5 Things That You Should Know Before Renting a House in Fresno, California

iStock_000025767551_SmallIf you love classy wine walks, organic fruits and vegetables, decently-priced accommodation options and 24/7 entertainment alternatives that won’t eat up all your resources, consider spending the rest of your days in Fresno. The fifth largest Californian city is all about great schools, tempting career opportunities and spectacular deals on for rent and for sale properties.

  1. You’ll Never Experience a Dull Moment in Fresno.
    With so many clubs, restaurants and bars offering you the chance to socialize, make new friends and relax after a hectic week, it goes without saying that Fresno is the place to be when it comes to preventing boredom. Some of the most memorable evenings start in The Tower District, one of the liveliest, most sought-after places visited by people who like to live life to the fullest. Here you’ll find everything you could ever ask for and more, including entertainment, arts, clubs and dining.
  2. Fresno Has Many Sought-After Neighborhoods That You Could Target.
    Fresno makes it difficult for you to choose your favorite ZIP codes. There are quite a few popular neighborhoods that you should explore in this city. Downtown still shelters unique gems reminding us of the beauty of the 20th century architecture. Chinatown and Fulton Mall are two remarkable downtown-based historic landmarks that you should visit as soon as you set foot in Fresno. Sunnyside is the neighborhood that reveals the largest number of new constructions; this is also the home of the reputable Sunnyside Country Club, a relaxing environment that features a gold course projected by William P. Bell. Tower District is hotpot for tourists, taking into consideration its plethora of local attractions, ranging from unpretentious bars to live theaters, nightclubs, independent stores and everything in between. This popular neighborhood is also the place where prominent community events such as Mardi Gras, A Taste of the Tower, Car Shows or Halloween in the Tower, attract a large crowd on an annual basis. It’s not always easy to choose the best neighborhood where you could buy or rent a house, especially when you know very little about Fresno’s real estate market. Fortunately, when in doubt, you can always consult the information provided by Apartment Hunterz, check out its listings and look for decently-priced properties located in all your favorite neighborhoods.
  3. Now’s the Best Time to Uncover the Secrets of the Local Real Estate Market.
    You don’t really need to hire a realtor to understand how the local real estate market works. By simply analyzing recent real estate trends you could plan your next steps carefully and determine whether you should buy or rent a new roof over your head in Fresno. The median home sales price is currently estimated at $186,500. The price per square foot in this city is less than $120, and the average listing price is in the $284,000 range. The best part is that in Fresno you can find just about any kind of for rent or for sale property, matching your unique criteria. From small, elegant studios to practical and well-maintained 3 or 4-bedroom homes, Fresno offers you a plentitude of convenient slices of real estate that are worthy of your attention.
  4. If You Can’t Afford to Buy a House in Fresno, Renting Is an Excellent Alternative.
    Generally speaking, only the people who are determined to spend at least a couple of years in Fresno seem to be in a hurry to buy a house or an apartment here. The rest of the newcomers usually hesitate to make this move, which would inevitably involve significant expenses and long-term commitment. If for one reason or another you don’t feel ready to explore the positive and negative sides of ownership, you can always choose to rent a home in Fresno. Rental rates are quite convenient, especially if you do your homework and compare multiple accommodation options in terms of price tag and features before signing on the dotted line. A 3-bedroom house located in this city can cost you a little over $1,300 per month. This is a real bargain, considering the fact that this housing alternative would give you all the space you need to accommodate all your family members and/or share the place with one or more roommates and split the costs. If you would much rather focus on finding a cute, modern apartment that would be more compatible with your single life, you should know that there are quite a few offers that could trigger your absolute satisfaction. For instance, you could tour the best-value apartments located on Brawley Ave. and get the keys to a gorgeous 2-bedroom rental with 1 bathroom for less than $900 per month. The possibilities are endless; you just have to take some time to research and check out different rentals in person, and choose the one matching your budget and individual needs.
  1. You Don’t Have to Organize Your House Hunt on Your Own.
    On the other hand, you shouldn’t think that finding the perfect rental is an easy task, especially when you’re a newcomer with limited experience as a tenant, a thin budget and great expectations. In this case, you could always choose to take the easy way out and preserve your resources by collaborating with Apartment Hunterz. This type of partnership will give you access to thousands of verified listings and the expert guidance that you may need to make an informed decision. As a plus, you could also use exclusive tools to reach potential landlords and property managers rapidly and conveniently, submit applications online, schedule your first meeting and conduct a fun house hunt that won’t drain the energy right out of you. You’re not alone in this. Give California’s best apartment finding service a try and find out how you could get the keys to a wonderful rental in less than a week.
Feb 2015