How to Spot the Best Places to Live in California

Crescent Bay In Laguna Beach,California.California is a densely populated state that represents the home of more than 38 million people. Its vibrant nightlife, clean, overcrowded beaches, endless points of interest and friendly climate turn it into the perfect place where one would be tempted to start a family, get a new job or just live the tumultuous lives of the rich and famous.

However, not all California-based living environments are created equally; some are suitable for students and budget-conscious families with kids, others are designed exclusively for deep-pocketed residents. The Californian real estate market is diverse, but you could still explore its full potential with just a little bit of help from a competent realtor. If you feel ready to start fresh in Cali, here are 3 main steps that you should follow to find the perfect place to call home.

1) Getting Started: Determine Your Long-Term Objectives. Are you looking for a sweet spot where you can retire comfortably? Are you interested in relocating in the proximity of great schools, to facilitate your kids’ access to a superior education? Are you young and restless and looking for cheap rentals in Cali, in areas where the party never comes to an end? Put your thoughts on paper and set your priorities straight to make it easier for you and your realtor to narrow down your search.

2) Refine Your Section Criteria. What are the pros and cons that you have in mind, when it comes to ranking the trendiest places to live in California? Here are a few factors that you may want to consider, before making a final call:

  • Quality of life (average home and rent price, household income, teacher-student ratio, cost of living and so on)
  • Criminality rate
  • Unemployment rate
  • Commutingroutes and estimated commute time
  • Tax rates
  • Number of amenities
  • Job market
  • Air quality and temperature

Take a Closer Look at 5 Top Picks

According to most real estate experts, Orange (located in Orange County), Placentia (also situated in Orange County), Irvine, San Carlos (located in San Mateo County) and San Juan Capistrano are 5 excellent picks that you should focus on, if you are truly determined to start anew life in California. They may be less popular than Los Angeles, but they offer you everything you need to start fresh in a safe, welcoming habitat. For instance, Orange is much-liked for excellent amenities, low unemployment rate and incredibly weather. If you work from home and don’t have to stress yourself over finding the most convenient commuting routes, you can also choose to relocate to Placentiaand profit from notable advantages, similar to the ones ensured by Orange.

A reduced crime rate (1,582 crimes recorded per 100,000 residents) and a satisfying business climate turn Irvine into a convenient alternative. San Carlos makes a good impression due to its low crime rate, decreased unemployment rate and superior quality of life. The same goes for San Juan Capistrano, currently recognized as one of the trendiest cities in Orange County where you can buy or rent a home without regretting your decision in the long run.

Jul 2014