7 Space-Saving Tips That Could Help You Rent Out Your Small Californian Apartment

iStock_000002813462_SmallWhen you occupy a small apartment in an overcrowded city, you suddenly realize that square footage can become almost as important as oxygen and water. When you are trying to rent out that particular property, things tend to get even more complicated. Why? First of all, you naturally want to squeeze more value from your Californian piece of real estate, especially if it’s located in a sought-after city famous for its huge rent increases, like San Francisco for example. Secondly, you are fully aware of the fact that most tenants, especially the ones who are married and/or have kids, see the overall lack of space as a major drawback (and a pretty good reason to try to convince you to lower their rent).

7 Tips on How to Make Your Small Californian Rental Seem More Spacious

In this context, what are the strategies that you could employ to turn your shoebox-sized apartment into a welcoming for rent property? We give you seven easy tips that you can apply to maximize your odds of success as a first-time landlord, while enhancing apartment space in a convenient manner.

  1. Opt for a Clever Furniture Set. Why waste money on various expensive furniture pieces that may or may not look good as individual pieces of the same puzzle, when you can invest a bit of money in a space-saving set comprising a bed, chaise lounge, desk, dining table and armchair? These extremely practical and appealing all-in-one solutions can make even the most cluttered apartment seem more spacious and welcoming.
  2. Use Magnetic Knife Strips in the Bathroom. Assuming that you can’t actually afford to shed a lot of money on a new furniture set and wish to upgrade the looks of your apartment by implementing a few minor changes, consider adding several magnetic knife strips to your bathroom walls. These handy extras will enable you to collect and organize metallic items, including those bobby pins, tweezers and small metal lids that always seem to vanish into thin air just when you need them the most. While following this path, install a mason jar organizer right above your sink to make more room for your supplies, including cosmetics and hair accessories.
  3. Give a New Meaning to Old Towel Bars. By mounting old towel bars on a wall or inside your kitchen cabinets, you could maximize wall space the easy and inexpensive way. During this phase, you may also want to check out one or more clever DIY pantry systems that could help you keep your food out of sight and avoid clutter on a daily basis.
  4. Add Fold-up Dining Tables and Desks to Your Decor. Fold-up furniture is extremely sought-after for a number of reasons. First of all, obviously, such pieces have been designed to save space and this is exactly what they do. Secondly, most of these key pieces are extremely versatile and compatible with any other existing furniture elements. Thirdly, they are portable, so you could use them around the house and take them with you on your camping trip.
  5. Buy and Use Multifunctional Bedside Furniture. Bedside furniture is one of the key elements that influence the look and feel of your bedroom. Disparate pieces reflecting different styles and contrasting colors could easily make your room seem cluttered and uninviting. Fortunately, the solution to this problem is within reach: purchase and install multifunctional bedside furniture. Instead of settling for the cheapest option that you can find, go for a narrow console table that is large enough to simply slide over the bed and become a headboard/breakfast-in-bed desk/nightstand. Multipurpose pieces are always fun and easy to use; plus they usually occupy less space and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your furniture.
  6. Reorganize, Pack, Toss and Donate. Before renting out your Californian apartment, it is mandatory to clean, de-clutter and de-personalize it. This process will give you the perfect opportunity to get rid of personal belongings that you haven’t used in ages. Therefore, do not hesitate to inventory, organize and prioritize your goods, including seasonal decorations, clothing items, artworks and any other categories of items that you may have been collecting inside your home for years in a row. Leave valuable-yet-not-vital objects in storage and pack, toss or donate the rest of the things that have no or very little value to you at this point.
  7. Turn Everyday Items into Clever Storage Solutions. When you’re on a tight budget, you can seldom afford to give the green light to all your space-saving creative projects. But even when you can’t get your hands on an ingenious all-in-one furniture set, you can put your DIY skills to the test and come up with a bunch of smart storage solutions. For instance, have you ever noticed that wine boxes make extremely practical shoe holders; or that bungee cords can offer you the perfect method to store and organize all your everyday essentials, ranging from belts to necklaces and sunglasses? Follow this approach to boost the appeal and functionality of a small apartment without investing a lot of money in an ample remodeling project.

Are There Any Other Ways to Boost the Desirability of Your Californian Rental?

Now that you’ve followed all these steps to make your rental seem more spacious, you may be wondering: is there another tactic that you could explore to back your marketing efforts? Of course there is! List your for rent property with Apartment Hunterz and discover the simplest method to communicate with potential tenants, download and upload forms and employ a great variety of promotional strategies. Post, edit and organize listings the easy way and rely on fabulous pictures and video tours to keep your ad in the center of everyone’s attention. Guaranteeing the highest level of exposure for your listing, Apartment Hunterz is an influent partner that you should count on when it comes to renting out your Californian home.

8 Californian Apartment Finding Hacks That You Should Test Right Away

House SearchingEven the most experienced tenants can tell you that finding the cheapest, most comfortable and stylish for rent properties in California is no easy talk. Sometimes, you simply can’t have it all, especially when you’re pinching pennies.

8 Steps to Take to Profit from a Hassle-free, Organized House Hunt

In times like these, some learn to compromise, while others choose to broaden their horizons, take a closer look at the real estate market from a different perspective and use all the tools in the personalized apartment search toolbox to achieve victory. If you’re planning on following the latter approach, here are 8 apartment finding hacks that could make your mission (and your entire life as a tenant) so much easier and enjoyable.

  1. Use Online Tools to Identify Your Favorite Neighborhoods. Choosing the best city where you could start fresh can be difficult, especially when you’re targeting certain parts of Southern California, which are known for their insanely pricy pieces of real estate. Maybe you would like to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, but can’t choose between South Bay and East Bay Oakland. In such cases, it is highly recommended to perform an advanced search and find out everything there is to know about the neighborhoods that might interest you before actually setting foot in that part of the country. These days, this goal is perfectly attainable, due to the plethora of tools and apps designed to help you discover cities and states that you are not familiar with at this point. These aids let you research various options (browse photos, check out crime rates, get commute reports and view schools grocery stores, hospitals and other nearby facilities) by simply entering ZIP codes or neighborhood names.
  2. Hit the City Streets. Once you manage to collect all the data that you need to perform a first selection, you can get in the car and hit the streets. By doing so, you will manage to get acquainted with several neighborhoods that you may like, at different times of the day. This will help you form an opinion about all your options, identify for rent signs with ease, talk to residents and maybe even reach a few landlords and/or property managers and discuss rates, property features and other details that may interest you.
  3. Check out Online Reviews. Next, choose to go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction as a first-time tenant. Conduct an online search using the name of various apartment complexes and their exact location. This could help you stumble across a series of reviews that may offer you essential info on landlords and rentals. Remember that you should take everything with a grain of salt; a huge number of contrasting reviews may very well indicate that some of the tenants simply have a personal axe to grind.
  4. Check the Listings As Soon as You Receive an Email or SMS Notification. Wondering why you should perform a targeted search using a good apartment finding service? Aside from the fact that this search method is highly accessible and affordable, it is also extremely reliable and effective. Basically, it can help you track a real bargain even when you’re not actually monitoring the local real estate market. By sending you notifications via emails or text messages, an apartment finding service can enable you to spot fantastic rentals while you’re crossing the street to get some coffee, eating dinner at a fancy restaurant or vacationing abroad.
  5. Use Different Filters to Narrow Down Your Apartment Search. Before rating different candidates and having a nice chat with the people who could become your new landlords, you should set up the criteria that could guide your apartment search in the right direction. Apartment Hunterz lets you focus on all the aspects that matter to you the most by getting very specific. You can type the name of your favorite community, select a particular location from a long list of choices and refine your search based on minimum and maximum price, number of bathrooms and min/max number of bedrooms. Using this service, you can visualize up to 50 listings per page and sort your alternatives based on the value of their price tag.
  6. Use the iConnect Feature to Communicate with Landlords. Why waste time and money trying to reach landlords and property managers when there’s a simpler, more enjoyable way of doing business? To facilitate your communication with people who share your interest in the Californian real estate market, Apartment Hunterz has introduced the iConnect feature. Give it a try to communicate with lessors in real time, and get all the details that you may require on a certain property without actually having to meet these people in person.
  7. Tour and Inspect All Properties in Person. Even if you can use this handy feature to talk to various landlords and evaluate your options in an objective manner, you shouldn’t neglect the fact that touring each property in person is a mandatory step. Don’t forget that you can always separate the truly interesting finds from the less appealing choices by watching video tours posted by landlords who use the same apartment finding service as you to market their properties in the most effective way.
  8. Run All Appliances to See If They Work. A home inspection is a great way to assess the pros and cons of the property that you’re planning on renting. During this process, remember to run the AC, heaters and water. These simple actions can help you avoid hassles and expensive repairs. After all, you probably wouldn’t want to take your morning showers under a trickling stream or call a central heating and plumbing expert in the middle of the night because you’re freezing to death inside your apartment. All these inconveniences can be prevented, by testing all appliances in advance, before actually investing a dime in a rental that may appeal to you.

All these tips start to make sense when you can count on an all-in-one apartment finding solution. Apartment Hunterz matches this description. This service is offering you all the tools and the expert assistance that you may need to identify the best vacant California-based for rent properties and spend your money on the one that matches your needs, lifestyle, demands and budget to a tee.


Best Budget-Friendly Places to Retire in California

 Image of a beautiful Desert home in california as real Estate saHow do you plan to celebrate your retirement? After coping with the stress associated with a very demanding job and long commuting routes for many decades in a row, you probably want to retire comfortably in a fantastic Californian city offering convenient accommodation options. But this doesn’t mean that you are willing to settle for anything that your money can buy. After numerous years of hard work, you can afford to be picky. Even if you don’t count on a generous pension, you can still target more than a few cities with a reasonable cost of living where you could become a part of a welcoming community and maintain an active, fulfilling lifestyle. Therefore, if you are on a quest to find the very best California-based budget-friendly relocation alternatives for senior citizens, start by taking a closer look at our three favorite picks.

1. Eureka. If you are a big fan of small cities that have very little in common with overcrowded urban areas, pollution, noise and traffic congestions, consider moving to Eureka. This city has a mild climate that you will definitely appreciate; moreover, it is well-liked for its pristine surroundings, tall redwood trees, marvelous beaches where you’ll be less bothered by annoying tourists, and old Victorian homes with a view. The median home prices are in the 200,000 dollars range, so you could definitely consider buying a new roof over your head in this area.

2. Rio Vista. Home to approximately 8,000 people, Rio Vista is another exceptional option for senior citizens who are looking forward to relocating to California. Here you could revive your social life by attending different events organized by the revamped local senior center. If you ever get tired of the small city life and its rather limited shopping and entertainment options, you could always drive to Sacramento or Oakland; both destinations are only one hour’s drive away. Rentals can be scarce in small Californian cities; nonetheless proper research and patience will pay off for those who are exploring the Rio Vista real estate market.  A 2-bedroom house could cost you around 800 dollars per month. This amount is definitely pocket change, compared to the thousands of dollars that you would be forced to spend on properties located in the most popular Californian cites that are considered a real magnet for tourists and deep-pocketed tenants.

3. Palm Springs. Palm Springs is also a more than decent pick worthy of your attention, mostly due to cultural heritage, fabulous golf courses, desert climate and scenic landscape. You would probably expect to spend a fortune on a home located in this area. As a matter of fact, houses are quite affordable. The median home price is estimated at $289,000. This quiet and relatively safe city is famous for its events and exiting outdoor activities designed to help senior citizens stay in excellent shape and improve their quality of life.

No matter how big you dream, we can turn your real estate fantasy into reality. Your ideal house hunt starts and ends with Apartment Hunterz. We have the tools, skills and experience required to bring you closer to your ideal Californian apartment or house that meets your specific criteria.