Get Your Rental Security Deposit Back

Usually one to two times your apartment’s rent, your rental security depost is often a hefty chunk of change. You probably already know your security deposit covers any extreme damage you may do to your apartment while you live there. So as long as you treat your apartment with a reasonable amount of care, you’re almost guaranteed to get your security deposit back. Still, it may take some effort to get your security deposit back in full from your landlord.

Here’s some tips to make sure you get your security deposit back when you move out:

  • Repair any damages you may have caused while living in your apartment. A little wear and tear is expected, but you should seal any holes you made in the wall if you installed shelves, clean any carpet stains, etc. It’s easier to keep your apartment up as you live there – don’t wait until your last week before move out to try to repair everything.
  • Talk to your landlord about which address you would like your security deposit forwarded to. Also, make sure to walk through your apartment with your landlord before moving out and discuss any damages you’re responsible for that should be repaired. Compare your apartment’s current condition to your landlord’s original checklist of the apartment’s condition when you moved in.
  • Use your security deposit towards your last month’s rent if this was agreed upon in your lease agreement. Make sure you’re clear with your landlord about your rental security deposit going towards your last month’s rent – don’t assume they’ll remember to credit you appropriately.
  • Take your landlord to court if they withhold your security deposit without reason. You’re likely to be successful taking your landlord to court if they didn’t offer you clear documentation of damage to the apartment and the repair costs. Unless your lease states your landlord may withhold your security deposit without reason, they can’t.
Oct 2006

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