3 Ways to Avoid an Endless, Tedious Californian House Hunt

Real estate market - young couple looking for real estate to renIn many ways, California is the Promised Land where residents have access to great amenities, some of the very best entertainment options in the world and fantastic accommodation alternatives. Who wouldn’t like to spend a few relaxing days in this sunny state? But buying a home is a completely different story. Undoubtedly, ownership has its incontestable advantages; however purchasing a property isn’t something that should be taken lightly.

A Californian house would most likely be one of your most valuable possessions involving huge expenses and maintenance costs. Moreover, California is home to some of the most impressive real estate jewels that you could ever have the opportunity to check out, so the selection process is not going to be easy. In this context, how could you simplify your home buying process? Furthermore, how could you reroute a house hunt that isn’t going according to plan? Here are a few tips that you may want to consider before making a big change in your life by relocating.

1. Talk to Your Spouse. In some cases, the house hunt turns into a lengthy, stressful and tedious process simply because prospects don’t communicate with their family members. Before attending open houses it is crucial to sit everybody down and discuss your options. How big do you want your new home to be? Does it have to be located in a specific neighborhood or as close as possible to certain key facilities (schools, hospitals, shopping centers and so on)? Could your kids share their bedroom or is this option out of the question? What kind of amenities are must-haves in your book? Share your ideas and let your loved ones express their own points of view as well. A flawless communication fueled by your realistic needs and demands will stop you from wasting valuable time.

2. Make a List. To narrow down your search, it wouldn’t hurt to put your thoughts on paper. Create three columns designed to highlight three different categories: essentials (amenities that you couldn’t live without), handy extras (additional features that may stimulate you to buy a certain property) and deal-breakers (negative aspects that force you to ignore certain Californian houses that have been put up for sale). Use these 3 criteria to rate every single property that you inspect during your home hunt. A list will enable you to stay organized and focused on details that could influence your final call.

3. Get a Good Agent and Set up a Deadline for Your Home Buying Process. When it comes to purchasing a property, there are plenty of factors that may encourage you to stall over your decision. Big expenses, lack of experience or your ties with the past could become major obstacles standing in the way of your new plans. To escape this vicious circle, set up a strict deadline for your home buying process and count on a savvy realtor to spot the most attractive properties in your price range in record time.

Aug 2014