3 Aspects You Should Consider Before Buying or Renting a Place in Torrance

iStock_000018777492_SmallAt some point in our lives, we all feel the need to make a radical change. Some choose to buy that fancy car that they’ve always wanted; others choose to explore new career opportunities; while some consider the idea of relocating to a sunny place where they could finally say yes to a carefree existence and make the most of phenomenal recreational activities, contemplate amazing views and live their own version of la vie en rose. In case you are also flirting with the idea of moving to another city or state, put Torrance on your short list of options.

You may ask: why Torrance? In short, this beautiful city located in the southwestern part of Los Angeles County is the perfect mix of quality entertainment, tempting housing alternatives, lots of greenery, good jobs and drop-dead-gorgeous surroundings. As its motto suggests, Torrance is “a balanced city” that offers you just about anything you could ever need to start fresh in a Californian city. Home to more than 145,000 people (according to the data highlighted by the 2010 census), Torrance compromises more than 2.4 kilometers (1.5 miles) of fabulous beaches that let you admire the Pacific Ocean without being bothered by hoards of noisy tourists. Far quieter than the ones located in the vicinity of the Santa Monica Bay, these beaches will encourage you to relax and reduce your stress levels after a busy week of non-stop work.

Counting more than 30 parks and 90,000 street trees, Torrance is as green and welcoming as a Californian city of its size can get. Need another reason to buy or rent a house or an apartment here? In this case, keep in mind that Torrance is listed among the Cali-based cities with the lowest crime rate. This means that you can achieve peace of mind in your own home without actually feeling compelled to invest in the latest security system available on the market.

Analyze Your Needs and Desires in an Objective Manner

Assuming that you’ve decided to give Torrance a chance, what are the main aspects that you should focus on before actually giving the green light to your house hunt? You should definitely start by analyzing your necessities and demand objectively. How big would you like your new place to be? Do you have any preferred neighborhoods that you would like to target? Are there are amenities that you couldn’t see yourself living without? By doing a little bit of research you could provide the most accurate answers to all these questions. For instance, statistics available online will tell you that Southwood Riviera, Northeast Torrance, Southeast Torrance and Northwest Torrance represent some of the most sought-after neighborhoods where most newcomers would like to buy or rent a new roof over their head.

Keep an Eye on Local Real Estate Trends

The median sales price for Torrance-based homes is currently estimated at $585,000 and reflects a 1.3% decline compared to the numbers reported during the previous quarter. This means that potential buyers should start analyzing listings in order to spot the most tempting for sale properties in their price range. The price per square foot has reached $412, a value indicating a 5.6% increase compared to the hard numbers revealed in 2014, during the same period. These values suggest that investing in a slice of Torrance’s real estate could be labeled as a smart investment. If you don’t have enough money to buy a new house or apartment in Torrance, at least consider renting one. A decent house for rent won’t burn holes in your pockets; taking into consideration that Torrance is well-liked for its year-round friendly climate, low humidity levels, sea breezes and quaint ambiance, you could use your new home as a permanent residence or as a vacation rental, depending on your long-term goals and budget. At the end of the day, one thing’s certain: people who can afford to spend anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 per month on a Torrance-based property could actually picture the rest of their days in this superb Californian city. For instance, one could choose to rent a 325 sq. ft. studio located on Amie Ave. for less than $990 per month. At the same time, believe or not, 2-bedroom apartments aren’t as expensive as you may be inclined to think, considering Torrance’s potential and virtually endless list of attractions. For example, a 2-bedroom apartment located on Arlington Ave, which comes equipped with all the amenities that you may need in your life to feel comfortable, could cost you less than $1,600 per month.

Get Help from a Professional Apartment Finder

Should your upcoming relocation be considered a challenge? Will your house hunt eat up all your resources, leaving you high and dry? What you need to realize is that spotting the best real estate deals on your own in a city that you’re not familiar with is not exactly easy. Sure, miracles can happen, but if you’d much rather conduct a risk-free apartment hunt, you probably want to take the safest and easiest path towards finding a nice place to stay in Torrance. How can you prevent scams and get in touch with reliable landlords in a timely fashion? Using the premium apartment finding service provided by Apartment Hunterz you can do all this and more. All potential tenants who count on this service can check out thousands of verified, recent listings, save their searches, reach dependable landlords and property managers, submit their applications online rapidly and hassle-free and schedule meetings with the people who will give them the chance to tour the properties that they’re planning on renting. Apartment Hunterz has what it takes to turn your Californian house hunt into an enjoyable experience. Do your homework, set up a budget for your relocation, choose the city and neighborhood that you would like to live in and let California’s most reliable apartment finder take care of the rest.

Feb 2015

3 Local Attractions That You Shouldn’t Miss While Visiting Santa Monica

Santa Monica Beach FrontCan’t get enough of beautiful beachfront cities that channel your inner dreamer and make you feel like you’re enjoying a never-ending vacation? We hear you! In case you want to explore one of the most fascinating Californian cities and spend a few days as close to the Pacific Ocean as possible, choose to visit Santa Monica and don’t forget to include the three following popular local attractions in your itinerary.

  1. Santa Monica Beach
    The famous Santa Monica Beach is all about divine sunsets, hot sand, even hotter tanned bodies and a perfect lakefront trail created for walkers, bikers and runners. This is arguably one of the cleanest, nicest and most picturesque beaches that you could find in L.A.
  2. Santa Monica Mountains
    OK, so maybe you always get bored at the beach. If prolonged tanning sessions are not your thing, try something different. The Santa Monica Mountains ensure easy access to wild, gorgeous surroundings and invite you to contemplate exceptional views, get lost on trails that will fuel your connection with Mother Nature and try plenty of recreational opportunities. Also, you should know that you don’t necessarily have to book a hotel room, as you could easily find convenient vacation and long-term rentals located in this area with help from Apartment Hunterz.
  3. Third Street Promenade
    If natural settings don’t always manage to raise your interest, choose to get more familiar with what Santa Monica has to offer by enjoying an evening stroll on the Third Street Promenade. Far more than your average pedestrian street, this area revolves around the concept of diversity. While walking down the street, you will inevitably hear a delightful mix of French, Korean and Chinese. The Third Street Promenade is known as an upscale dining, entertainment and shopping complex, where you will most likely feel stimulated to spend all your hard-earned cash in one afternoon. This location also manages to attract crowds of tourists due to its quality live entertainment. From skilled magicians to live bands and amateur singers, this place has everything you could ever ask for in terms of free divertissement. In what dining options are concerned, note that you could save big by enjoying a frugal meal in your preferred chain restaurant or you could choose to indulge in refined delicacies served by cute little eateries.

While touring Santa Monica by foot or by car, you will most likely start to envy the locals. Why do they get to spend the best years of their lives in this corner of paradise, while you’re stuck in some cold, obscure small town? Fortunately, now you can correct this form of “divine injustice” by finding a nice accommodation option in Santa Monica, which will definitely speed up and simplify your overall relocation process. To spot the most convenient deals on the local real estate market, start by checking out the listings brought to you by Apartment Hunterz. Some of the best deals are only a few clicks away and represent the key to starting a happy new life in this vibrant Californian city.

5 Fun Things That You Can Do in San Francisco on a Saturday Afternoon

Downtown of San Francisco.San Francisco is the city where you hunt down some of the best job offers in the state of California. After landing the gig of your dreams, you work hard from dusk till dawn to get your hands on a fat paycheck. But what exactly do you do for fun? If you don’t have any plans for next Saturday, we give you a list of suggestions that could keep you busy and entertained throughout the weekend.

1. Sample a Handcrafted Cocktail. In San Francisco, it is never too early for a good old cocktail. But we’re not talking about any kind of long drink. The handcrafted cocktail trend was perfected in this city, where skilled bartenders follow very specific rules and guidelines to incorporate the most bizarre and arguably healthy ingredients, such as lemongrass, lychee or fenugreek, in one-of-a-kind alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink recipes.

2. Spend Quality Time with Your Loved Ones at Presidio. If you can’t get enough of greenery, fresh air and a stimulating ambiance, pack your picnic table and chairs and spend a few hours in the Presidio of San Francisco. For more than two centuries, Presidio was used as a key army post for 3 nations. Famous for its ties with the past, Presidio stimulates you to contemplate its amazing architectural details, forests, beaches and national cemetery. Here you can spot vintage food trucks, play sports with your kids or simply meditate in the tall grass.

3. Book a Table at Yank Sing and Eat Specialties Whose Names You Can’t Pronounce. When in San Francisco, take chances. Forget all about fries and tasty, succulent burgers for just one day and indulge in the odd-looking yet incredibly delicious treats served at Yank Sing. The fresh dim sum and shanghai dumplings filled with ginger, scallion  and pork are listed among the most popular dishes that you should try at least once in your life, even if you can’t pronounce their names right.

4. If You’re Food-Obsessed, Visit the Ferry Building Marketplace. Who doesn’t love successful culinary experiments and fresh, organic products that are good enough to make your mouth water? Those who wake up early on the Saturday have the opportunity to visit the famous Ferry Building Marketplace and walk away with fairly accessible goodies sold by 75 local farmers.

5. Start Your House Hunt. If you already picture the rest of your life in the vibrant San Francisco, wouldn’t it be a smart move to start looking for your own place? Assuming that you can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a permanent residence, do keep in mind  that you could always count on professional apartment locating services to spot the most convenient rentals in your price range. By working closely with Apartmnt Hunterz and checking their recent listings regularly you could stumble across the house or apartment of your dreams in no time.

5 Nice Neighborhoods in Los Angeles Where You Can Find a Decent Place Without Breaking the Bank

Los AngelesLos Angeles seems to be the place where all dreams come true. LA has everything you could ever ask for, including the hottest beaches on the planet, the most amazing bikini bodies, the best pieces of real estate, the trendiest boutiques and the most refined clubs and bars. Nonetheless, we all know that living in Los Angeles is not always easy, especially when you are constantly intimidated by the bills that are piling up on a monthly basis. While it’s fairly true that the City of Angeles is the playground of the rich and famous, this doesn’t mean that you should abandon your hopes of finding an affordable rental in a safe and decent ZIP code. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few LA-based neighborhoods that provide plenty of attractive for rent properties that will most likely live up to your expectations. Here are five great options that you should target during your first Los Angeles house hunt.

Cypress Park. Located right between Mount Washington and Eagle Rock, Cypress Park is all about greenery, curvy streets and big parks where you could walk your dog or spend some quality time with your family. Most importantly, here is the place where you could spot a spacious 2-bedroom apartment priced below $1,700/month.

Canoga Park. Canoga Park is considered the poor man’s version of the picturesque Woodland Hills. People who live here are only a very short drive away from Malibu. They hang out at the mall (here you’ll find not one, but two Westfield malls), eat the finest Indian food and spend less than what you would expect on rented apartments. With a little bit of research and patience, you could find a 1-bedroom apartment for less than $900/month.

Historic Filipinotown. Echo Park is all about diversity, great entertainment options and beautiful views. But to be frank, this place is also a tad too expensive. Looking for something a little bit more affordable, in the same area? In this case, why not try your luck in Historic Filipinotown? Sure, in this area you could be bothered by police sirens every once in a while, but at the end of the day it will all be worth it, taking into consideration the fact that here you could spot decent one-bedroom properties below $1,000 per month.

Palms. Let’s put it this way: Palms isn’t exactly very generous when it comes to providing entertainment and fine wining and dining choices. On the other side of the coin, it encompasses huge apartment buildings where you could find cute apartments that won’t force you to spend more than $1,000 on rent on a monthly basis. As a plus, if you ever get bored, you can always jump in your car and head towards the pricy Culver City, where you could find everything that you may be missing out on in Palms.

You don’t have to lose a wink of sleep to find the affordable rental that you have always pictured in your head. By checking out the listings brought to you by Apartment Hunterz you can increase your chances of identifying a nice for rent or for sale property matching your specific selection criteria.

Dec 2014

Cheapest Places in California Where You Could Rent a House or an Apartment

Shared ApartmentIt’s not always easy to start fresh in a big city, especially when you’re far from being financially independent. Even so, if you have been on your own two feet for most of your life, are self-motivated and wish to profit from the most tempting opportunities that your stay in California has to offer, chances are that you will fulfill all your goals in no time. Before you get all tangled up in more or less ambitious long-term plans, focus on the basics: where would you like to live? Or better yet, in which cities would you actually be able to afford to pay rent? If you are currently pinching pennies, you may want to relocate to a rural area, where you will spend less money on rent. However, do note that finding a proper job matching your qualifications can be quite tricky in this area.

Furthermore, two people who form a couple and count on minimum wages would be able to rent a house in several attractive northern parts of California, like Eureka, McKinnkeyville or Crescent City. In these parts of the state locals usually deal with a lot of fog, but this small inconvenience shouldn’t be considered a major drawback, especially when sunnier, warmer areas are only a short drive away.

Let’s Talk Money!

If you want to find a decent roof over your head without spending a fortune on your accommodation option, consider relocating to Eureka. Here you could get the keys to a 2,400 square feet house with 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms for only 800 dollars per month. If you were to share this property with one other couple you would experience tremendous savings and still enjoy a high level of privacy and comfort. Generally speaking, rentals are in the $750-1,700 range depending on size, exact location and amenities. Crescent City is another decent pick, especially if you want to save big on rent. In this area, you could find a 3-bedroom home that comes with key benefits such as on-site laundry or offsite parking for just a little over $750 per month. If you can afford to spend anywhere from $800 to $1,500 on rent, you will reach the conclusion that adapting to the new lifestyle in this city is fairly easy.

What Kind of Compromises Should You Actually Make?

Is it really worth it to rent a new place in a city that doesn’t really support your job-related ambitions? Should you target shabbier homes located in less chic neighborhoods with a high crime rate just because you want to cut down your monthly expenses? Of course not! It’s always better to dream big and find the simplest way to turn your fantasies into a part of your daily reality. Did you know that San Francisco is currently seen as the best places where you can kickstart your carrier? Finding a fabulous, fairly affordable home here or in any other prosperous and popular Californian city will become an easy task as long as you involve Apartment Hunterz in your search.

Sep 2014