5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About San Jose

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Home to some of the most prominent names operating in the IT industry, San Jose appears to be a great place to pursue your boldest career ambitions, consolidate your education or trade your everyday monotony for the excitement that the big city life always manages to bring along. You may not have plenty of time to study San Jose’s history, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to get familiar with its less conventional aspects that underline its uniqueness. Here are five interesting things that you probably didn’t know about San Jose.

San Jose Is Considered the Oldest Settlement in Cali. Want to live in one of the cities that actually invented the modern version of the Californian dream? In this case, consider San Jose your top pick. This city is seen as the oldest settlement in Cali and has started out as a prosperous farming community whose heritage dates back to 1777.

San Jose Is the 3rd Safest City in the U.S. San Jose is also known as the third safest American city, despite of its size and vibrant ambiance. This is the perfect place to raise your kids and enjoy a nice, relaxing walk past midnight, without worrying that this late escapade could get you into a lot of trouble.

The Winchester Mystery House of San Jose Comprises 160 Rooms. Love the suspense created around horror/thriller movies? Would you love to spend some time around popular landmarks with a mysterious aura? If that’s the case, don’t forget to visit The Winchester Mystery House of San Jose, an odd yet extremely fascinating property that allegedly counts 160 rooms and is haunted by several ghosts. This privately-owned mega mansion comprising several architectural curiosities (stairs and doors leading nowhere or windows projected to overlook other rooms) is a major tourist attraction.

San Jose Takes Pride Is a Green City. San Jose is one of the greenest American cities. It recycles more trash than any other U.S-based large city, proving that its residents like to stick to their eco-conscious attitude and keep the landfills and the city streets clean.

Rentals Don’t Always Come Cheap, But They’re Always Worth Every Cent. Don’t let fake listings fool you: San Jose homes for rent or for sale are not exactly cheap. The rent list price is a little over $2,600 according to Zillow stats. If you can afford to shed anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 per month on a 2 or 3-bedroom property, this means that you will have no problem adapting to the San Jose reality. However, such rentals will offer you a big return on investment. Just think about all the amazing career opportunities that San Jose has in store for its specialized workforce.

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