Should You Rent or Buy a Place in Anaheim?

people visit disneyland and walk over commemorative bricks withThere are numerous reasons why you should think about relocating to Anaheim. The 10th most densely populated Californian city lets you profit from the finest things in life that you could ever hope to witness in Orange County, including beautiful settings, great homes, friendly neighbors and the very best entertainment options.

What Brings You to Anaheim?

Life in Anaheim is never boring. Downtown Anaheim encompasses several notable landmarks and tourist attractions, including the Main Library, Anaheim Ice, the Center Street Promenade and the Downtown Anaheim Farmer’s Market, which represents a real magnet for gourmands who appreciate organic foods and tasty specialties provided by locals. If you hate harsh winters, you will be delighted to spend most of your spare time in Anaheim. This city has a delightful Mediterranean climate and will let you enjoy hot summers and fairly warm winters. Those who come to Cali looking for a well-paid job or a tempting career opportunity will also reach the conclusion that Anaheim has what it takes to satisfy their ambitions. Known as a prominent industrial center, Anaheim is famous on a national scale as a big supplier of electronics, canned food and aircraft parts. Last but definitely not least, the most densely populated city in Orange County has made a name for itself due to its convention center, sports team and popular theme parks.

Should You Start Your New Life as a Tenant or as a Homeowner?

At the end of the day, there are many reasons that could justify your decision to move to Anaheim. But would it be a wise move to discover the pros and cons of ownership in this area or would it be best to start this new chapter of your life as a tenant? It all depends on your long-term goals and financial situation. If you count on considerable savings and could actually afford to invest a considerable amount of money in a slice of real estate, you should know that the median home sales price is estimated at $460,000, according to the most recent estimates provided by Trulia. Compared to the numbers provided last during, during the same timeframe, the median home sales price reflects a 7% increase. Southwest and Anaheim Hills are listed among the most sought-after neighborhoods and those who are currently targeting properties located in these ZIP codes should expect to pay anywhere from $435,000 to $856,000 for a new home. On the other hand, renting a place in Anaheim remains the best alternative for those who aren’t ready for long-term commitments.  A small studio located in the heart of the city could cost you less than $1,000 per month. Bigger apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms are priced anywhere from $1,100 to $1,700 and up.

Truth be told, only the most patient and skilled newcomers can actually understand the mechanism of the local real estate market and uncover the most amazing deals in terms of rentals and for sale properties. If you don’t have the time and energy required to conduct your own house hunt, take the easy way out and let Apartment Hunterz guide you towards the best listings that will help you find amazing Californian properties in less than a week.

Dec 2014

Anaheim housing market looks sluggish

Analysis of real estate for sale in Anaheim shows the market «sluggish» in its last tabulation.
  • 552 residences listed in brokers’ MLS system with 188 new deals opening in the past 30 days.
  • Ccommunity has a “market time” (months in would take to sell all inventory at current pace of new escrows) of 2.94 months vs. 3.53 months seen a year earlier.
  • Homes in this community sell ( in theory) in 18% less time than the countywide pace.
  • Of the homes listed for sale in this community, 328 were either foreclosures being resold or short sales, where sellers owe more than the home’s value. So distressed properties were 59.4% of supply of homes for sale vs. 34.1% countywide.
  • Homes for sale in Anaheim represent 5.2% of Orange County inventory — and 9.1% of all the distressed homes listed for sale in Orange County. New escrows here are 6.4% of all Orange County’s new pending sales.
Sep 2011