, 65°F in spring, and 70-80°F summer time. Santa Monica typically enjoys 325 days of sunshine a year, and less smog than the rest of Los Angeles due to its beach breezes.

Living in Santa Monica

Whether you’re a college student, working your first real 9-5, or managing a young family, you can live more than comfortably in Santa Monica. Santa Monica offers as much variety in rentals as its local cafes do in lattes: think everything from $800 per month bachelors to $1,500 luxe 2 bedrooms to $4,000 town homes.


Santa Monica runs its own award-winning bus line, Big Blue, throughout the city and parts of Los Angeles’ west side. Santa Monica is also served by Los Angeles’s MTA bus. There are currently no rail lines in Santa Monica, though LA County’s Metro subway is being extended to Santa Monica.

The 10 – or Santa Monica Freeway – runs between Santa Monica and downtown Los Angeles, and east through LA County. Along Santa Monica’s coast runs the California Highway 1 – or the Pacific Coast Highway – from Santa Monica and north to Malibu and beyond. On Santa Monica’s eastern boundary is Interstate-405 – or the San Diego Freeway – a major north-south freeway in Los Angeles. The 405 is paralleled by Sepulveda Blvd., a major street often used as a 405 alternative.

Santa Monica Schools

Public elementary and high schools are part of Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. Santa Monica also has its own community college, Santa Monica College (SMC), which is largely attended by students who want to transfer into the Univesity of California system. Other colleges and universities within 15 miles of Santa Monica include UCLA, Loyola Marymount University, West Los Angeles College, Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles Valley College, and Los Angeles Southwest College.

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